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Chapter 1346: Follow

With a rough estimate, there were at least more than a hundred of them!

“Why are there so many nine-tailed green crows here?” the elder with white brows yelled in shock. Then, he immediately looked at s.h.i.+ Rui’er. “Second Miss—”

It was fine if there were only a few as they could still handle them, but… So many of them came now!

One had to know that they were all legendary fiends! They were afraid they wouldn’t even be able to handle half of them!

When Jiang Zhiyuan saw this scene, she was so stunned that she forgot to even cry. She hurriedly yelled at Elder Hua Feng in panic, “Elder, save me!”

I survived with much difficulty. How can I just die here?! She almost rolled and crawled as she ran over and hurriedly kneeled on the ground to beg them.

“Shut up!” s.h.i.+ Rui’er felt disgusted. All she knows how to do is cause trouble. It’s as if she is afraid that the world will be at peace. At crucial moments, she becomes the most cowardly one! Jiang Zhiyuan is the one who caused all this trouble. Why should we pay with our lives as well!? She isn’t worth it!

Jiang Zhiyuan’s entire body trembled due to this scream, but she didn’t dare to say anything else. She could only hopelessly stare at Elder Hua Feng and the rest and beg them.

Now, she could only depend on them.

Elder Hua Feng clenched his fists tightly. Even if we leave Jiang Zhiyuan here now, we might not even be able to get rid of these nine-tailed green crows…

“Elder.” When the crowd was in a state of panic, a clear voice sounded. This voice was clean like mountain water flowing down, instantly breaking the fiery and stiff atmosphere.

“Chu Yue?” Elder Hua Feng glanced at Chu Liuyue strangely.

Chu Liuyue lifted her chin. “If you trust me, follow me.”

Her tone was very calm, which made Elder Hua Feng determined.

For some reason, although it was just a short sentence, his uneasy emotions were instantly comforted.

Looking at that pair of dark and clear eyes, many thoughts flashed across his mind, and he finally nodded with determination. “Okay!”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly, and she smiled. Although Elder Hua Feng is usually indecisive, he trusts me very much. This point alone is enough.

Chu Liuyue walked forward.

Elder Hua Feng followed closely after. “Everyone, follow us!”

Hearing this command, the other academy elders exchanged glances. But thinking about the series of incidents that happened along the way, they hurriedly followed. Not to mention others, but Chu Yue is indeed a lucky star! If we follow him, we might actually be able to avoid this disaster.

s.h.i.+ Rui’er knitted her brows and planned to follow them, but the elder with white brows stopped her from the side. His old face was filled with disapproval. “Second Miss, this is an important matter. You must think about it carefully!”

In the beginning, I agreed when Second Miss said that she wanted to go with the people from Ling Xiao Academy. Then, when Second Miss agreed to journey in Chu Yue’s direction, I also agreed. But now? The people from Ling Xiao Academy have caused such a huge mess, yet we have to deal with it?

We are on good terms, but it isn’t good to that extent! The clan leader sent us over to find the Heavenly Square Cauldron. Why are we doing all of this?! There can be a first time or a second but never a third! We have to separate from Ling Xiao Academy to have a chance of survival!

“Sixth Uncle, I know what you’re considering, but I have to go with them,” said s.h.i.+ Rui’er with a light yet determined tone.

The elder with white brows was hesitant with his words. “But…”

“Even if we go our separate ways, it’s already too late. When that nine-tailed green crow died just now, all of us were present. Our auras are mixed. The remaining ones… won’t let us off so easily.” As s.h.i.+ Rui’er spoke, she revealed a faint smile. “Also, I trust the academy elders and… Chu Yue.”

Seeing her persistent att.i.tude, the elder with white brows could only nod helplessly. “Then… I’ll listen to you!”

If we are really driven to the corner, we can only—

s.h.i.+ Rui’er turned around and followed them.

The people from the Flying Star Sect hurriedly followed.

Right at this moment, Jiang Zhiyuan suddenly rushed to Elder Hua Feng’s side and said anxiously, “Elder, you’re really planning on trusting Chu Yue’s so-called instincts?”

Elder Hua Feng paused in his tracks.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and glanced at Jiang Zhiyuan in a seemingly smiling manner.

“Just now, we followed the direction she chose and walked over. In the end, we met with these nine-tailed green crows. Life and death are at stake. If we follow him again…”

“Senior Sister Jiang,” said Chu Liuyue lazily. “If you didn’t kill that one nine-tailed green crow, we would’ve already been out of danger. Why would we be chased by so many nine-tailed green crows?”

Jiang Zhiyuan was stumped.

“Besides, if you really think that it’s dangerous to follow us, we won’t force you either. You can go whichever side you think is safer, okay?”

Chu Liuyue’s short few sentences caused Jiang Zhiyuan to be unable to speak further.

Jiang Zhiyuan clenched her teeth and still looked down. The current me indeed has no right to continue bargaining with these people. Forget it! As long as I’m alive, we can talk about the rest later!

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and sneered in her heart. Even now, Jiang Zhiyuan doesn’t seem like she can read the situation clearly. All the people present have grudges against her. Even Elder Hua Feng probably doesn’t have the initial pity and sympathy he had for her. If it weren’t because he wanted to find the whereabouts of Elder Bo Yan and the rest, why would he still tolerate Jiang Zhiyuan?

The sound of wings flapping could be heard in the air. That was the sound of nine-tailed green crows rapidly approaching!

Chu Liuyue didn’t even turn around as if she didn’t care about those nine-tailed green crows. She walked forward step by step. “Ancestor, where should we go next?”

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