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Chapter 999: Why Leave Him Hanging

Zhu Yu fetched a jade vase and filled it with water.

It was a dainty white vase with a smooth exterior.

Lu Liangwei took it from her and put the spray of peach blossoms inside.

Then she held up the jade vase, and after studying it for a while, said to the other two with a smile, “See how beautiful this looks. They can live for several days in water. Isn’t that better than sticking them in my hair?”

With that, she got up and walked out with the jade vase in her hands.

Every day after lunch, the Emperor would come over and mark Palace Memorials here.

She placed the jade vase on the soft bed near the window.

There was a low tea table, and placing the jade vase on the table made it conspicuous.

Seeing this, Zhu Yu said teasingly, “So you want His Majesty to see it. But I bet His Majesty will like it even more if you wear it in your hair. He’ll probably stare at you for the whole day.”

Ignoring her, Lu Liangwei arranged the vase before finally turning to glance at her. However, she did not speak to her and looked toward Chu Jiu instead. “Jiu, tell Chu Yi to marry this girl and take her away within the next two days.”

Chu Jiu’s glacial eyes glinted with a hint of a smile, and she immediately replied, “I’ll go this instant.”

Blus.h.i.+ng furiously, Zhu Yu quickly grabbed her arm and said, “Miss, I was just joking with you. Don’t be so anxious to marry me off.”

Lu Liangwei said cheerfully, “What do you mean, anxious to marry you off? Chu Yi’s clearly the one anxious to marry you. You’re already engaged to him, and you’ll belong to him sooner or later. Why do you still leave him hanging?”

At her words, Zhu Yu turned beet-red and stamped her foot. “When did I ever leave him hanging? You’re so mean, Miss!”

“Is that enough to make you shy?” Lu Liangwei teased, “And I thought you had no sense of shame at all.”

“I’m going to set the table.” Unable to counter her, Zhu Yu fled the scene.

Unfazed, Lu Liangwei turned to look at Chu Jiu.

Seeing this, Chu Jiu took a step back warily. “Do you have any orders for me, Your Highness?” She had not forgotten how the Emperor had almost killed her because the Empress had slept on her lap.

It was better to keep her distance from the Empress when Zhu Yu was not around.

Otherwise, if she were to violate the Emperor’s boundaries again, she might really end up dead.

“What’s with the formality?” Lu Liangwei was a little displeased.

Chu Jiu raised her eyes and peeked at her. “You’re the Empress, and I’m your servant. It is only right that I respect you.”

Lu Liangwei knew that she was terrified by what the Emperor had done last time, so she stopped teasing her. She turned around and started heading out. “I just wanted to ask if you were interested in hosting a compet.i.tion to choose a bridegroom.”

Chu Jiu had been about to relax, but hearing this made her tense up once again.

Why were the Empress’s thoughts so random?

“I’ve noticed that there are quite a few fine men in the imperial army. You’re not that young anymore, and it’d be great if you can choose someone from among them who suits your taste to be your husband. That way, Butler Zhao won’t have to worry about your marriage anymore.” Lu Liangwei was thrilled. “You’re a martial arts expert yourself, and I’m sure those imperial guards aren’t too weak either. Just think about it—you’ll be in the arena, waiting for your suitors to challenge you, and anyone who wins can become your husband.”

Chu Jiu glanced at her unusually excited face as she thought to herself, ‘Is the Empress so bored that she wants to make me the object of her amus.e.m.e.nt?’

“I’m not the best at martial arts. If all of them beat me, who am I supposed to marry?”

“Well, you can take all of them if you want to,” Lu Liangwei said nonchalantly.

Chu Jiu was shocked. “I’m not interested in that sort of thing.”

“Jiu, you’re definitely worthy of that. If men can have harems, why can’t women?” Lu Liangwei challenged indignantly.

A corner of Chu Jiu’s mouth twitched stiffly as she stared past Lu Liangwei’s shoulder and suddenly dipped into a bow. “Your Majesty.”

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