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Chapter 1523 - 1523 I Didn't Do It

1523 I Didn’t Do It

Qi Xin certainly hated Xia Xibei to the core, but there was no need for her to do anything at this point in time, lest she make a stir.

Who would have thought that while she didn’t make a move, Ling Juan would go and attack Xia Xibei in front of a big crowd too!

What was wrong with her?

Qi Xin became even more disgusted with Ling Juan.


The thought of the two of them being mother and daughter made her hate her so much.

How could her own biological mother be so stupid?

Then she thought of Qi Zhiqiang, and she became even more annoyed.

How come her biological parents were all so pathetic?

Should she say they were all the same?

Ling Juan, on the other end, was also anxious.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything!”

Qi Xin was very annoyed, “If you didn’t do it, then who did? Besides, can’t you use your head before you do these things?”

If Ling Juan wanted to attack Xia Xibei, fine.

The problem was, she couldn’t do something so stupid!

It was too humiliating to get caught right off the bat!

Even if you really wanted to do it, you would have to take care of the aftermath!

Qi Xin’s scolding fl.u.s.tered Ling Juan, “I really didn’t do it! I don’t have to do this! It’s just a college entrance exam. Is it necessary?”

Ling Juan cried out about the injustice.

It was just a college entrance exam, so what if the grades were good?

Did they care about grades?

What good would good grades do?

To them, good grades were just the icing on the cake, but not really the point.

In their case, they had to compete for other things.

Competing for grades?!

It’s not like they were kids!

This comment made Qi Xin freeze.

“You really didn’t do it?”

“I really didn’t!” Ling Juan shouted loudly. “I wouldn’t do such a stupid thing!”

This kind of thing was not helpful for them. There was no need!

Hearing Ling Juan’s repeated denials, Qi Xin was suddenly shocked.

“You really didn’t do it?”

“I really didn’t! Absolutely not! Not at all!” Ling Juan replied loudly.

Qi Xin’s hands and feet started to get cold, and some bad thoughts flashed through her mind.

“So, you really didn’t…”

“I really, really, really didn’t!”

Qi Xin’s heart beat faster, and felt like she was going crazy.

In other words, this matter had nothing to do with Ling Juan.

So, who did this?

Thinking about Qi Zhi’an’s previous conversation with her, Qi Xin’s face turned pale.

This was done by Xia Xibei!

Moreover, Qi Zhi’an had become suspicious of her!

Thinking of this, Qi Xin felt like she had fallen into ice.

“Xinxin? Xinxin?”

Sensing no reaction, Ling Juan was immediately anxious, “What’s wrong? Say something!”

Qi Xin did not respond for a while.

Ling Juan was even more anxious, “Xinxin, please, say something. Do not scare your mom!”

“They know…” Qi Xin mumbled, her eyes empty.

“They know?” Ling Juan was first stunned, then shocked. “How did they know?!”

“It was Xia Xibei who said it!” Qi Xin cut to the chase. “No one but her would do such a thing!”

She reacted. This was a trap set by Xia Xibei!

Through this incident, didn’t Qi Zhi’an start to suspect Ling Juan and her?

Thinking of this, Qi Xin’s face turned even whiter.

“It’s her?!” Ling Juan huffed, then got angry. “I told you that b.i.t.c.h has a lot of nerve!”

“You shut up!” Qi Xin yelled. “Who told you to be so stupid before!”

If Xia Xibei had died back then, would they have to worry now?

Wasn’t it stupid to cut off the gra.s.s without removing the root?

Now Qi Zhi’an’s side was getting suspicious. What should she do?

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