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Chapter 944: SCR Summit,TheStrongest Forces!

Almost instantly, practically every cultivator felt themselves imparted by Mythical Oath Seeds, bound by their leaders and families. If a force broke the non-aggression pact, they would all be called to task, required to act aggressively toward the aggressor!

A fearful surge flowed through the hearts and minds of the nefarious and devious. As long as they exerted a little bit of their Spiritual Sense, they could recall the exact details of the Mythical Oath and how extremely air-tight it was constructed. Unable to breach this agreement until the Summit ends, the world would be forced into peace!


No one wanted to be enemies with the entire world, including almost every Earthly Saint in the stellar region! Those unaffected by the agreement were ignorant of the exact details for a brief period, but soon it would inevitably spread to their ears, and the fearful surge that those bound by the oaths felt would be pa.s.sed on to them intensified by ten.

Kidnappings, pre-meditated murders, theft, and many other crimes, would all be shut down! Those shadowy organizations that feasted on Evil Methods would find themselves starved for this period unless they felt an urge to be destroyed within the shortest time possible. But they knew, they all knew, this was merely temporary!

When the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit ends, they will once again thrive, their enemies suffering at their blades and their cultivation continuing to rise. Patience! They must be patient.

The three existences that were like G.o.ds to the common people continued with the proceedings. EverG.o.d was the host, and as such, he continued being the main speaker as he spoke to the vast audience before him.

"All those with invitations or qualifications may enter Ever-Sky for the Saint Cyclic Renewal Summit!" His announcement induced excited s.h.i.+vers and a pounding heart in many. With a wave of his hand, a thick pillar of seven-colored light, constructed from alchemical energies, was erected at a location of the venue!

A powerful signal that said: "Here! Come, if you can."

There was no need for further explanations. Those who could partic.i.p.ate fully knew what to do, and those unqualified need not enter. As for invitations, this included all Earthly Saints, Mortal Sovereign Alchemists, Alchemic Saints, Immortal Saintesses, and Immortal Heroes!

Onboard the True Element Sect's Voids.h.i.+p was a group of individuals with Lin Xianxian, the current Sect Master of the True Element Sect, as the leading figure. Her cultivation wasn't the highest, and she lacked the presence of Earthly Saints at her side; however, she was still exuding an aura of authority and leaders.h.i.+p.

Her eyes solemnly observed the seven-colored pillar of light with a dark expression. She was unfathomably serious. And this was solely because of EverG.o.d's words! It might seem simple, but those with keen senses and acute intelligence clearly understood it was anything but. Especially when the EverG.o.d spoke about qualifications!

Gradually, an increasingly heavy disheartened feeling emerged in her heart.

"Sect Master, shall we leave?" A Demi-Mortal Lord Elder, an aged old man with an amicable aura, asked Lin Xianxian respectfully. The others looked to her for direction and order. How many cultivators wished to approach? To partic.i.p.ate in the event? They might seem patient, but they were all impatient!

If it wasn't for the recent relevance that Lin Xianxian had these last few months, the dispersal of the Parasitic Clans, and lingering rumors regarding Lin Xianxei and Wei Wuyin's relations.h.i.+p that hadn't been completely disproven, these Demi-Mortal Lords would've brought away their Chosen and left.

However, with their glowing eyes of antic.i.p.ation, they failed to notice Lin Xianxian's tumultuous expression.

After a few seconds of tense silence, a female Demi-Mortal Lord Elder stepped forward and said, "Have you all not noticed? No one's moving yet." She pointed out as the others finally looked at the various Voids.h.i.+ps with no one moving forward. A wave of shock and realization then swept through them.


That's right!

While those who had the qualifications felt an urge to rush in, especially those Ascended beings who believed that they were qualified 'by default', they realized the order of entry was of paramount importance. This small antsy action could offend numerous forces.

The first ones to approach should be the leaders of the stellar region, the Twenty-Two Starfield's greatest forces! Not them, measly Mystic-tier forces at the lesser grade. While they were once impressive, they currently had no Earthly Saints leading them for some reason, so they could only wait.

"Where are the Sky Destroyers?" Lin Ming was bright-eyed and observant. He inched closer to Lin Xianxei and asked softly, not noticing any Imperial Clan s.h.i.+ps in the vast crowd. Since the beginning, the grandest arrival was the Boundless Martial Sect. The Imperial Clan was renowned for its Sky Destroyers, those absolute machines of war and sublime innovation, yet there were none present.

Since the Imperial Clan hadn't taken the first step, how would anyone else dare? Leading the pack would be an announcement that you thought yourself superior to the Aeternal Sky Starfield's greatest clan and mightiest force!

Some smaller Voids.h.i.+ps were ignorant and started to move forward. Without warning, their s.h.i.+ps were stopped. No one was harmed, but their internal formations and arrays were obliterated. Their vessel became only a hunk of false atmosphere, unable to move!

A few tensed at the sight of Voids.h.i.+ps lights dimming without any indication. They checked their newly established Mythical Oaths but found that it hadn't gone into effect! It seemed as long as cultivators weren't directly harmed, there was no issue!

Those individuals were now stranded with useless s.h.i.+ps, likely requiring years to repair their formations and arrays. They wanted to cry, a few did, and some just felt saddened and frustrated at their ignorance.

Lin Xianxei's expression grew solemn as well. She calmly answered: "They're not here yet." It wasn't just the Imperial Clan that was running abnormally late, but the Ninestar Starfield's Ninestar Sainthall was also absent. Many were curious as to why, especially since Empress Xiangcheng was acting as a secondary host.

