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Chapter 429: Ruby's Obsession.[Not edited Yet]

With Ruby in the human world.


's cup of red fell to the floor as she opened her eyes in shock.

"Lady Ruby, what happened?" Kaguya who was beside her asked in a neutral tone when she saw the woman's expression.

"Haa... Ha... HA... HAHAHAHA."

"???" Kaguya looked at Ruby with a confused look, and slightly scared, what happened to her laughing like that?

Ruby's broken laugh echoed for a few minutes, until her gaze turned cold again, and she spoke:

"...That woman, she really went and did it."


Ruby puts some force on the table she was on, and the table sinks a little while making small, spider-web-shaped craters.

When Ruby heard about Natas.h.i.+a's request, at first she, Violet and Sasha wanted to refuse.

After all, what kind of woman gives her husband to another?

But unfortunately, Natas.h.i.+a's situation had already reached a point of no return in several possible ways, thinking about the conversation she had with Sasha and Violet:

"Victor, my mother and I practically took baths naked with each other, and that day we were very 'free'... Nothing happened that day just because of my husband's self-control, and his respect for me for me. give an appropriate 'date'."

"Something I really appreciate, although I was frustrated that our 'date' took so long to happen because of various issues."

"...I had the best 'date' I could ask for."

"...." Ruby and Violet smiled slightly when they saw Sasha's happy smile.

"By the way, your mom was in the shower with me and my mom Ruby." Sasha laughed lightly and broke the silence.

"...." Ruby's eyes couldn't help but twitch, she knew her mother liked her husband, it was painfully obvious, she just didn't realize it.

And with Scathach's statement that happened when Violet threw the 'truth' in her face, it's no exaggeration to say it's only a matter of time before they come together.

She also heard from her husband and mother that when they were training for six months the woman would often ask him to 'ma.s.sage' her with the technique she taught him, and they would shower together too.

When they came out of training, they got so used to each other's presence that they already did it unconsciously, Ruby already lost count of when she, her mother, and her husband bathed together, her husband offered his neck to Scathach to drink his blood, and during all those times, the woman always climbed on top of him.

It was an automatic action.

And often she, Sasha, and Violet were there when that happened, too.

'It was only because of my mother's density that looks like a black hole that she didn't realize her feelings, from the moment they came out of their six month training, their relations.h.i.+p was no longer that of disciple and master, it was something to most.'

'And Natas.h.i.+a's case was always open, the woman never hid her feelings for Victor, everyone close to my husband knew about her feelings, and unlike my mother, Natas.h.i.+a is a decisive woman, she will go after what she wants.'

'An att.i.tude I can respect a lot.' Ruby smiled a little.

"...." Focusing on their connection, she felt four people, five counting herself.

She already knew about Agnes' complicated case, and the chat 'group' that currently consisted of just Ruby, Sasha, and Violet.

It was decided that Violet would take care of this situation, after all, she was her mother.

Ignoring Agnes, she focused her attention on the new connection.

Feeling the woman's feelings, all she felt was;

Happiness, love, an unstoppable obsession, and... Peace?

'Why peace? What happened?'

Thinking about it, Ruby immediately understood the problem.

'Now that the ritual has been completed, the old connection that Natas.h.i.+a had with her husbands has been severed and transferred to Victor, consequently, she is no longer suffering from bloodl.u.s.t either.'

Even though Victor's blood greatly helps this problem, overall it only lessens the effects of bloodl.u.s.t to a manageable level.

It does not completely eliminate blood dependency.

Similar to what happened to Scathach, Victor regularly gave his blood to Scathach, and because of that, the woman's bloodl.u.s.t subsided and became more controllable.

But that's not to say that this bloodl.u.s.t completely disappeared, it was still there, but just suppressed.

'I see... She's finally at peace, huh.'

Now that she has joined her husband, Natas.h.i.+a has achieved what she always wanted, her happiness, and consequently peace in her bloodl.u.s.t.

"..." Kaguya just kept watching Ruby, despite not showing as many emotions as Sasha and Violet, Kaguya learned to 'read' the mood when it came to Ruby.

Her face didn't change in most situations, and because of that it was hard to tell what this woman was thinking or feeling.

But who was Kaguya? She was a Maid , she always kept her eye on her former master's friends, and currently her current master's wife.

Ruby rose from her chair in the lab she was in, her eyes were as cold as ever, but a glint of determination was present in her.

She started walking towards the lab exit.

'Now that Natas.h.i.+a has been added, Darling has gained another weakness, he needs to drink my blood often, the blood of Violet, Sasha, Natas.h.i.+a and possibly Agnes... Sigh, so many people, all just to not go crazy with bloodl.u.s.t.'

Pa.s.sing through the lab door , she walked towards the hallways, then turned right towards her personal quarters.

'If any of these women disappear, or don't give him their blood regularly, he will get lost in bloodl.u.s.t and his mentality no matter how strong will suffer some damage.'

Ruby still remembers the time when she and her husband were separated from Violet and Sasha, at that time the person who suffered the most from this separation was undoubtedly Victor.

Both emotionally and physiologically.

