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Chapter 552: Heavenly Sword Region

Jiu Shen planned to thoroughly torture Lao Gou, but when he recalled the old b.a.s.t.a.r.d's vacant look earlier, he became incensed and ended up punching Lao Gou to death.

He glanced at the headless corpse covered in blood and placed it inside his s.p.a.ce earring. "I'll let Theia handle what remained of you..." He muttered as he stood up.

He looked around and saw that the black tower was still standing tall. He kept the tower inside his s.p.a.ce earring and moved towards the fallen guandao. It was a Celestial-rank weapon, but only a few among his subordinates use the spear. "I'll give this to that brat Can Ye and let him handle it. This would be a nice thing to display in the sword tower's treasury."

"Now, how do I make things right?" Jiu Shen stared at the broken ruins all over him. This demolished land was what remained of the bustling capital of the Central Region.

Jiu Shen thought that he was unfeeling and indifferent about the lives of others, but a wave of guilt overwhelmed him when he saw millions of corpses scattered throughout the Central Region.

They were killed because of him.

Jiu Shen closed his eyes and with an earnest voice, he said. "I'm sorry..."

No one answered him.

He slowly hovered in midair and announced in a loud resonating voice. "In honor of those who died, I will make this land a utopia! A place free from torment and war! I rename this region, the Heavenly Sword Region!"

The crowd all over the (Central Region now called Heavenly Sword Region) prostrated when they heard Jiu Shen's words. His voice was filled with charm that no one voiced out any words of complaint.

"We greet the Celestial Emperor!"

"We greet the Celestial Emperor!"

A new Celestial Emperor was born...


In the Desert Region, the battle between the Celestial Paragon Tower and the Heavenly Sword Tower's allied forces was still not over.

The Celestial Paragon Tower had fewer soldiers left and they were slowly being pushed back.

Sect Master Telu and Vice Sect Master Valir were doing their best to fight the top experts of the opposing force, but one person disrupted the rhythm of the battle.

It was a beautiful young lady with blonde hair that reached her shoulders. She had a pair of ocean blue eyes that emitted a terrifying wave of killing intent. Her every sword strike took the lives of countless soldiers. She was like the reincarnation of a war G.o.ddess!

"Is she the person that father wants us to capture?" Telu asked through gritted teeth.

Valir nodded his head with a helpless smile. "That's right. Celestial Emperor Lao Gou wants us to capture her alive and not to harm her in any way."

Hearing that, Telu almost cursed his father but held himself back. "This young lady is so ferocious and her every attack is aimed at our vital spots. If we hold back our power, we might end up dying in her hands. Old man, I think we should abandon father's order and kill this young lady!"

Valir was stunned upon hearing the Sect Master's words. It looks like he had finally realized the absurdity of his father's commands. "Sect Master, you mean..."

Telu had a dark look as he shook his head. "We can't defeat them..."

Valir nodded his head and grabbed Telu's shoulder with one hand. "Sect Master, bring half of the army and leave this place. I will hold them back and create an opportunity for you to escape!"

Telu's eyes widened at his words. He looked at the old man as if he was insane and said. "What the h.e.l.l are you talking about, old man?! If we die then we die together! Are you treating me like a child?!"

Valir shook his head and pushed him away with a cold look. "Telu, we don't have time to dillydally, so shut the f.u.c.k up and leave this place!"

Telu's body shook when he saw the resolute face of the old man. He gritted his teeth and stared at Valir for the last time before he turned around and left.

Looking at his escaping figure, Valir let out a relieved smile.

However, a shadow suddenly appeared behind Telu and swiftly decapitated his head.

A ravis.h.i.+ng beauty wearing dark armor that was covered in blood was looking coldly at the headless corpse of Telu.

"Sect Master!!" Valir's face fell upon witnessing the abrupt death of Telu.

"Die, b.i.t.c.h!" He lifted his weapon and struck the cold-faced woman.

Theia calmly deflected the maddened attacks of the old man. He was violently swinging his weapon, leaving many openings in his stance.

With a wave of her sword, Theia executed a beautiful sword movement akin to a G.o.ddess dancing in the field of flowers.


Valir dropped his weapon and held his neck with a blank look. He lowered his gaze and opened his palms.

It was covered in blood.

With feeble footsteps, he walked towards the corpse of Telu. The man's decapitated head was lying beside his corpse.

Theia watched the scene with a cold look and didn't stop the old man.

Valir opened his mouth, but he could only release croaking sounds.

The wound in his neck was deep and it affected his speech.

He kneeled and grabbed the head of Telu to his arms.

'My child...'

Because Celestial Emperor Lao Gou rarely showed himself, Valir was the one who raised Telu the moment he was born.

He treated the child of the Celestial Emperor like his own...

Slowly, the eyes of Valir lost their radiance. He died while holding the head of Telu...

Theia let out a sigh and turned around. The battle wasn't over yet despite the death of the leaders. The soldiers of the Celestial Paragon Tower showed no signs of surrendering even after seeing the death of their Sect Master and Vice Sect Master. In fact, their deaths only served as fuel that strengthened the battle will of these men.

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