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Chapter 883 Convincing Noah

Sometime later…

Felix could be seen sitting in front of Noah within his UVR’s room…He had to pause his journey to Icarius Galaxy, so he could enter the UVR.

Felix wasn’t alone as he was accompanied by his masters and Asna…Though, they didn’t show themselves for now as they wanted to avoid crowding Noah.

“How is your progress going with integration?” Felix asked while pouring Noah a soft drink.

“34%.” Noah replied while picking his drink.

“Not bad.” Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise.

He knew that Noah must be integrating with 2% each time and in short periods of time to reach such a percentage.

After all, It wasn’t long since had given them the primogenitors bloodlines…Others would defintely be still at 16% or even less.

“I know that you’re busy, so I will make this short.” Felix coughed and asked him with a serious tone, “Do you want to reach origin purity in your mythical bloodline?”

Noah indifferent expression was broken apart at the sound of that.

In his mind, he believed that he wouldn’t be given the rest of his mythical bloodline until the day he earned the organization’s trust.

Olivia and the others thought the same too.

He didn’t expect that Felix would be offering it so soon.

Noah nodded immediately in agreement.

“Before I can do so, you need to know the whole truth about mythical bloodlines.”

Felix took a deep breath and started confessing the truth about his organization and the bloodlines.

He told him that the organization was just sham created by him to keep suspicious off him and that the bloodlines origins were from primordial beings called primogenitors.

In addition, he told him about Fenrir and that his bloodline was his, and they intended to awaken him within his body after he reached 99% in his integration.

Noah didn’t interrupt him no matter how shocking and unimaginable the stuff he was being told.

He merely kept listening with a dazed expression until Felix had updated him with the full picture.

When Felix finished, he remained quiet for a few minutes, allowing Noah to digested everything.

Still, he discerned that Noah was confused about some matters.

“I know that this is a lot to handle at once.” Felix paused and asked, “Do you have any questions?”

“Will I be safe if Fenrir was awakened within me?” Noah asked with a serious expression.

Noah refused to talk alright, but when it came to serious matters related to his life and death? He becomes as fluent as everyone else.

Felix knew that Noah wasn’t afraid of death itself but the thought of leaving his sister all alone behind him.

Instead of answering him, Felix called out, “Masters, I think it’s best if you were the ones a.s.suring him.”

Following his call, Lady Sphinx, Jörmungandr, and Thor appeared akin to G.o.ds above them.

Noah glanced above him and felt like his heart was about to get crushed when he came eye to eye with them.

Immediately after, he lowered his head, not daring to glance above him again.

When Felix saw this, his eyelids twitched, knowing that his masters must have increased their pressure a little to put him in his place.

After all, talking about primogenitors was one thing but meeting with them for real was another.

In the case of Noah, who never knew that such beings existed, their pressure would make him understand that he was dealing with the real deal.

“Child, your safety is guaranteed.” Lady Sphinx a.s.sured calmly as she took a seat next to them.

Noah nodded in understanding while sweating a little from his forehead.

Although she didn’t explain much, he could feel that her words were full of conviction, and it would be blasphemous to even question them.

Luckily for him, Lady Sphinx wasn’t a bully as she let him on their plan, “If you agreed, the first thing you will do is pack up your stuff and travel towards the Witch Empire. I will be waiting for you there.”

Noah knitted his eyebrows the instant he heard that he was required to leave to another galaxy. When he left Earth for the training camp, he was always worried about his sister’s wellbeing.

That’s while he was merely a few million kilometers away from her…Don’t even mention tens of light years away.

“You can take your sister with you, but I honestly prefer if you leave her behind.” Felix a.s.sured with a firm tone, “She is my cousin as well, and I will make sure that no harm befall her while you are away.”

Upon hearing so, Noah was somewhat relieved. He knew that if Felix decided to protect someone, there was simply no way for them to die.

After all, he was the leader of the federation and the void commander. No human was sane enough to f*ck with him or those close to him.

Seeing that Noah had nodded his head in agreement, Lady Sphinx carried on, “After you reach my castle, I will handle everything else.”

In other words, Lady Sphinx would help him with the rest of the bloodline and also deal with Fenrir when he awakens.

Lady Sphinx had already figured out an alternative method of filtering the primogenitors’ bloodlines from beasts just like Asna.

As one of the smartest beings in the universe, it wasn’t that hard for her.

As for her method of dealing with Fenrir? She intended to put a wisp of her consciousness within Noah.

This would ensure that Fenrir wouldn’t act against Noah immediately after opening his eyes.

“By the way, my master will help you grew a bit stronger with a couple of unique potions if you desire.” Felix tempted.

Noah nodded with an subtle eagerness in his face. Honestly, he was already planning to help out Felix even if he had nothing to gain from this.

In Noah’s mind, he owned Felix far too much…This without even mentioning being given a primogenitor’s bloodline.

Just the fact that he had established a safe environment for his sister to live her life without worrying about anything was already the best favor he could ever ask for.

“I guess this is all?” Felix smiled as he said, “Tell me when you are ready to leave, and I will prepare the best s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and escort for you.”

Noah raised three fingers, implying that he need merely three days.

“Alright, greet your sister and the team for me.” Felix requested.

Noah gave a slight nod in acknowledgement then he turned to the primogenitors. He bowed his head respectfully and excused himself from the meeting.

“Good kid, he might really get brother Fenrir’s approval.” Thor praised.

“I wish that too.” Felix hoped.

Felix truly desired for Noah to get as strong as possible…That’s because he had no idea how the f*ck he would be entering the origin realm when he had used primogenitor’s bloodline as the last one.

To enter the origin realm, one needed to use the strengtheneth 1% human bloodline and devour the 99% of the last used bloodline.

In Noah’s case, he would be trying to devour Fenrir’s bloodline while he had been integrating with garbage bloodlines from beasts.

Felix didn’t even dare to imagine his fate if he went for it…

“Don’t mope about it, he has chosen this path on his own.” Asna yawned, “You didn’t force him to integrate with Fenrir bloodline and you defintely informed him about the disadvantages.”

“I know…” Felix shook his head and dropped those thoughts.

In his eyes, all would be cleared out when the time comes…As for now? It was time to carry on his journey.

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