He just managed to put up with his bloodl.u.s.t and not completely lose himself in it, because Ruby was always around to contain his urges.

The Ritual transferred its 'wish' to its partners, and that was a weakness, after all, if one of those partners disappears, they will go mad over time.

An example would be if Victor suddenly disappears.

The women he is connected with will suffer from bloodl.u.s.t, and no matter how much blood they drink, they fail to satisfy their 'desires'.

The same goes for Victor. In fact, Victor's case was worse, because the women were married to him, not to each other.

Consequently, he will not be satisfied with just drinking the blood of one of his wives, he has to drink the blood of the five wives for his urges to disappear.

If either of your wives disappears, the likelihood of mental degradation your husband will experience is very high.

This whole situation was created because of faulty magic, after all, the ritual was created with the 'prediction' that the n.o.ble vampire would only have three wives at most.

Which in most situations was true, after all, the n.o.ble despite having a 'harem', the official wives or husbands were only three, it was rarely the occasion that this number was exceeded.

The rest of the 'harem' were just concubines, and whoever managed this harem was the main wife, or the main husband.

'In the future my mother will be added, with that there will be six wives, the burden on my husband's back will be very high, and it is not guaranteed that the wives will always be with him, after all, we have our own responsibilities, and work.'

'I even considered changing the magic of the ritual, after all, this problem was simple to solve, instead of forcing our bloodl.u.s.t only on our husband, we will share the 'burden', this desire would be shared by everyone in the connection , consequently, that weakness would be eliminated.'

But... That solution was just a distant dream, you can't easily change a spell that was done together with the vampire king, and the witch queen.

It was simply impossible, even the witches who were Ruby's subordinates said so.

'The only one who can change this ritual is the witch queen herself, it's probably the witch queen.'

Entering her personal room, a room she has never used, after all, she always sleeps in her husband's bed.

Walking towards the closet, she opens the door.

And soon she and Kaguya saw thousands of mangoes.

All the mangoes she didn't have time to take to Nightingale were stored in this room.

Yes, that was more of a deposit for Ruby than a room.

Ruby crouches down, she looks for what she wants, and then finds it.

Lightly taking volume 6 of a manga called: "I love you."

Click's sound is heard, and soon the entire shelf where the full volume of "I love you" was. disappeared as if by magic, and only the wall was shown.

Ruby sticks her hand against the wall, a magic circle appears and checks Ruby's hand, a few seconds pa.s.s, and the magic circle disappears, and then her hand disappears.

Feeling various objects in her hand, Ruby smiled faintly.

This is where Ruby keeps her future plans and her ideas for future plans, this is a magical compartment that Ruby asked to create with her blood and fingerprint, only she has access to this place.

Picking up a pipe-shaped object, Ruby removes her hand from the wall.

Looking at the object in her hand, Ruby saw that it was a magic scroll, a scroll her husband had given her when he destroyed the demons in Greece.

At first Ruby didn't know what it was, but after showing it to Esther, the woman identified it as a scroll.

She opens a scroll, and a plan she thought of in the year and six months she was with her husband was exposed.

And on the first line of the sheet was the t.i.tle of the plan:

"Harem Plan."

She looks down further and sees the names of all the women Victor has a certain level of intimacy with, and the women Victor gave his blood to.

The name of all the Maids is on this scroll, the name of Ophis and Nero was also here, everyone was here.

And for every woman, she had something written.


Kaguya Blank, the Maid , and currently my husband's Chief Maid:

Danger Level: SSS.

Note: It is impossible to escape my husband's charm, the more Kaguya interacts with him, eventually she will fall in love with him.

Main Weakness: She is very loyal, someone with mind control like Roberta, or with charm control like Aphrodite can influence her and she won't know... [Find ways to avoid this possible future.]

Just below that line was.

Secondary weakness.

And here were all his physical weaknesses listed.

Soon after her entire growth was doc.u.mented since she came into contact with Victor, even her bust increase was not ignored.

The danger level means that if this woman cheats on her husband, the damage she will do to him and everyone around her is very high.

Kaguya is SSS because everyone trusts her, and my husband too, he trusts her and never questions her.

Ruby's eyes dart to all the women, and then comes the main part which was what she was looking for.

Her smile grows a little:

'To prevent a possible deterioration of my husband's mentality, this plan must be put into action.

Ascension of the Vampire Count:

My husband must grow his royal influence, and create his territory. In the future, when this territory is created, we will make this place a new 'government'.

Clan Fulger, Snow, Scarlett, Adrastea must support this new government, effectively making the new 'core' of nightingale.

Contingency: If the vampire king tries to interfere, convince Ophis or his daughters to be a part of this plan, sacrifices are necessary to avoid the old monster.

Note: Additional plans or possible plan changes. [Don't get stuck on that plan or obsessed with it, you should know that you can't predict the future.]

As the plan was just a draft after all, she can't predict that much into the future, she left this note so her future self knows what to do.

But she had an ultimate goal:

Ultimate goal: To have all the wives in one place.

"Somehow I'm starting to get excited~." Ruby can't help but laugh.


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