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Chapter 1148 l Came To Conquer You

William was meditating at the rooftop of his villa in the Thousand Beast Domain when Astrape's voice reached him.

"We are here, Master," Astrape reported.

"Understood," William replied as he opened his eyes. "All of you did a good job. It just took you a week to reach the 100th Floor of Tir Na Nog."

"We just don't want to disappoint you, Master."

"I'll reward you and your sister later. I'll be there shortly, wait for me."


William stood up from his cross legged position and did a few light stretches before opening a portal in front of him.

Immediately, he appeared in front of a giant golden gate, which had the symbol of a b.u.t.terfly wing, engraved on its surface. Runic letters could be seen on the gate and William took his time to leisurely read what it had to say.


"Beyond this gate lay the Fairy Queen of Tir Na Nog,

What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?

I pray thee, gentle mortal, sing again,

Mine ear is much enamored of thy note.

First, rehea.r.s.e your song by rote

To each word a warbling note...

Come, my lord, and in our flight

Tell me how it came this night.

Within the darkness of your soul,

A small strand of light will save us all."


(A/N: The poem / speech of t.i.tania was taken from Shakespear's Midsummer's Nights Dream.)

"Such a poetic fairy queen," William nodded his head in admiration.

Astrape smiled as she stood beside the black-haired teenager. "It seems that Master will be the angel that will wake her up from her flowery bed. Somehow, I feel jealous of her already."

"Don't be like that, Sister," Bronte commented from the side. "I'm sure Master will treat us all ladies fairly. Isn't that right, Master?"

William chuckled as he nodded his head. He then pressed both of his hands on the golden gate and pushed it open.

As if waiting for his arrival, the gate opened wide, and allowed him to enter.

As soon as William stepped inside the Final Boss room, he found himself standing in a field of flowers. At the center of it all was a giant flower.

A few seconds later, the giant flower bloomed and opened wide, revealing an otherworldly beauty that befit her t.i.tle as the Fairy Queen.

Her long red hair that was similar to the color of a rose, was braided in princess style. She wore a fairy-like dress that highlighted her features. Behind her back was a golden b.u.t.terfly wing that faintly shone in the sunlight.

In her hand, she held a flower staff that emanated a radiant glow, ready to strike at a moment's notice.

When William entered the Boss Room, he was expecting to meet a mature woman, but the young lady in front of her seemed like someone that was of similar age to his wives, Ashe and Princess Sidonie.

The black-haired teenager had seen many beautiful ladies, but he had to admit that the Fairy Queen in front of him, made his tainted heart skip a beat.

'It's probably due to her Fairy Charm,' William thought as he walked towards the Fairy Queen who simply stood on top of the giant flower in full bloom.

When he was only fifty meters away from her, he stopped and slowly rose from the ground until both of them were of the same eye level.

"I greet you, Fair Queen of the Fairies," William said with a smile. "Truth be told, I wasn't expecting you to look like this."

"The lives of Fairy Queens are very long," t.i.tania replied in an enchanting voice that could easily charm anyone below the rank of DemiG.o.ds. "Far longer than the lives of the Elves, as well as the other long-lived races of the world. Although I look like this right now, I am already thousands of years old."

William nodded his head in understanding. "I'm sure you already know why I am here, right?"

"Yes," t.i.tania answered. "I knew that one day someone would step in here to challenge me. However, I didn't expect you to also be the Dungeon Conqueror. Are you here to kill or conquer me?"

"I came to conquer you."

"As expected, it has come to this."

The Fairy Queen didn't say anything else and simply appraised the black-haired teenager in front of her. Her green eyes, that seemed to be able to see a person's soul, looked at William from head to toe then back again.

William allowed her to stare at him as she pleased, and didn't make any move to attack. Even Astrape, Bronte, as well as Sepheron, remained at the back. Everyone inside the Boss Room knew that the outcome had already been decided the moment they reached the last floor of the dungeon.

After staring at William for five minutes, t.i.tania closed her eyes as if she was having an internal struggle. The source of this content is Freeᴡebnᴏvel.cᴏm.

The Half-Elf remained where he was, as he gazed at the otherworldly beauty in front of him. t.i.tania was like a painting that came out of a fairy tale, and it made the black-haired teenager wonder if her pride would allow her to kneel to him.

"Let's negotiate," t.i.tania said as she opened her eyes. "Three years. I will serve you faithfully for three years. After that, you will return Tir Na Nog to this place, and not bother me ever again. If you agree to this condition, we can form a Master and Servant contract.

"If not then I will immediately destroy the Dungeon Core, turning everything in this Dungeon, including me, to ashes. So, what is your decision, oh Mortal who is tainted by darkness?"

William slowly flew towards the Fairy Queen and landed a meter away from her. He had thought of many scenarios on how he would force the prideful Queen to submit to him, but the latter seemed to have come to a compromise.

"I agree to your condition," William replied. "Let's form a contract."

t.i.tania nodded and a flower rune appeared on the back of her right hand, which she had pressed over her chest.

"I, t.i.tania, hereby swear upon my True Name, that I will faithfully serve the Dungeon Conqueror for three years," t.i.tania pledged. "May the G.o.d of Fairies serve as witness to my pledge, and I pray that my new Master will stay true to the conditions of our contract."

t.i.tania then reached out and held William's left hand. Soon, the flower rune on the back of her right hand disappeared, and reappeared on the back of the Half-Elf's left hand.

t.i.tania then knelt on the ground before kissing the flower rune on William's left hand as a sign of her absolute fealty to her new Master.

"Rise, t.i.tania," William ordered.

t.i.tania rose and found herself staring at William's eyes. The Half-Elf then moved closer and whispered in her ear.

"Tell me your true name," William ordered.

t.i.tania closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She knew that the time had come for her to share the name that would give the young man in front of her the power to control her faith.

"My name is Tiana," Tiana said. "Tiana Shae Asteriea."

Tiana then moved closer to plant a soft kiss on William's lips, which only lasted for three seconds before pulling back.

"May you keep my name safe in your lips, and heart, My Lord," Tiana said. "Please, honor your covenant with me."

William nodded and held the beautiful Fairy Queen in his embrace. "Your name is safe with me. All I ask is you never betray me. Can you promise me that, Tiana?"

"I can," Tiana pledged. "Until the three years is over. I, as well as Tir Na Nog, will fight for your side. Also, My Lord, if I may give you a word of advice."


"If you plan to make more Pseudo-G.o.ds as your subordinates, you can only add two more. Adding more than that will cause your already damaged soul to shatter."

William sighed because she knew that Tiana's words were true. Right after their contract was made, he felt discomfort in his soul. He had just stabilized it with the help of Princess Aila, but now, it seemed that he would need another session when he got back in the Thousand Beast Domain.

"Thank you for your advice," William replied. "Welcome to my Legion, Tiana."

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