Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class Chapter 561 - The truth emerged

Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class -

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Chapter 561: The truth emerged

Translator: 549690339 

“You should have heard about the devil cultivator in the sect, right?” Elder Huai Nan said.

Zhu Jiahong nodded his head.

He also knew that this devil cultivator cultivated the same cultivation technique as him.

“Could it be …” He suddenly thought of something.

“Elder, Ye Wei is that devil cultivator?” Zhu Jiahong asked with his eyes wide open.


Elder Huai Nan squinted his eyes, smiled, and nodded,”speaking of Ye Wei, I have many feelings.”

This is because I joined the green cloud School on the same day as her.

She’s not bad looking, but she’s not very talented. You’re slightly better.

You’ve cultivated for thousands of years before you’ve reached the Tribulation stage, but I’ve already entered the immortal realm.

One day, she got into an argument with someone over a small matter.

However, that person had a senior who was at the true immortal realm.

The man called his elder over and prepared to teach Ye Wei a lesson.

However, who knew that Ye Wei would explode with her immortal realm cultivation and easily kill that true immortal realm cultivator?

That day, her body exploded with monstrous demonic Qi.

Without a doubt, she had fallen to the devil path and became a devil cultivator.

After that, they began to surround and kill Ye Wei.

It had to be said that this Demonic Cultivation technique was indeed powerful.

Ye Wei is only at the true immortal state, but the power she displayed was enough to fight against a golden immortal. ”

At this point, elder Huai Nan stopped and took a few sips of wine.

Zhu Jiahong couldn’t wait to know the result.

“Elder, what happened to Ye Wei after that? Are you dead?”

Elder Huai Nan replied,”if the entire sect was to kill her, how could she possibly survive?”

I saw her soul being destroyed with my own eyes.

However, many years later, an elder of the sect brought a disciple to the outer region to gain experience and an accident happened.

Other than one elder, everyone else was dead.

The person who killed them was Ye Wei. ”

“What? She … Didn’t her soul dissipate? Why are you still alive?” Zhu Jiahong was shocked and almost jumped up.

Elder Huai Nan replied,”I don’t know the specifics.”

I only know that she joined the Imperial beast Army.

With such a powerful background, our Qingyun school would not dare to do anything to her.

It’s because of her that we can only stay in the celestial realm. If we go to the outer region, she will definitely hunt us down. ”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Jiahong suddenly understood.

“No wonder the sect rules say that disciples are not allowed to go to the outer realms, so it’s like this?”

Elder Huai Nan stroked his beard and took a few more sips of wine.

“Ya! It’s gone!”

Elder Huai Nan shook his wine pot, and only a few drops came out.

“Elder, please wait a moment. I’ll go back and get it now. I’ll be back soon.” Zhu Jiahong understood.

“Go!” Elder Huai Nan stroked his beard and closed his eyes once more.

Zhu Jiahong sprinted all the way back to his room and immediately repeated what elder Huai Nan had just said to Qin Chuan.

When he mentioned Ye Wei joining the Imperial beast Army, Qin Chuan instantly understood.

This was all the work of the Imperial beast Army, deliberately leading him in the wrong direction.

In that case, the Blue Planet had not been completely exposed.

For a moment, the stone that had been hanging in Qin Chuan’s heart for a long time finally fell down.

“Brother Qin, elder Huainan is still waiting for my wine. I’ll take my leave first.”

After Zhu Jiahong finished retelling, he immediately took a jar of wine and ran out.

Two months later.

Qingyun school’s once-in-a-century disciple compet.i.tion arrived as scheduled.

The total score was divided into the outer disciple tournament and the inner disciple tournament.

The outer disciples of the green cloud School were all below the realm of soul clone, so the battle scene would not be too exciting.

After more than a month of compet.i.tion, the outer disciple compet.i.tion finally came to an end.

Next up was the most exciting inner disciple compet.i.tion.

The sect didn’t specify who would partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion this time. It was basically a voluntary registration.

Zhu Jiahong naturally signed up.

The matter of his registration immediately caused a great uproar in the sect.

Everyone was basically laughing at him, saying that he was overestimating himself and embarra.s.sing himself.

Some people even discussed that if it was his turn, they wouldn’t let him defeat him so easily. Instead, they would slowly play with him and let him show off to everyone like a clown.

