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Chapter 1120 Heading Back To Aribia City

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("The casualties are still a lot less than it would have,")

"Indeed..." Gustav responded while looking around.

"Hmm..." Gustav squinted hid eyes as he spotted a couple of suspicious figures.


In the conventional centre the concert was still ongoing and even Yusha was unaware of the ongoing battle between the Genxodus and the MBO.

Gustav had told her beforehand to focus on her performance and make it like she usually would. He wanted to make sure there was no hint of suspicion that the Genxodus could hold on to beforehand.

She was currently in her domain with her mind on nothing else except for releasing beautiful melodies.

She connected with the crowd as she continously sang hits after hits that caused the fans to cheer loudly.

The poduim was currently moving around as she stamped her left foot on the ground while performing one of her unreleased songs.

_"Danger creeps, Yet you're unfazed..."_

_"The enemies flee, when you are freed..."_

The fans bopped to her unreleased song as she sang with such a melodic tune that would make even angels jealous.



Two figures in masked leaped out of the crowd in G.o.ddess Yusha's direction.

This action had taken everyone by surprise and the fans only reacted by the time they spotted weapons in the grasp of these two unknown masked figures.

The instant the landed on the podium, a figure appeared right in between Yusha and the masked a.s.sailants.

"Not today," The cold voice of this figure drifted into their ears before they could even properly notice his facial features.

Bang! Bang!

Before they could both react, Gustav had already sent out two palm strikes, sending them flying back into the crowd.

'Oh s.h.i.+... I didn't control my strength...' Gustav only noticed this after the attacks had hit.

Since he knew he was injured, he had expected his strength to be weakened.




The crowd up front yelled in terror as body parts and blood rained down upon them. Both figures had been blasted into pieces with a single palm strike each from Gustav.

("So much for trying to keep things under the wraps,") The system chimed in.

With the current incident getting displayed all across the world where the concert was being streamed, there was a huge uproar on social media.

-"Two people just got blasted to pieces! I saw it live!"

-"Oh my G.o.d is G.o.ddess Yusha okay?"

-"Protect G.o.ddess Yusha!"

-"If she is trulya G.o.ddess she doesn't need protection!"

-"Just who is that guy?"

--"I think he was protecting her,"

As the live transmission got disconnected due to the incidents, the fans watching worldwide discussed about the possibilities all across social media platforms.


of disbelief.

E.E who had barely caught his breathe from the last encounter instantly channeled his energy once more and created a vortex underneath them.


The pillar of flames that had risen this time was almost golden in color, extremely robust and intense as it gleamed dangerously, spewing b.a.l.l.s of fire within as well.

Fortunately, E.E had managed to conjure the vortex wide enough and send these wild flames in another direction. However, things were about to take as unfortunate turn as Elevora sensed something once more.

"Two more are coming…" She voiced out.

"It shouldn't be a problem if they're right underneath this one. The vortex will take care of them," Yonda stated.

"No, they will be side by side with the current one." The instant Elevora revealed this everyone understood the reason for her worry.

"Here they come!" She announced.

"s.h.i.+t! Make the vortex larger!" Yonda shouted as he turned to face the back.

"I can't!" E.E responded with trembling breath.

Flames rose from far ahead and behind them at the same time. Since the vortex was unable to cover those area, the flames were not cut out as they rose to unprecedented height blocking their paths ahead and behind.

The instant both pillar of flames reached their height it began to spread from all sides towards them. Despite being hundreds of feet towards the left and right it quickly expanded, reaching their location.

Now it seemed like three pillar of flames had merged and the vortex beneath was unable to protect them from the h.e.l.lfire encroaching from the sides.

Endric who was far behind raised a wall of telekinesis to block them from the flames approaching in that direction and proceeded to turn it into a barrier that encapsulated the group.

"Time to battle against h.e.l.l hehe," Sheila voiced out playfully as she also activated her bloodline energy.

Cracks appeared in mid-air as it looked like reality had turned into fragments of gla.s.s and surrounded the group of nineteen. The flames were prevented from their initial encroach with the joint efforts of Endric and s.h.i.+ela.

Within the barrier created, the heat had tripled which would roast a normal human to death but they knew this was better than coming into contact with the flames.

The sides were currently secure as well as underneath and above them so the team didn't have to bother in the meantime.


"I can't hold it for long…" Sweat trickled down E.E's dark face as he struggled to voice out.

"Uh? Its not ending yet! You have to hold on or we'll fail again!" Fildhor yelled.

"F…F…f.u.c.ker… why don't you try doing it yourself...?" E.E stated with a slightly p.i.s.sed tone.

"I can't," Fildhor responded with a look of confusion.

"Then… kindly… shut the f.u.c.k up…" E.E voiced out causing Fildhor to turn away in embarra.s.sment.

Everyone brainstormed for an alternative to the merged pillars of flames while E.E tried keeping the vortex open for a little longer.

"I am letting go… I can't keep them open for any longer," E.E could feel his energy running dry due to the environment.

"s.h.i.+t!" Yonda voiced out with a tone of disappointment.

"Someone's coming…" Elevora revealed as she turned around.


Everyone let out sighs as they a.s.sumed one of the masters was coming to save them which meant they were deemed failed already.

"And we were so close this time…" Another one from the group lamented.

Everyone was just as disappointed as they stared in the direction of the approaching person.

All of a sudden a flash of milky colored light broke through the sea of flames,


The milky light spread across all the areas the flames covered. The moment it made contact with the flames, they would disappear. The flames was unable to affect the milky light, instead the light prevailed and swallowed up the flames at a rapid pace.

"Uh? Does any of the masters have this type of bloodline ability?" Rosalin questioned with a confused expression.

"I don't recognize it as well," Fildhor stated.

The others were just as confused while Endric's face displayed an expression of suspicion as the flames disappeared upon contact with the milky energy.

He was the only one with the look of suspiciousness instead of confusion. E.E who was breathing like a half dead rabid dog let out a low chuckle as he released the vortexes.

After what seemed like many seconds, what was left of the flames finally began to die down. Relieved expressions appeared on the faces of Aildris and the rest while the other teammates still had looks of confusion.

Upon clearing completely, the group spotted a figure walking towards them on the thin line with good balance.

"Who is…" Yonda was about speaking when the figure visibility turned clearer.

Their eyes widened as they noticed the figure was sporting a dirty blonde shoulder length hair and clad in a red jacket and blue pants.

"Gustav… Crimson?" Phinx voiced with a tone of immense disbelief.

"I heard you guys were struggling to get past this stage so I decided to join," Gustav voiced out as a little smile appeared on his face upon sighting E.E and the others.

"Oh d.a.m.n its truly him?" Another one of them voiced out his disbelief.

'The monster is smiling? I thought he never smiled,' Some of them had this thought as they watched his approach.

'The legendary Gustav is here,' They couldn't believe their eyes despite already being aware.

Witnessing his prowess shook them to their very bones which very much proved it could be no other than the well renowned Gustav Crimson.

"Good looking MF what took you so long?" E.E yelled out as a broad smile appeared on his face.

"Gustav!" Angy yelled with a sweet smile unable to contain her excitement. She would have jumped into his embrace if not for the current situation.


"Yo Gus!"

"Rival! Sniff sniff~"

"Welcome back,"


Aildris, Temee, Ria, Falco, Vera and the others voiced out one after the other.

'They weren't joking... they are truly familiar with him,' Yonda and the others who doubted initially stared at the proof playing out in front of them.

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