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Chapter 723: Buried With the Dead!

Ye Chen looked at the gigantic Dharma Idol of the Spirit Clan elder and sneered, “Golden body Dharma Idol?”

“I know it too!”

Instantly, Ye Chen’s body became incomparably huge.

A gigantic Dharma Idol appeared behind Ye Chen.

Instantly, Ye Chen became incomparably huge.

“Heavens, what’s that?”

“It’s the Human Emperor’s Dharma Idol Golden Body!”

“The Human Emperor is too powerful!”

“If we don’t get rid of this kid, I’m afraid that when he grows up, the upper realm will be really worried!”

“This kid is too terrifying!”

The True Self Realm experts immediately said.

Originally, destroying the lower realm only required a few True Self Realm experts to descend.

But now, so many True Self Realm experts descended to the lower realm just to kill this Human Emperor.

But they did not expect that this Divine Court Realm Human Emperor was so powerful.

Ye Chen charged out again.

The huge Golden Body Dharma Idol and the Spirit Clan elder fought together.

Boom —

A loud sound.

Endless divine power erupted.

The void around the Spirit Clan elder’s golden body collapsed. Divine power surged, making him fall into darkness. Even the Golden Body Dharma Light was almost gone.

A battle at this level was extremely terrifying. It would be difficult for anyone to kill anyone. It was almost indestructible and required special methods. However, at that time, he would have to pay a terrifying price.

The darkness dispersed, and the golden light in the void flourished. The shattered land rea.s.sembled. The elder’s golden body sat cross-legged. It was indestructible and still existed there. The resplendent holy light became even more brilliant.

He was reciting scriptures. Furthermore, his arms were the most blazing. Golden arms appeared one after another. In the blink of an eye, there were more than a thousand of them. They slapped toward Ye Chen at the same time.

Thousand-hand Golden Body Dharma Idol!

This was an unrivaled divine ability. In an instant, its power was raised to the extreme. It was a technique that only supreme experts of this level would use in a life-and-death battle.


Ye Chen was sent flying, and he was struck once again.

Pu —

In Ye Chen’s mouth.

He immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Your Majesty!”

At this moment, the people within the realm saw Ye Chen and immediately shouted.

Facing the attacks of so many experts, even Ye Chen was somewhat unable to endure it.

Ye Chen forcefully endured the blood and used the eternal spring recovery spell to recover Ye Chen’s body.

At this moment, a few more powerful cultivators charged toward Ye Chen.

“We’re here to help you!”

As they spoke, they released two more intense rays of divine light from their hands.

The divine light shot into the sky and the entire world trembled.

The energy that filled the sky shot out.

Boom —

A loud sound.

The power struck Ye Chen’s body.

Pfft —

He spat out another mouthful of blood.

“Your Majesty!”

“Is Your Majesty going to lose?”

“Although Your Majesty is very powerful, those are the true G.o.ds of the upper realm. Your Majesty has killed so many true G.o.ds. In my heart, he is already invincible!”

“Your Majesty, you have to hold on!”

Even though they knew very well in their hearts.

This battle was a battle that would definitely lose.

However, they still hoped that their emperor could win and continue to win.

Because in their hearts, their emperor was the most powerful existence.

Ye Chen’s seven senior sisters were also extremely worried.

They all clenched their hands tightly.

Looking at Ye Chen in the image.

They had never seen their little junior brother get injured.

They had also never seen their little junior brother fail. It was as if his little junior brother had always been scheming. Everything in the world was within his calculations.

But now, when they saw their little junior brother, they spat out two mouthfuls of blood.

That’s right, this time, it was indeed within his calculations.

But this time, he used his own life to lay out the plan.

He used his own life to exchange for the hope of the human race!

“Little Chen, you must survive, you must!”

They clenched their hands and prayed.

At this moment, they turned their sadness and sadness into the power of grief and indignation.

One day, they would take revenge for their little junior brother!

However, at this moment, Ye Chen slowly stood up.

His gaze was calm.

He stood in front of everyone.

“Come, I said that all of you will be buried with me today!”

As he said this, Ye Chen shouted sternly.

Instantly, Ye Chen’s entire body lit up, magnified by an unknown number of times, causing him to sit cross-legged on True Qi.

“All of you, look!”

“His Majesty is standing up again!”

“His Majesty, His Majesty is invincible!”

One by one, they shouted loudly.

One by one, they shed tears.

They shouted and shouted.

“Long live His Majesty!”

“Long live His Majesty!”

One by one, they shouted.

Ye Chen stood up again and looked at the G.o.ds.

He looked at the True Self Realm experts of the Spirit Clan.

He only had four layers of True Qi left, so he did not have enough confidence. Relatively speaking, the damage in this life was very serious. If he continued to fight. He would most likely suffer a great loss.


Ye Chen felt a ma.s.sive amount of divine power enter his body. It pulled the symbols on his chest and turned into a divine chain of order. Then, it charged toward the golden body of the spiritual elder.

Ye Chen’s true body was protected. Hidden in the chaos, he sat cross-legged on True Qi. At this moment, he was directly partic.i.p.ating in the battle.

Ye Chen created an extremely terrifying fluctuation, and supreme True Qi spread out. It submerged the area in front of him. Accompanied by the sound of the Great Dao, it resisted the sound of chanting.


The place exploded, and both sides were sent flying.

Ye Chen shone, and several formation flags scattered down from his True Qi. They sank into the ground and covered an area. Then, they disappeared from this realm.

In the distance, the shattered void healed. The golden body of the spirit elder reappeared. He no longer sat cross-legged. He held a thumb-sized bamboo in his hand, and it emitted a green glow as he attacked forward.

Although this attack seemed simple, it contained a terrifying power of law.

In front of the green bamboo, the void distorted. It was as if the universe was collapsing. It was as if many stars had appeared and then been destroyed. It was too terrifying.


An abundance of yuan qi like an ocean appeared in Ye Chen’s heart. It then caused the area to glow, turning into a black sun. A small person sat cross-legged and chanted a sorcery.

However, this voice also resounded through the world. Ye Chen sat cross-legged on his True Qi and was wrapped in a chaotic light, emitting a supreme might!

Immediately, boundless True Qi spread over and immediately covered the entire Spirit Clan elder’s golden body. The spiritual race elder silently chanted a Daoist technique and opened his golden body, causing boundless golden light to gush out.

There was an extremely powerful and mighty force in the world, as if it was about to break through the sky.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s body flew up, and endless power began to envelop his body. He pressed his palms together, and immediately cast a secret technique!

Instantly, endless True Qi kept changing, changing into a myriad of phenomena, surrounding the Spirit Clan elder.

A powerful force instantly erupted!


A huge black hand descended from the sky, grabbing the Spirit Clan elder’s golden body.

The huge black hand instantly grabbed the Spirit Clan elder.

“I said, I want you to die with me!”

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