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FULL of determination, Shen Yi Mu walked towards the building. But before he could even try to open the gate, the security guard stopped him.

"Excuse me, sir. Do you have any business here?" the guard asked who just suddenly appeared in his line of vision. The other was standing on the other side of the gate.

Shen Yi Mu almost jumped when he saw the guard from out of nowhere. He was so ready to go to the building, with guns blazing and all, that he forgot such an important matter. Of course, there would be guards guarding the place.

He made sure to control his expression before he turned to the guard. A friendly smile appeared on his face. "Yes. I'm a friend of Mr. Jiang."

He said that in a the most natural way possible while telling to himself, [Please, don't find me suspicious. Just let me go inside. Please.]

The guard scanned the man in front of him from head to toe. He was a guard working for the whole Guizu Academy, which included this faculty dormitory. So, he was used to seeing and interacting with rich people. And this man right here perfectly fit the image of what a rich person should look like.

It's not because he was wearing gold accessories or that his clothes were glaringly expensive. In fact, the other was wearing fairly simple clothing. It was the atmosphere around him.

Working at Guizu Academy for years, he had already developed a keen eye for separating those who were nouveau rich from those who were born from money. And this one was definitely the latter.

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Remembering the ordinary Teacher Jiang, the guard couldn't imagine the other being friends with this man. But then again, there was really no reason for the man to lie to him. It's not like someone like this would come here just to scam him or something. But still, the guard had to make sure so he said;

"Please wait. I will call Teacher Jiang to inform him that you're here. If you can give me your name, please."

"Can you not tell him? I just arrived from abroad, you see. I kind of want to surprise him," Shen Yi Mu said, making the lamest excuse ever while trying his best to look sincere and playful at the same time. Just so the guard would believe him. "Please?"

Again, Shen Yi Mu was praying inside that the guard wouldn't find him suspicious.

Thankfully enough, the heaven seemed to answer his prayers. The guard nodded and opened the gate for him. Shen Yi Mu almost jumped in joy seeing that. He quickly walked inside before the guard changed his mind. He nodded to the other before walking towards the building.

"Wait, sir!"

Shen Yi Mu stopped when he heard the guard's call. Did the other noticed that he was lying? Was it because he walked too fast? He slowly turned around. As he did, he pasted a smile on his face.

"Yes?" he asked in the most natural way possible.

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"Do you know Teacher Jiang's room?"

Shen Yi Mu secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the question. Thankfully that other wasn't suspicious of him. His smile became more genuine. "Yes, he told me before."

Inside, he was already apologizing profusely to the guard. But a little white lie couldn't possibly hurt the other, right? Even if Jiang Yue found out about it, there's no way he would file a complaint. His Ah Yue was simply too kind for that.

"Then, please, go slowly," the unsuspecting guard said.

Shen Yi Mu nodded with a smile and then continued on in his way.

Walking inside the building, he first walked towards the elevator. After entering, he pushed the b.u.t.ton with number '3' on it. That's the floor where Jiang Yue's room was. As the elevator moved up, his heart was still calm. But when the elevator stopped and the door opened, as soon as he walked out, he felt his heart beat hard like crazy.

Boom. Boom. BOOM.

That's the sound of his heart as he got closer and closer to Jiang Yue's room. Finally, he stood in front of the said room's door. He noticed the doorbell on the side. The room probably wasn't just an ordinary dorm room. It's probably more like an apartment or something.

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He was glad to know that his Ah Yue was not staying in some small room.

And so, with trepidation in his heart, he stretched his arm and rang the doorbell.

Luo Yan looked out of the window. He could already see a beautiful farmhouse up ahead. It was surrounded by beautiful greeneries. Beyond that, one could see the view of the mountains Z City was famous for. Just seeing that, memories just came rus.h.i.+ng back.

That farmhouse and the land surrounding it was owned by the director of Xiao Xing Orphanage. It was also where Luo Yan spent most of his childhood.

Because of the things that happened in the first orphanage he was sent to, he learned to use his wiles to get other to people to like him. Acting kind, gentle, playful, anything that he deemed appropriate for the situation. That way, he could live much easier.

But even if that was so, Luo Yan learned to appreciate and later on love the place. Just like how felt for the director herself.

He also didn't expect that he would get close to her. When he first got close to the other, he just wanted to take advantage of the other's kindness. Yes, kind of s.h.i.+tty of him, really. But because of that same kindness, it didn't take long for Luo Yan to treat the director with sincerity.

She was a kind person, the director. But not overly kind to the point of foolishness. He had a feeling that the other probably knew that he had impure intentions in getting close to her. But she just let it be. Probably because she was still not yet so hopeless. Her acceptance of him was probably what stopped him from truly becoming a horrible person.

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The van stopped in front of the gate. Finally, they're here.

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