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Chapter 819: Just Two Hundred

Proofreader: Papatonks

“Ha-ha-ha, old coot, did your boast go bust at last?”

Seeing him standing there with no trusty spiritual beast in sight, another elder just had to make use of this perfect chance to mock him, “Talk about handling the kid when you can’t even handle your pet. It seems to me we ought to start straightening you up first!”

“Why you…”

The elder glared at the speaker. But that man stuck out his chin, “So you have had your spirit animal with you for decades, well I have had one for a century! 7th grade spiritual beast, Ice Cap Leopard. We’ve worked together for so long, it’s practically human. Allow me to show you how it’s truly done. This is how you work with a spirit animal!”

With a smug grin, the old guy flicked his wrist and pointed his ring at Zhuo Fan, “Ice Cap Leopard, bite his head off!”


The ring clearly showed a reaction, then it died out.


The old man froze in his grand pose, though there was not a hair of his pet around to complete his act.

The first elder who made a fool of himself just had to be petty and laugh at his misfortune, “He-he-he, old fool, weren’t you just mocking me? Look at you and your century old relic, it still left you high and dry.”

The victim here had his eyes turn bloodshot and glared in silence.

Sect Leader was becoming agitated, speaking to the rest, “You all try as well, see what happens.”  

Everyone summoned their faithful beasts, just that all their beasts chose this particular moment to ignore the summons. All the elders kept flicking their rings around in hope their pets would come out at some point.

Much good did that do. Not a single creature answered the owner’s call of duty, choosing the safety of the ring instead.  

Everyone cried out in disbelief.

Using spiritual beasts to fight was Beast Taming Sect’s specialty. The name said it all! Not using their spiritual beasts was like cutting their arms, reducing their power by half. 

Such an event was a complete disaster for this sect.

“Sect Leader!” An elder panicked.

Sect Leader raised his hand to stop him, roaring at Zhuo Fan, “Boy, did you do something? What’s going on here? You better talk sense, or…”

“Ha-ha-ha, it couldn’t be simpler.”

With an evil smirk, the black thunderflame ignited in Zhuo Fan’s left eye, “You’re standing before the king among beasts. No spiritual beast dares to face me, under the fear of death. Is that clear enough for you?”

All the people shuddered.

[King among beasts?]

The spiritual beasts were divided into grades, though there weren’t many called kings. Be that as it may, none of them could instill such fear into a spiritual beast as to make it cower in its ring. That went double for a spirit animal that had been trained for years among people. It would hardly ever cower against another spiritual beast’s threatening aura, to say nothing of not coming out at all. 


[He’s not human to call himself a king among beasts?]

How were they to know Zhuo Fan’s abominable thunderflame was made up of four sacred beast powers combined. It was simply specifically made to target spiritual beasts.

The coming of the thunderflame spelled certain doom!

So, any spiritual beast with self-preservation instincts chose to stay away.

“Boy, take your lies elsewhere. King among beasts? As if!” Sect Leader stared at Zhuo Fan, “Talk, who are you and why have you barged into my sect? What deviant trick are you using on our spirit animals to lose our control?”

c.o.c.king his head, Zhuo Fan snickered, “You want to know the secret? Well, too bad, it’s mine and I’m not telling. As for who I am…”

Zhuo Fang glanced at the sixth prince behind, who knew when to keep silent and fade into the background.

Chuckling, Zhuo Fan turned to Sect Leader, “I’m not telling you. Though there’s no harm in informing you of my reason. I heard you have some paradise here and plan on borrowing it for a couple of days.”

“Borrow? Are you having a death wish coming before a full moon?” 

“Full moon?” Zhuo Fan pondered.

The Sect Leader mocked, “Ha-ha-ha, so you only know that we have a special area, but not its details. Not that it matters, since I never planned on lending you anything. For charging into my sect, you shall never leave this place alive!”

“My, how confident.” Zhuo Fan taunted.

