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Chapter 1400 - Sword Immortal

The six princes unleashed their attacks, aside Gong Ao of the Gong Saing Clan. This scene left everyone dumbfounded. They were shocked by the princes’ strength. Those princes were only twenty-five, and they were all incredibly powerful.

“Every single one of them is a fated transcendent with their names on the Elysium Core Ranking. But they’re actually joining forces to deal with Lin Yun.”

“Lin Yun is the strongest genius of the Heavenly Paths. If they didn’t suppress Lin Yun this time, they might be the pens being suppressed by him after he joins the Sword Sect.”

“But this is too much.”

“So what? They’re princes with saint clans standing behind them. Who will dare to compete with them?” Murmurs resounded, and many ordinary geniuses felt indignant for Lin Yun.

When their attacks were about to envelop him, Lin Yun spread his arms apart, activating the Golden Crow Saint Seal. As a pair of golden crow wings unfolded behind him, he soared to the sky along with the heavenly dragon and divine phoenix around him.

Jiang Tian was the first to arrive near Lin Yun, and he could see the golden crow wings behind Lin Yun that made him look like a deity. Before he could get close to Lin Yun, Lin Yun had already pushed his palm out with seven strands of Dragon-Phoenix Sword Aura enveloping his palm.

Before Jiang Tian could even respond, he took a ma.s.sive blow to his chest and was sent flying back. This made him throw out a mouthful of blood with his face distorting from the stinging pain in his chest. He was horrified to discover that his ribs were shattered. As blood dripped down from his chest, Jiang Tian’s face was distorted with his teeth chattering.

“How is this possible… just what is the cultivation technique that he’s practicing?” Jiang Tian was shocked to discover that Lin Yun’s innate saint aura was stronger than his own. His face also changed when he saw Lin Yun chasing after him, ignoring the six behind him. Circulating all his astral energy, Jiang Tian soared to the sky, flying towards the Sword Sect’s gate.

As the wings flapped behind Lin Yun, he disappeared from where he was standing. When he reappeared, he was already standing on the signboard. He then turned around to look at Jiang Tian, who was still in mid-air.

“You!” Jiang Tian’s face changed drastically when he saw Lin Yun ahead of him.

But before he could respond, Lin Yun executed the Azure Dragon Grasp and pulled Jiang Tian over. When he was pulled over, Lin Yun grabbed onto his collar before smas.h.i.+ng his head down on the signboard.

This made Jiang Tian wail in pain, with blood flowing from his head. He was trying his best to struggle free from Lin Yun and soar to give up the test. But when he flew up, Lin Yun grabbed onto his feet, which made Jiang Tian’s face change as he turned around, “Let me go! Let me go!”

When Lin Yun grabbed Jiang Tian’s feet, he started swinging Jiang Tian, smas.h.i.+ng against against the signboard. Jiang Tian’s physique was comparable to a hundred-rune saint artifact because of his body-refining technique, but it also couldn’t withstand such torture from Lin Yun.

Whenever Jiang Tian collided with the signboard, everyone’s hearts would jump. It didn’t take long for Jiang Tian to be covered in blood. When the six princes caught up, Lin Yun held Jiang Tian by his feet before throwing him at them while using his firmament sword intent.

This made the six princes’ faces change, and they pushed their palms out, sending Jiang Tian back to Lin Yun. But Lin Yun simply kicked Jiang Tian, sending him flying back at them. But this time, Jiang Tian rolled down the stairs.

“You’re too ruthless!” The Guan Saint Clan’s prince barked with his scalp going numb.

“Don’t bulls.h.i.+t me. I have been known for having a good temper,” said Lin Yun.

“Move out!” The six princes’ lips twitched as they felt a chill down their spines from Lin Yun’s gaze. They didn’t hesitate to join forces because they knew that if they couldn’t beat Lin Yun today, their future outcome would be even worse than Jiang Tian's.

“Flower Burial!” Lin Yun waved his hand, and the Flower Burial Sword flew out from the sword box. The moment he held onto it, his entire aura changed with a piercing aura.

