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Chapter 1202: You Are Incredible, Your Majesty

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Husband and wife had just walked out of the courtyard when they b.u.mped into Wanyan Jin.

Wanyan Jin had heard that the envoy from Great Shang had arrived yesterday, but had yet to see them.

A look of astonishment flashed in his eyes when he suddenly spotted both of them walking out of the courtyard holding hands.

However, the astonished look quickly disappeared and he resumed his usual demeanor. He approached them and looked at Long Yang calmly with a vague smile on his lips. “You’re the envoy sent over from Great Shang?”

Long Yang looked at Wanyan Jin calmly as well. “I see you have made a personal trip to the Yan Kingdom as well, Prince Wanyan.”


Wanyan Jin said with meaning, “I’m here at the Yan Kingdom personally because I have time on my hands, unlike Great Shang’s Emperor, whose n.o.ble arrival is for a mere woman.” With that, his gaze swept toward Lu Liangwei. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes were filled with pa.s.sion. Her beautiful eyes were bright and moist as she stood next to the man, looking obedient and coquettish. She looked like a different person, compared to a few days ago when she was sharp and calculating.

His contemplative stare upset Long Yang greatly. He pulled Lu Liangwei into his arms and blocked her from Wanyan Jin’s sight. He said in a growl, “So what? Do have anything against it?”

“I won’t dare to.” Wanyan Jin bowed slightly.

Long Yang walked out with Lu Liangwei in his arms. When he walked past Wanyan Jin, he stopped in his steps. “Isn’t your visit to the Yan Kingdom a little too long? You need to be careful that your power isn’t grabbed by someone else while you’re away.” With that, he left with his arms around Lu Liangwei.

Wanyan Jin stood where he was, contemplating Long Yang’s words.

The expression on his face changed after a while. He returned moodily to his room and called for Bada. “Has the imperial court written to us recently?”

Bada shook his head. “No.” Bada noticed Wanyan Jin’s expression darkened and he felt something was wrong. “Do you need me to send someone back to have a check?”

Wanyan Jin was suddenly uneasy after hearing Long Yang’s words.

There were a few powerful parties in Danjue who did not like him. They might try to grasp power while he was away.

During this time, letters from the imperial court had reduced and they had received nothing in the last few days. He had a vague feeling that something had happened and he immediately made the worst a.s.sumption at Long Yang’s reminder.

“There is no need to. We’ll return immediately.” Wanyan Jin made an immediate decision and quickly stood up.

“What about your condition…” Bada was hesitant.

They were here in the Yan Kingdom to look for a famous physician. However, that genius physician was traveling, which was why they had spent so much time here.

“We’ll talk about this in the future.” Wanyan Jin ignored the itch in his throat and said in a low voice.


Lu Liangwei and Long Yang walked around outside and when they returned, Long Xuan informed them that Wanyan Jin had returned to Danjue with his men.

Long Xuan was slightly puzzled. “He looked to be in a rush, as if something major had happened.”

Lu Liangwei looked at Long Yang when she heard this. It must be because of Long Yang’s words before they left that had Wanyan Jin in a frenzy.

At this thought, she looked admiringly at Long Yang. “You are incredible, Your Majesty. All it took was one sentence from you to send Wanyan Jin running back to Danjue.”

Long Yang enjoyed that open admiration seen in the girl’s eyes. He caressed her long hair and said, “I didn’t scare him. It’s true that Danjue is going through an internal conflict recently. He must have noticed it himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in such a panic over one sentence from me.”

Lu Liangwei was a little surprised. However, the thought of Wanyan Jin seizing power through underhanded means did make sense that a rebellion would happen again sooner or later.

She looked at the huge coaching inn and said in high spirits, “This is great. There’s no annoying fly here now. The whole place belongs to us.”

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. However, when he saw Long Xuan still standing there, he stopped smiling. “Is there anything else?”

Long Xuan rubbed his nose when he saw the unhappy look his Royal Uncle gave him. He replied awkwardly, “There’s nothing else. I’ll take my leave.”

Long Yang hugged Lu Liangwei from behind the moment Long Xuan left.

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