Sect Leader’s smile turned savage, “And you’re overconfident, boy. You might have countered our beasts, but don’t think for a second my sect is defenseless without them. We have over two hundred Ethereal Stage experts here!”

“Two hundred? Not bad for a lower-three sect, though doable.” Zhuo Fan grinned, “What else did you want me to say, Sect Leader? You just gave me an a.s.surance, ha-ha-ha… “

Eye twitching, the Sect Leader snapped, “Curses, boy! You’re just a Radiant Stage cultivator yet you mock us so? Elders, bring him to me alive! I will make him regret the day he was born. I’ll make him pay the price for disregarding the Beast Taming Sect!”

“Yes, sir!”

An elder bowed and charged at Zhuo Fan. A flash of gold revealed a hundred meter-tall golden tiger coming at Zhuo Fan with it maw open.

“Ha-ha-ha, any Radiant Stage cultivator is useless against an Ethereal Stage expert. I can handle you even without a pet…”


A huge dragon claw came out from Zhuo Fan’s back in a flash of scarlet, grabbing the oversized feline.

The elder halted in his tracks from shock, “T-that…”

“My soul.”

Grinning, Zhuo Fan said, “Yes, a Radiant Stage cultivator is futile going against an Ethereal Stage expert, a shame that doesn’t apply to me.”

With a crumbling sound, the dragon claw crunched the golden dragon to dust. The elder looked on in fear, dying with a horrified expression.


Everyone else gasped in shock.

[He has a soul, a really strong one at that! He can kill an expert’s soul in an instant. No average soul can do that!]

[Who the h.e.l.l is he?]

Sect Leader stared at Zhuo Fan with wide eyes, his lip quivering, “W-who are you?”

“Used to be a guest, but now…”

Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed. With a mighty roar, the Almighty Scarlet Dragon King came out in all its glory, releasing its entire aura.

“Ha-ha-ha, now I’m your doom!”

“Heaven dragon soul? Y-you’re Demon Scheming Sect’s Zhuo Fan?” Sect Leader cried out, making the others shudder and falter. They were lost and wary.

Didn’t the Demon Scheming Sect tell them that after Zhuo Fan betrayed the sect, the Universal Righteous Sect helped them by destroying him?

Why was the dead star of Double Dragon Gathering, the new and brief best disciple of western lands barging into Beast Taming Sect?

None here could figure out why, not even Sect Leader. Though one thing was certain, this was no social visit.

Squinting, Sect Leader took a deep breath to calm himself, “Zhuo Fan, I haven’t yet gotten around to paying you for destroying my team of disciples at the Double Dragon Gathering. Now I see you came here of your own free will. Humph, the Universal Righteous Sect didn’t take your life, actually giving this chance to the Beast Taming Sect. This is providence, helping us take revenge and bring rest to the spirits of our late disciples.”

“Yeah, a superior-three sect couldn’t kill me so what could a puny lower-three sect possibly do to threaten me?” Zhuo Fan mocked.

Sect Leader’s brow twitched, “Zhuo Fan, enough of your arrogance. Who knows how you escaped the Universal Righteous Sect’s pursuit, but now, in Beast Taming Sect’s home, there are two hundred Ethereal Stage experts surrounding you. You’re finished!”

“Ha-ha-ha, my words exactly, just two hundred.”

“Shut up! What ‘only’, are you mocking the Beast Taming Sect? Humph, I’ll show you the true might of our sect!”

Glaring at him, Sect Leader shouted as he gave the order, “Attack! Kill him!”

“Yes, sir!”

With mighty roars, the elders charged. The two hundred plus Ethereal Stage experts’ auras slammed into Zhuo Fan, stilling his breath.

Lian’er panicked inside. Zhuo Fan could handle one, but two hundred?

Zhuo Fan had a constant sneer on his face, charging as well and clas.h.i.+ng with the enemy.

The elders were stunned, just as something black flashed and Zhuo Fan was now wielding a black longsword as it was brought down on them…

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