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Chapter 561 Explosive Growth

"What is this guy's level?" Seeing the monstrous aura around the man, Liam was utterly shocked.

The person he knew before and the person in front of him now were completely different. He pulled up the stats immediately to take a look.


Name: Asura (Follower of Chang Liam)

Species: Human being

Gender: Male

Level: 35

Cla.s.s: Sword Saint

Health: 4000/4000

Mana: 5000/5000

Mana Regeneration: 500 mp per minute


Vitality: 150

Stamina: 200

Strength: 150

Intellect: 120

Agility: 200

Physical Defense: 250

Mental Defense: 300

Soul Defense: 300


"How is this possible?" Liam stared at the word sword saint in utter disbelief. Not to mention his stats, which were even better than his. How did he manage to achieve such a feat?

This guy was a cripple just a couple of days ago, but now he was a sword saint? This was an even more unbelievable comeback story than the one he was living.

Now Liam was very curious about his background. He must have definitely known the skills beforehand and probably was held back by his blocked mana vessels.

As soon as that got fixed, the guy was soaring through the sky like a dragon.

Both Derek and Liam observed him from a distance, not wanting to interrupt him. They were at first just watching him, but they couldn't help being transfixed by his movements.

This was the difference between normal swordplay and a refined technique. While one was simply a fighting technique, the other one was profound.

Every attack created powerful ripples that radiated outward violently. At the same time, all of the force was contained and restrained.

Liam could feel gooseb.u.mps when watching the man practice his sword moves. He also wanted to learn a technique, something that was suitable for him.

This was why back in the battleground, the thief was able to stand his ground and fight against him. Learning a technique definitely boosted one's strength and power and made it more difficult for the opponent to read and respond.

As the two of them continued watching the instructor in awe, unexpectedly, they received a notification.

"Sir Liam-" Derek was confused.

"Yes, I also received the notifications," Liam said.

He then realized something and hurriedly added. "Derek, ask our guild members to train with the guy. Everyone must take compulsory training. Hold sparring matches for guild contribution points. Get all the core members to spar with him."

"Yes, sir. Now?"

"Right now, I am going to train with him a little bit." There was still some time left for the tournament, so Liam intended to make use of all of it.

Seeing that the other party was not planning to stop anytime soon, Liam strode forward to stand in front of him directly. Only then the other person noticed him and stopped.

"Master." Asura bowed, paying respect to Liam, who chuckled at the irony because he was the one who had a lot to learn from the other person.

"Let's spar." He said and unsheathed his sword. He had come to check on Talon once, but now that he had stumbled upon this surprise, he was not planning on letting it go.

Alex, Mia, and the other guild members who were still at the guild residence all gathered around to watch the two spar. Inspired by them, the entirety of the grounds in front of the guild hall suddenly became a sparring practice s.p.a.ce.

Hours quickly pa.s.sed, and soon it was time for the last round of the tournament to begin again.

Liam finally stopped sparring. "d.a.m.n. I am completely wiped out." He laughed bitterly, jumping on top of Luna as they started flying towards Yleka city.

Mia and Derek as well followed the two as the three of them were partic.i.p.ating in the final round. The group entered the city and walked over, but the climate in the city was a lot different now.

There were stalls in every corner and not the ones set up by NPCs. These were player set-up stalls, and they were not selling anything. Instead, they were recruiting.

"So they started, huh?" Liam grinned, giving only a glance to these people.

Mia and Derek walked beside him, curiously checking what these new pop-up stalls were, only to find out that they were recruitment booths by the government. The two of them were shocked.

"Are they seriously trying to strong-arm people into joining these government guilds? What the h.e.l.l is happening?"

"Mmmm. Things are only going to get more and more ridiculous." Liam whistled and walked over to the tower.

The s.p.a.ce in front of the tower was even worse. Players were standing there and creating disturbance for everyone walking in and out of the tower.

They were also searching for the final partic.i.p.ants of this tournament like bloodhounds, but who were these partic.i.p.ants? They were top experts. Like slippery fishes, no one was caught yet.

So the players could only continue shouting in frustration.

"The government has strictly ordered everyone to not log into the game. Go back. Go back. You cannot enter here. If you still want to play this game, you have to join one of the government-sanctioned guilds."

"Anyone who wants to enter the PVP tower has to register their name here. You are breaking the rules by logging into the game."

"Players who play the game without the government's permission will be penalized."

A few of these players rushed towards Liam, Mia, and Derek as well and blocked their path to the tower.

"Can't you hear us shouting? Where the h.e.l.l do you think you are going? Get over here and register-"

THACK! The next second, the person's head was snapped. The other two guys also stood frozen before their severed halves. .h.i.t the ground.

Instantly, a huge uproar erupted outside the PVP tower.

Everyone knew that within the city, no player could harm another player. This was the reason why they had been canva.s.sing boldly, so what the h.e.l.l just happened?

All the players started rus.h.i.+ng towards this scene of the ma.s.sacre. Many were secretly happy to see this happen because these guys were starting to become very irritating.

No government in the world could find out who hacked all the game capsules and how this video game was happening right now, but they wanted to control it still? Keep dreaming!

While everyone stood around and watched the scene and the government-appointed players scrambled to find out who did this, the person who was responsible for this casually walked in and pressed the elevator b.u.t.ton.

"This last round is not going to be easy," Liam said to Mia and Derek. "Are you guys prepared?"

Both Derek and Mia nodded silently. They had already done all the preparations. Now all that was left was to fight!

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