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Chapter 1095: Fear Of Losing Her

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Lu Liangwei felt there was something on his mind when she noticed that although he was carrying their son, he was looking at the baby girl in her arms with an expression that she could not decipher.

“Why are you looking at Yaoyao that way? You’ll scare her,” she said rather brusquely, hugging her daughter tighter in her arms.

Long Yang gave a start and when he saw how protective she was of the baby girl, he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Why are you acting this way? She is my daughter. Can’t I glance at her a little?”

Lu Liangwei pouted. “You’re not glancing, you’re glaring.”


Long Yang, “…”

It looked like his position in Weiwei’s heart had been demoted now that they had children. Things would not be the same from now onward.

The nannies were already waiting outside the door when they heard the little princess crying. They waited for a while and, when they did not hear His Majesty or Her Highness call out to them, they mustered the courage to walk in.

“You’re right on time. Take the Prince and Princess next door for them to sleep,”Long Yang instructed them in a low voice when he saw them walk in.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Nanny w.a.n.g came over and took the little prince from his arms.

Nanny Chen took the little princess from Lu Liangwei’s arms.

They bowed and promptly left.

Lu Liangwei felt an emptiness in her heart when the children were carried away.

Without the kids in the way, Long Yang could finally have Lu Liangwei for himself.

He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck with his shapely nose.

Lu Liangwei felt slightly less depressed with this distraction. She felt ticklish from his nuzzling and quickly pushed his head away. “That tickles…” She paused. “I haven’t taken a bath for many days. Do I smell, Your Majesty?”

It was not appropriate for her to take baths so soon after giving birth and she was sweating a lot because of the Summer season. She had to change through a few sets of clothes every day. Even though she regularly wiped down her body with warm water, it was not as cleansing as taking a bath and she was not able to wash her hair.

Long Yang did not mind at all. “There’s no smell. Even if there is, it would be a nice smell.”

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes at him. “It’s a terrible smell.”

“You don’t smell bad, really,” Long Yang said as he inched closer to her.

Lu Liangwei gave a start when she realized what he was about to do. She quickly said, “I’m still in confinement and my whole body is dirty. Your Majesty, you can’t just… Mmm!”

She was unable to say get another word out.

Long Yang kissed her hard, tasting the sweetness in her mouth. It felt like this was the only way to fill up the hole in his heart and overcome the fear he had experienced over the last few days when he thought he had lost her.

Lu Liangwei could tell how he felt, which was why she did not reject his advances and allowed him to kiss her for a long moment.

When he finally pulled his lips away from hers, he rested his head on her skinny, fragile shoulder.

Lu Liangwei caught her breath and when she saw him acting his way; she found it strange.

His Majesty looked a little vulnerable…

The word ‘vulnerable’ could be used on anybody but His Majesty.

He was so powerful, and was more steadfast and mature than anyone at any time. He would not flinch even when faced with the biggest of catastrophes.

Yet, at this moment, Lu Liangwei could deeply feel how fragile His Majesty was.

She felt a pang of pain when she remembered how frightened he was the past few days when she was nearly gone, and she reached out to embrace him.

Long Yang finally lifted his head and said apologetically, “I must be too tired. Did I hurt you?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No, you didn’t. If you’re tired, hurry up and clean yourself up, then come to bed.”

“Alright.” Long Yang got up to go to the bathroom.

Lu Liangwei stared at his big, formidable back and her heart ached.

It did not matter how powerful he usually was. He was but a mortal man at the end of the day.

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