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Chapter 554 Backup is here!

Kouske, Madan, Barret, and Anya gritted their teeth and tried to join the fight to help the death knight.

It was just that the fight was completely beyond their level. They couldn't barge into it no matter how they tried.

In the end, Anya completely gave up and ran behind Mia, who was providing strategic support to Liam. "Only with the help of this b.i.t.c.h, he is able to fight! I will take her down!"


She called him and chased after Mia. Madan as well realized what she was trying to do and followed her quickly, sending his beasts to chase the priestess.

However, as the two of them reached closer to Mia…


A black burning x roared at them from the side, dark cutter! Both Anya and Madan only narrowly dodged it.

They both knew whose attack this was, so they were completely stupified as they turned to look at Liam. That guy still had the time to send them an attack while dealing with that Level 85 death knight?

Just what had happened since the time they had last met? How did he become so powerful after touching Level 50?

They tried advancing towards Mia again when another couple of attacks once again stopped them.

The third time, Liam directly brought the fight to them, and Anya almost got skewered by their own death knight.

Mia was completely untouchable, and every single attack from her dealt severe damage to the death knight. At this rate… unless their backup arrived…

Kouske gritted his teeth and waved his staff to start casting another dark element attack when he received the message from his group. He immediately became overjoyed.

Who they were waiting for were finally here! This fight was once again going to be theirs!

"Madan! Anya! Retreat!" He shouted loudly. Both of them also saw the relief on his face and understood what was happening. They quickly retreated.

Even Barret, who was fighting against Derek, retreated.

The next instant, a group of players, emerged from the forest. They were all wearing white colored outfits, and there was a pure aura about them.

"ATTACK! ATTACK! Focus on the guy who is standing next to the death knight! Take him down first!" Kouske saw them and screamed.

"KILL! KILL! KILL all those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" Anya huffed, her flat chest rising and falling as she fumed in anger.

Madan also did a fist pump in the air. "YES!"

Now, they will finally be able to turn the tables with this backup.

However, just as the three of them rejoiced and prepared to start their second wave of a.s.sault with full force, no one else was following them.

Instead, a few players rushed towards them, and some stood at the same spot and even started attacking them.

And one of the players rus.h.i.+ng toward them had a flaming red hair. She was a paladin.

"I wanted to slap the s.h.i.+t out of you hours ago. Thank G.o.d! I at least got the chance now!" Alex grinned and targeted Madan first, attacking him wildly.

Anya was also surrounded by two paladins, and lastly, Kouske was bombarded by long-range divine attacks from the priests.

All three of them could not understand what was happening. This should have been their divine affinity backup players. Why was Alex Hofstader here?

Why did the other team also have a dedicated divine affinity player group? Before they had a chance to catch their breath, another group of players also arrived.

Kouske hopefully looked to see if at least this group was theirs, but unfortunately, the first person he saw was the little girl with the emerald crown.

This was it. They were f.u.c.ked. He did not have any doubts as to who she was.

Shen Yue and Rey were also there in that group, along with the rest of the crimson abyss players and a big white fox!

Everyone had been sulking in the guild residence after having lost so badly in the PVP tower tournament, so this was a perfect opportunity for them to take out their frustrations.

They had started here as soon as Liam and Mia had started. However, since they were farther away, they could only arrive now.

Rey saw these people while he was en route back to the guild residence, and knowing that a huge fight was going down, he struggled with Luna, making her turn back.

The fox was quite adamant and did not defy Liam's orders, so in the end, he had to jump off of her and fall down to the ground, even taking damage in the process. He then joined the rest of the group and arrived at the scene.

With the second group also here, the divine affinity players headed over to a.s.sist Liam while the others took care of Madan, Anya, Kouske, and Barret.

With the full force of the Crimson Abyss guild here, the group of four could not last for more than a few seconds. Dropping one item each, the four slumped on the ground lifelessly.

The death knight in front of Liam immediately came to a halt. It only took a split second for Liam to figure out what was happening.

He instantly dashed towards the fallen corpses and the dropped items near them.

He hurriedly picked up all four items. One was a scroll, one was a whistle, one was a pendant, and another one was a yellow crystal.

Liam quickly checked the description of each to see which bound the death knight, but before he could do so, the death knight had already disappeared along with the four corpses.

"f.u.c.k!" He cursed loudly because this could mean only one thing. The death knight did not drop. The other group still had it.

However, all was not lost yet.

"Everyone! Quick! Which is the nearest graveyard?" Liam reminded the group, and the whole guild hurriedly scrambled to get to the graveyard.

That's right. This was not over yet. It won't be until they were completely erased from their existence. There was no going back now. One of them had to die today!


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