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Chapter 1762 "The Youngest Special Instructor"

This is also why the Elton Academy had such a high prestige because they were fair to many people and they changed the fate of many miserable ability users with little family backgrounds.

People from all over the world from the poor ones to the rich ones wanted to come to try the entrance examination of Elton Academy because everyone had a fair chance to enter the Academy.

Even those who were poor could take a loan for transportation to go to Elton Academy and the Academy would reimburse all their expenses as long as they managed to become a new student of that year.

The academy even opened a special channel for poor people to apply for a loan to come to the academy and there were also a lot of scholars.h.i.+ps for those who could not afford to pay the high school fee.

Of course, special admission students were freed from all sorts of fees and this is also why the special admission students had a high prestige among other students.

Ainsley listened to Dean Indigo's simple knowledge related to Elton Academy and couldn't help but feel more admiration for this academy.

This Elton Academy deserved to be the best academy in the entire world that even non-human races approved.

Oh well, it was said that the elders of the academy, the academy's guardians, were experts from various races who were already retired from their position in their race, which was why they came to the academy to be a protector.

The protectors had a higher prestige than the special instructors but most of the protectors also had a double ident.i.ty as special instructors at the same time.

Those special instructors who knew about Ainsley coming to try to be a special instructor should be those who had another ident.i.ty as academy protectors.

Not to mention that the academy cultivated many of their own people to work as the staff needed on the large island from the small positions to higher ones.

It was said that the patrol guards, the medical team and many other professionals that belonged to the academy were famous worldwide.

This academy was indeed one of the biggest forces that could make many conflicting forces calm down and make peace.

Fairies were common in the academy and many people all over the world who made contracts with fairies brought their fairies as study companions.

Ordinary fairies who came to study and find contractors could also be found in the academy, becoming a 'sweet pastry' for many humans who wanted to make contracts with the fairy.

Students from all races could live well on the island because the Academy prepared various environments which were the most suitable for the race of that student.

There could be a floating cloud dormitory for those who liked to sleep in the sky. There was also a huge tree villa for elves. There was a garden of flowers for fairies.

There was even a lake full of seawater or another type of water for merfolk students.


The island also had various man-made dark places for dark creature students with a harsh demand on their environment.

It was said that the Blood Clan Kingdom might send some of their halflings and their junior pure-blood members to the academy as well.

For these non-human races with a long lifespan, the academy limited their age based on their appearance because no matter what, the non-human races would never look like teens or children forever.

This is a bit unfair for races with a short lifespans like humans because these students would always be better than humans in terms of various experiences.

However, the academy did only see effort, talent, progress and result.

It didn't matter if the non-human races had an advantage in terms of age because of their long lifespan.

Anyway, many non-human races who graduated from the Elton Academy contributed more to the academy than the human graduates.

Each side just took what they needed from the other.

"Miss Sloan can communicate with me when you arrive at the Elton Academy and I'll personally guide you to go through the other procedures."

In the end, Dean Indigo gave Ainsley such a huge honor by proposing to accompany the baby to tour the Academy and be her guide when there were many guides in the academy consisting of senior students who wanted to get more academy credits.

For Ainsley to be escorted personally by one of the ten deans, it could be seen just how much the deans respected Ainsley.

The dean left Ainsley his communication number and even gave Ainsley a special communication device so that she could contact him even after he returned to the academy.

All of this showed that the deans were all optimistic that Ainsley could pa.s.s the a.s.sessment and become a special instructor!

Well, she would be the youngest special instructor ever in the academy's whole history for so many years.

Ainsley waited until this year was over and spring finally came, which was the time when the Elton Academy accepted new students.

The students all went back to their home in the winter and Ainsley even celebrated Christmas and new year with her five besties, but she didn't tell them about going to Elton Academy.

Even if the baby was already five years old and was really qualified to go, since Ainsley never mentioned it, the five little friends never said anything.

Anyway, the baby was already famous worldwide and she didn't need to come to Elton Academy to learn.

Maybe the Elton Academy would hinder her growth instead because the baby grew on a wild battlefield.

She would probably never adapt to a closed and disciplined environment like the Elton Academy, right?

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