Lin Ming was shocked that Lin Xianxei was brief in her explanation She would usually go in-depth with her answers or elaborate further, but she simply answered with the most basic response. He felt a little strange, as if she was growing a bit distant.


Unfortunately for Lin Ming, he couldn't think this through because he felt a strong, imperial aura as vast as the sky and as grand as the mightiest ruler entering the Everlore Domain!

The Sky Destroyers!

Eight of them!

Additionally, the Imperial Vessel!

If Sky Destroyers were military-grade wars.h.i.+ps of great strength and destructive power, then the Imperial Vessel was the vehicle of n.o.bility and ident.i.ty, signifying the eternal bloodline of the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperor!

At the bow of this s.h.i.+p were three figures, all Earthly Saints, and they were all of the Tian Clan! Amongst them, at the leftmost position, was Tian Muyang! They were instantly the focus of the Dark Void's myriad of s.h.i.+ps. Especially the eight Sky Destroyers, all led by an unfathomable characters, the Sky Monarchs!

Eleven Earthly Saints had arrived!

If the Empress was added, then a total of twelve had made their appearance, shocking every last individual present! What was power? This was power! Filled with top elites, yet the Aeternal Sky Divine Emperor hadn't even shown himself.


Lin Ming's eyes widened as he saw this line-up of impressive beings. A glimmer of staunch desire and resolve sparked within his grey eyes, fascinated at the possibility of one day standing on equal footing as these Ascended experts one day!

"Didn't you say there were less than 200 Earthly Saints? Does the Aeternal Sky Starfield…" Lin Ming subconsciously asked Lin Xianxei, whose eyes were similarly sparkling with emotion. She didn't even know there were eight Sky Destroyers in existence!

She quietly said, as if not trying to disturb the arrival of these elites, "There's a reason why the Aeternal Sky Starfield is renowned as the strongest starfield. In terms of Earthly Saints, we have forty-four in total, seven amongst the Mystic a.s.sociations, five amongst the eight n.o.ble Clans, four amongst the two Golden Pavilions, fifteen amongst the three World Sects, and the Imperial Clan has thirteen!"

Her words grew heavier as she spoke, laced with excitement and fanaticism. A strong sense of nationalistic pride swelled in her heart. That said, she included a lot of inactive, recently deceased, or secluded Earthly Saints, such as the Liu Clan's Earthly Saint, The Nine-Elementus Divine King Han Xei, Gong Lau, and Nansi Yuangu. Still, this exceeded twenty percent of the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region's number, almost totaling a quarter!

Moreover, each Sky Destroyer was roughly equivalent to an Earthly Saint. Unlike most forces, the Imperial Clan devoted a large majority of their total wealth to military growth; hence their astounding, unparalleled strength was unquestionable! In terms of military weaponry, they've invested more than the Ninestar Sainthall and Inferno Solaris Church put together, and by a large margin at that. Others, however, invested in personal growth as a priority.

"!" Lin Ming had never learned of the exact number until today, and his heart was pounding with extreme ferocity, threatening to jump out of his chest. Forty-four! Forty-four!!

He was extremely curious about the exact division of Earthly Saints. For example, how many Earthly Saints did the Void Voyage Sect and Boundless Martial Sect have? This signified their strength and was likely why the Boundless Martial Sect was regarded as the third strongest Mystic-tier force in the stellar region!

Was it six? Seven?

While curiously thinking this, the Imperial Clan's s.h.i.+ps had anch.o.r.ed near Ever-Sky. Then, their Earthly Saints, alongside their other Ascended, Chosen, Saintesses, and Heroes, all descended onto the planet and vanished into the thick seven-colored light! It was unfortunate that they couldn't glimpse at all those talents, royalty, and leaders.

Then, coming from the distance were nine large-sized Voids.h.i.+ps of varying colors yet exact design. They weren't gigantic-sized like the Sky Destroyers, but they stood out as an exceptionally aesthetic fleet. When they arrived, people instantly realized who it was by the symbol etched on each of their s.h.i.+ps!

The Ninestar Sainthall!

The second strongest force was here!

Unlike the Imperial Clan, the Earthly Saints of the Ninestar Sainthall were strangely absent from view. They merely entered in range and, in a comet of light, descended into the seven-colored pillar without any flamboyant display. This only accentuated their renown in everyone's heart.

They didn't need to be flashy!

Then, Boundless finally moved! The s.h.i.+p made waves in the Dark Void, Chaos Mana pus.h.i.+ng against the nearby Voids.h.i.+ps. It was so ma.s.sive that it had its own gravity, and many stationary Voids.h.i.+ps veered toward it without warning. They had to hastily stabilize themselves lest they crash to their deaths.

Then, ninety-nine lights flowed out of Boundless, entering the seven-colored pillar.

The third strongest mystic force entered! And now, in full force, the other starfield leaders were going to enter!

Lin Ming's eyes brightened as he readied his heart, looking toward Lin Xianxei for clarification. She was equally interested, so she began to explain as the Voids.h.i.+ps began to take their spots.

The next was a six-s.h.i.+p fleet that was blazing with faint flames on their hull, strangely burning despite the Dark Void's unfathomable chill. The Hexaflame Starfield's Inferno Solaris Church!

"The third strongest starfield, the Hexaflame Starfield, has five Earthly Saints! They include the Pope, his three descendants, and…"

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