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Chapter 573 Preparations

As the eyes of the world were watching the man on the stage burning in a pyre, the next announcement rolled in. Everyone looked shocked, but the display instantly vanished without any notice.

"Sis, what is happening? I am worried about Derek." Rey kept repeatedly looking at the graveyard for the person to sp.a.w.n. However, nothing like that happened.

He and Alex had come here to make sure that Mia would be resurrected safely, but the match after that was even more heart-wrenching. Two of their top guild players had died just like this.

"Liam, you have to win!" Alex murmured as she continued to look at the display and the graveyard alternatingly.

Just like everyone else, she was also not able to understand what was going on. Who were these players? They were strong enough to defeat Mia and Derek?

She pulled out her system interface to see if she could contact Liam now because of the break announcement. "Tch. No, go." She bit her lips.

"Let's try again after 5 minutes?" Rey suggested. "Or shall we go inside the PVP tower? Maybe then we can contact bro?"

Alex nodded. "I will wait here at the graveyard. You go and check."

Rey immediately dashed toward the huge tower at the center of the city, and when he reached there, an even more unexpected situation awaited him.

Thousand of players were stranded outside the tower. "Hey, what happened here?" He asked someone pa.s.sing by.

"You don't know? Everyone inside the tower was kicked out."

"Huh? Players on the other floors also?"


Rey was dumbfounded. What the heck was happening here? He didn't have a good feeling at all. "Bro, please be ok."

Meanwhile… Liam was currently staring at the system prompt in front of him.

He did not know what was happening outside the tower, but he had received another message that he was sure no one else had received.

"So you want to keep me here?" Liam coldly went back to looking at the blazing pyre on the stage. He knew that he was caught in the lion's den, but he wasn't too concerned about it.

Clearly, there was only so much this person would be able to do. Otherwise, he would be dead already.

Seeing that the other party was making preparations in full swing to put him down, Liam also had a few things in mind. He was not going to lose in this tournament no matter what.

Liam silently stood up and walked out of the tournament floor, leaving behind Derek by himself. There was nothing he could do here. He also couldn't leave the tower, but he could still go somewhere else.

He walked into the elevator and arrived at the 100th floor. He then paid the gold coins to book another room, and this time he paid for a forging room, not an alchemy room.

Liam unsheathed the sword hanging on his hilt and stepped inside the room. He did not plan to do this just yet and definitely not alone without a healer like Mia present, but now he couldn't put it off any longer.

"Luna, you are going to have to keep an eye on me." Liam patted the little fox.

He then walked inside and sat down in a meditative pose in the small room. This ordeal, he needed to win at all costs.

Liam placed the sword in front of him and then took out an item from his inventory s.p.a.ce, it was one of the weapons he had been saving, an unique grade staff.

There was a golden glint to this weapon that spoke of its high quality. This was an item that could be auctioned for at least five gold coins, but now…

He placed the staff on top of the rusted sword, and the next second, the sword thrummed alive. Black wisps seeped out of the sword and started engulfing the weapon.

A tremendous roar then resounded as the staff was completely erased out of existence, leaving behind only some metal

"Mmm. Next." Liam sighed and took out another unique-grade weapon from his inventory slot. Thanks to the 'Coalition of Righteous,' he had several of these weapons.

However, not all of them were unique-grade. Some of them were only rare-grade, barely meeting the requirements of the sword for the next seal.

It would be up to the dragons if they would accept these weapons or not, though Liam was sure that they would accept it. They wanted to break open these seals just as badly as he wanted to.

Except that he wanted to become stronger, and they wanted to devour him and obtain their freedom after being locked down for who knew how long.

So both the parties cooperated to achieve their common goal, and Liam kept feeding the weapons in his inventory slots one after another to the soul sword.

HISSSS! HISSSS! HISSSS! The black wisps also continued to burn as they kept devouring everything.

In the meantime… the eyes that were stalking him widened in annoyance. "Futile. Your struggle is pointless." The old man scoffed.

At the same time, he also tried probing the sword to see what it was and get an idea of its full strength. However, his attempts did not yield any result. The sword seemed resistant to his senses.

"Hmph. I will ask that fool." Tower Master Crawford angrily stormed away from his private room back to the main hall where Grandmaster Acalan was still sitting.

In front of him, the display was s.h.i.+mmering brightly as he was also watching Derek with his interests piqued. "Marvelous. Just marvelous." He muttered under his breath.

"Acalan, what is happening? Why is that fellow burning?" Crawford asked. Before he asked the guy about Liam, he wanted to settle this matter as well.

In both cases, Crawford's own knowledge and expertise were drawing a blank, so he could only depend on this guy, but it wasn't too easy to get any information out of this senile fool.

Crawford twisted his lips and grumbled as he waited for the senile fool to reply to him.

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