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Chapter 1143 Thank You As Well, Master

William sighed in pleasure as Charmaine gave him a ma.s.sage.

The pretty Elf was his personal maid, as well as his Head Maid inside the Thousand Beast Domain. The moment he returned, he immediately asked her to prepare a bath for him, and told her to give him a ma.s.sage afterwards.

The conquest of the Seventh Sanctum had not been an easy task because the last Boss Floor where Astrape and Bronte were located could only be opened if a puzzle was solved.

The puzzle pieces could be collected on each floor of the Dungeon. However, William didn't know this because he just focused on finding the entrances inside the Dungeon, so he could proceed to the next floor.

After reaching the last floor, the Half-Elf was forced to return to the lower floors to search for the pieces of the puzzle, which took a lot of time.

The Dungeon floors of the Seventh Sanctum were very wide. They were similar to the floors of Atlantis, where it would take a day or two to find the entrances to each floor.

Fortunately, William had a legion of Myriad Ranked Beasts that could scour the Dungeon floors and terrorize the monsters that sp.a.w.ned inside it.

The remaining Monster bodies that his legion of Myriad Beasts hadn't consumed were directly sent to the Thousand Beast Domain, and divided among its inhabitants.

Monsters ate the flesh of stronger Monsters in order to advance their rank. Since Kasogonaga was no longer around to help feed the Requiem Antz, William took it upon himself to ensure that they were properly nourished with strong Monsters to increase the Queen's Rank, and allow her to give birth to stronger Monsters.

"You're very stiff, Master," Charmaine said as she patiently ma.s.saged William's back. "I'm sorry. Because I'm not strong, I am unable to help you clear the dungeons faster."

"Your role is more important than clearing dungeons, Charmaine," William replied. "The only thing you need to take care of is the management of this Villa and me. You don't have to worry about anything else. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Master."


Charmaine could feel her cheeks burning because William's words plucked her heartstrings. She then proceeded to dedicate her entire focus on ma.s.saging her Master's well-toned naked body to the best of her abilities.

While the Half-Elf was enjoying this peaceful moment, Chloee, Sepheron, Astrape and Bronte were busy clearing the floors of the Dungeon of Tir Na Nog. It was one of the Forbidden Grounds in the Central Continent, which was ruled by the Fairy Queen, t.i.tania.

The black-haired teenager decided to take a break from Dungeon diving and allowed his subordinates to clear the dungeon for him. He ordered them to only call him once a problem arose, or if they reached the Final Floor of the dungeon.

"What is the latest news about the Central Continent?" William asked. "I've been gone for a month, so Felix might have already made his move, right?"

"Yes, Master," Charmaine replied. "According to our spies, they started their march towards the Fortress of Amberfang a month ago. It will probably take a week or two before they reach their destination. Moving an army of that size is not a simple task."

William nodded his head in understanding. Because of the Thousand Beast Domain, he could easily go anywhere, while bringing his army with him. Felix didn't have that option, so he had to use the traditional approach of marching his army across vast swaths of lands.

"How about the movement of the Alliance?" William inquired. "Did Ephemera send you a message?"

The corner of Charmaine's lips curled up into a smile after hearing the name of the Virtuous Lady of Justice.

Ephemera had contacted her using the communication crystal that William had secretly handed to her, without Lira's knowledge. The Half-Elf was sure that if he had also handed Lira a communication crystal, the Virtue of Temperance would call him everyday, even if she had nothing to report.

"Ephemera said that all of the Seven Virtues are to remain in the Palace of Light until further notice," Charmaine replied. "However, the elites of their army have already positioned themselves in the center of the continent. Their role is to give support to whichever side needs reinforcements when the Demons cross over the borders of the Central Continent."

"I see."

"Master. Ephemera also kept on complaining that you broke your promise to meet her after a week. She even explicitly told me to report to her right away the moment you returned."

"... I forgot about that completely." William chuckled as he imagined Ephemera's irritated expression when she found out that he still hasn't come out of the Seventh Sanctum. "Have you told her that I am back?"

"No," Charmaine answered. "I decided to wait for your instructions before doing so."

"Very good. Remind me to reward you later."

"Then, Master, will you give me what I want?"

William didn't reply to Charmaine's question, and the Elf didn't insist on continuing the discussion.

"Master, I finished ma.s.saging your back," Charmaine said. "Please, turn around."

William turned around and faced the pretty Elf who had devoted everything to him.


"Yes, Master?"

"Wait a little while longer, okay?" William said. "I promise to embrace you soon."

Charmaine smiled sweetly as she nodded her head. "Understood. I will patiently wait for that day."

William closed his eyes as Charmaine's experienced hands ma.s.saged his thighs in order to remove the exhaustion he felt from his Dungeon expedition.

"Tell Ephemera that I have returned," William replied. "I will talk to her tomorrow. I don't want her throwing a tantrum because I broke my promise to meet her."

"Understood," Charmaine replied.

Although she felt envious of her Master's Secret Mistresses, she knew that William cared about her in his own way.

"Ah. there was something else that our spies reported about the Demon Army," Charmaine said as she lightly knocked her fist against head as if punis.h.i.+ng herself for forgetting something important. "It seems that your cousin, Eve, is within the ranks of the Demon Army. According to the reports, she can be found at the rear of their battle formation."

William opened his eyes, and a streak of black lightning flashed within their golden depths.

"Understood," William commented. "When our spies contacted us again. Tell them to pay extra attention to the movements of my cousin."

"As you wish." Charmaine nodded her head. "Is there anything else that you would like to tell them, Master?"

"No," William replied. "You can have them carry out their missions as usual."




"Thank you," William said as he closed his eyes to rest.

The pretty Elf looked at her Master's sleeping face for a full minute before lowering her head to give him a lingering kiss on the lips that lasted only for a few seconds before she pulled back.

William had given her the privilege to become intimate with him, but only when they were alone.

"Thank you as well, Master," Charmaine replied as she continued to give her exhausted Master a ma.s.sage. Although this was the only thing that she could do for him at the moment, she was more than happy to be of use to him when he needed her the most.

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