Sensing the aura coming from Lin Yun, the grey-clothed youth from the Guan Saint Clan said, “Don’t hold back anymore. We have to suppress him today, no matter what.”

Pus.h.i.+ng his Star Shattering Sword to the limit, he unleashed ninety-nine swords, and each sword shattered a star. When the stars exploded, this instantly pushed his sword aura to a terrifying height. As a decisive light flashed through Guan Ao’s pupils, he circulated his cultivation technique, and flames began to blaze on the sword in his hand.

His face instantly became a lot paler, and the flames enveloping his sword were a b.l.o.o.d.y crimson red. Guan Ao had clearly used a secret technique, a powerful trump card. But he couldn’t be bothered because he could sense a dangerous aura coming from Lin Yun that made him feel a chill down his spine.

As for the others, they also brought out their strongest attacks without holding back.

“Carefree 9 Swords—Heavenly Sword Form!” Lin Yun finally drew his sword. When the Flower Burial Sword left the sheath, the surroundings suddenly became quiet. Even the golden aura enveloping Lin Yun turned ink-black.

A peculiar scene appeared as Lin Yun used his sword to face the six princes, and his sword aura instantly suppressed the six of them. Whenever he swung his sword, it would make him look like a sword immortal, leaving behind an unerasable mark in the heavens and earth with his black ink-like sword rays.

His sword became increasingly faster and reached the eighteenth stroke in the Heavenly Sword Form. As Lin Yun wrote with his sword, heaven and earth were like a canvas. Before him, the six princes were nothing in comparison.

“Go! We’re not his opponent! His sword technique is too bizarre!” The grey-clothed youth threw a mouthful of blood and was covered in blood under Lin Yun’s sword rays, with his face pale.

This made the remaining five princes’ faces ugly. They had long tried to leave, but they were shocked to discover that they couldn’t leave because Lin Yun’s sword technique was everywhere.

Lin Yun seemed to be everywhere, and his attainment in the sword had far exceeded their imagination. This also meant that Lin Yun was a lot stronger than them.

“What sword technique is that? Isn’t that a little too powerful?”

“Is Flower Burial becoming an immortal?”

“I can’t see through his sword technique. But why aren’t the six princes doing anything? Even if they couldn’t defeat Lin Yun, they could run…” Tens of thousands of people were utterly dumbfounded at the foot of the mountain.

Suddenly, someone emotionally exclaimed, “L-Look! Aren’t those the saints of the Sword Sect? Oh my G.o.d! The saints are taking in disciples, and they’re all alarmed by Lin Yun’s sword technique!”

The crowd burst into an uproar as tens of thousands of people raised their heads to look at several faint figures in the clouds above the seven peaks. There were a total of six figures, and they were all looking at Lin Yun.

When Lin Yun reached the thirty-sixth stroke, the ink-like sword rays in the air merged and manifested into a gigantic ancient word. It was an ancient word that no one had seen before; it was something from the Primordial Era.

When the sword aura in the ancient word swept out, the six princes threw mouthfuls of blood. Before Lin Yun even unleashed his attack upon them, the six had already lost.

“Lin Yun, let us go!” The grey-clothed youth said while gritting his teeth.

“What do you mean? Everyone knows that I have a good temper,” replied Lin Yun.

His words instantly let the six princes let out a breath in relief, but it felt weird for some reason. Before he could think more about it, the pressure on the few of them increased as a sword ray flew over and shattered their knees.

Just like that, the six kneeled before Lin Yun in a row, and those who saw this scene were dumbfounded. After all, those were princes of the various Saint Clans and were monstrous geniuses on the Elysium Core Ranking. So the scene of them kneeling was impactful. They couldn’t see how Lin Yun had a ‘good temper’ because this was even worse than crippling the six of them.

When Lin Yun flew across them, he would step on their heads every time he pa.s.sed one person. When he landed on the ground, the six were bleeding from their seven orifices, and their heads would slam against the ground.

As exclamations resounded from the surroundings, Lin Yun didn’t spare another glance at them because his gaze was on the Sky Annihilation Saint Sword. This was the sword used by the Radiant Sword Saint, and Xiahou Yan had previously pulled it out.

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