On the other hand, the elders felt that Zhu Jiahong was just messing around and pulling down the level of the sect compet.i.tion.

One had to know that the disciples who signed up for the inner sect disciple compet.i.tion were basically above the heavenly Tribulation stage.

He was merely distracted, what was the difference between that and sending himself to death?

However, since he had signed up, they could not deprive him of his right to partic.i.p.ate.

On the day before the compet.i.tion, a young woman in a pink dress came to Zhu Jiahong’s house.

At this moment, Qin Chuan was meditating on the roof. He noticed the woman below.

“Brother Zhu, there’s a woman standing outside the door. She’s probably here to see you.” Qin Chuan informed Zhu Jiahong.

Zhu Jiahong opened the window and looked down.

Zhu Jiahong’s expression changed drastically when he saw the woman.

“Qing Yan!”

This woman was Zhu Jiahong’s childhood sweetheart.

Zhu Jiahong was overjoyed and extremely excited.

He quickly ran down the stairs, pushed open the door, and hugged the woman.

“Qing Yan!”

Qing Yan didn’t push Zhu Jiahong away.

The two of them hugged each other tightly and only separated after a long time.

“Qing Yan, I’ve missed you so much.” Zhu Jiahong said with affection.

“I know you miss me,” Qing Yan said.”That’s why I came to find you as soon as I finished my closed-door cultivation.”

“I heard about you registering for the sect compet.i.tion. Aren’t you going to explain?” Qing Yan said again.

“Let’s talk inside,” Zhu Jiahong said.

After the two entered the house, Zhu Jiahong closed the door.

At this moment, Qin Chuan came down from upstairs.

Qing Yan carefully looked at Qin Chuan and asked Zhu Jiahong,””Who is he?”

“I forgot to introduce you.” Zhu Jiahong said,”this is a friend I made when I went out to gain experience. His name is …”

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Chuan started to introduce himself.

“I’m Qin Chuan, a wandering cultivator. ”

Zhu Jiahong was stunned for a moment. Just now, he wanted to reveal Qin Chuan’s true ident.i.ty. Qing Yan would definitely be shocked.

From the looks of it, Qin Chuan was still unwilling to reveal his ident.i.ty.

“Qingyan, from the green cloud School!” Qing Yan introduced herself briefly.

“I’ll go make you two a cup of tea. ” Zhu Jiahong said.

Qing Yan waved her hand and said,”there’s no need to soak.” I also sneaked out, so I won’t be able to stay for long. ”

“Alright then!”

“Now you can explain!

Why did he sign up for the tournament?

How can you fight others with your cultivation level?” Qing Yan said, a little angry.

“It’s all because of you,”Zhu Jiahong said.

Qing Yan knew what Zhu Jiahong meant.

“Jiahong, you have to believe me.

My closed-door training this time was very successful, and my strength has increased greatly. It won’t be difficult for me to get into the top three. ” Qing Yan said with great confidence.

“Oh right! Since you’re here, I’ll ask you something. ” Zhu Jiahong asked.

Qing Yan knew what Zhu Jiahong was going to ask, so she said,””Regarding me and Xu zhanfeng becoming Dao companions, although it was said that it was arranged by the sect master, it was actually Xu zhanfeng who suggested it to the sect master.”

“Xu zhanfeng had been training outside previously. By chance, he found a cultivation technique in an ancient ruin.

And this cultivation technique requires dual cultivation. ”

“Jiahong, you also know that Xu zhanfeng has always had feelings for me.

Thus, he proposed to the sect master to become my Dao companion.

The sect head saw this dual cultivation technique and was also very supportive.

I don’t have any other good ideas, so I can only get into the top three in the sect tournament and make a request to the sect leader. ”

“What if the sect master doesn’t agree?” Zhu Jiahong asked.

“I haven’t thought about that yet.” Qing Yan’s face sank, she lowered her head and fell into deep thought.

After a while, she suddenly raised her head and her eyes were filled with determination.”No matter what, I will definitely not become Dao companions with Xu zhanfeng.

I’ll always be yours. ”

Qing Yan shouted the last sentence very loudly, and it was also the truest thought in her heart.

Zhu Jiahong was instantly touched.

On the other hand, Qin Chuan felt that he was in an awkward position.

It was a little uncomfortable to eat such a big wave of dog food.

After that, Qing Yan didn’t stay for long before she left.

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