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Chapter 747: Was Devoted To Qin Sheng

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

After F apologized, he ran over and messaged Qin Sheng.

F: [I have apologized as promised. QS, don’t forget what you said.]

Qin Sheng replied very quickly, [Don’t worry. After all, not everyone will be as untrustworthy as you.]

F was relieved.

He quit Black Emperor because he did not dare to look at the news of Black Emperor mocking him.


F didn’t dare to waste time. He booked a plane ticket online and prepared to return to China.

No matter how long those people’s hands were, they wouldn’t reach China. He could hide in China and he already had enough money on him.

With this money, even if he stopped being a hacker, he could still live a good life in the future.

F was also clear that his ident.i.ty and information had been exposed in the underworld. Those people would find him sooner or later.

The reason he agreed to apologize to Qin Sheng was to buy time for him to leave.

F was afraid of going to jail.

However, even so, F could not leave.

In the morning, he took his luggage out and wanted to go to the airport.

Just as he went to the garage to get his car, two policemen appeared. F subconsciously wanted to escape, but the two policemen held onto his shoulders and could not break free.

Pa! The luggage fell to the ground.

F’s face turned pale as he asked, “Why did you arrest me?”

He had already guessed the reason, but F still could not help but ask.

One of the policemen answered expressionlessly, “You hacked into someone else’s computer and caused the data to be leaked. We are to bring you back for interrogation. If the situation is true, not only will you have to stay in prison for more than five years, all of your a.s.sets will also be seized.”

F struggled and shouted loudly, “You can’t seize my a.s.sets!”

After he got out, he had to count on this little money to live.

He only knew how to hack, but after the incident with Black Emperor, the hacker world could no longer tolerate him.

He could no longer rely on this to make money.

He was used to a rich and n.o.ble life, and he did not want to live those miserable days.

“Take him back.”

The police officer pushed F into the police car.

F was destined to have a hard time. He had offended many people, including many powerful people.

He was tortured every day in prison.

After he got out of prison, under the deliberate design of those people, F couldn’t find a good job. He could only work hard and be tired every day, and there wasn’t much salary.

He wanted to return to China, but those people also restricted his scope of action.

F regretted it countless times. He shouldn’t have gone to Black Emperor to provoke them.

Early the next morning, Xie Hen appeared at the medical major’s teaching building.

After Fang Ke sent his girlfriend off, on the way back, he subconsciously looked at the spot where Xie Hen had stayed the day before.

Sure enough, he saw Xie Hen leaning against the tree again.

Fang Ke walked over. “Xie Hen, are you waiting for Campus Belle Qin again?”

Xie Hen glanced at him and stood up straight.

He didn’t hide anything and replied calmly, “Yes.”

Fang Ke staggered. “No, are you really so devoted to Campus Belle Qin?”

“Weren’t you the one who asked me to pursue her?” Xie Hen asked back.

Furthermore, he didn’t reject Qin Sheng. Instead, he wanted to be close to her. Thus, Xie Hen followed his heart.

If Qin Sheng was his girlfriend, this would feel pretty good.

Hearing this, Fang Ke choked.

He had no way to refute this.

Fang Ke sensed something was wrong.

If Xie Hen really wanted to fulfill their request, there was no need for him to come to Qin Sheng so early.

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All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot Chapter 747 - Was Devoted To Qin Sheng summary

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