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2281 Chapter 2281: bring her back to me

Gu Yan was already pregnant, so she put on some more clothes, put on some makeup, and put on a wig.

Of course, Lucifer would still recognize her.

After all, that man was too smart.

However, other people wouldn’t be able to recognize her if they didn’t look closely.

This was enough for Gu Yan.

Gu Yan walked out of the mall, got into a taxi, and drove away.

At the same time, Jonathan had already discovered the deleted items in the heavenly eye. When he contacted Lucifer, Lucifer’s operation had already come to an end.

“What’s Wrong?”

Before Jonathan could say anything, Lucifer asked first.

Jonathan paused for a moment and told him everything that had happened, “Boss, I was worried that I would hurt Gu Yan. I was also worried that something might happen to the sky eye, so I didn’t stop her. However, she deleted all the information about NIAR and couldn’t recover it.”

After a long time, Lucifer didn’t say anything. Jonathan was a bit uncertain and said, “Boss, now that the mission is over, I will turn off the sky eye. I will go after Gu Yan Now!”

Lucifer had already hung up the communication device.

Jonathan felt a little uneasy, but he didn’t dare to delay any longer. He immediately dialed a number and asked the people inside to chase after Cang Lan’s car as soon as possible!

Jonathan didn’t care at first because he didn’t think that Gu Yan would leave this place.

Moreover, even if Gu Yan deleted everything about Niar in the sky eye system, boss… wouldn’t blame Gu Yan, right.

That was why Jonathan didn’t chase after Gu Yan immediately.

When he deployed his men to chase after Cang Lan’s car, he was told that Cang Lan’s car had already returned to the villa where they lived.


In front of the helicopter, the propeller created a strong wind, blowing people’s hair into a mess.

David saw Lucifer crush the walkie-talkie and throw it on the ground. He stood there without saying a word. He walked over worriedly and said, “Sir, you… What Happened to you?”

Lucifer stood there expressionlessly and looked into the distance.

The actions, smiles, and frowns of that smart and beautiful woman were deeply imprinted in his mind.

Gu Yan, am I too good to you.

I made you forget..

What kind of person AM I.

I, am not a good person.

He slightly lowered his eyes, and an intense pain flashed across his eyes.

When Lucifer raised his head again, the gentleness that often appeared between his brows had disappeared.

It was replaced by a cold indifference.

“David, pa.s.s down my order. Mobilize all the hidden forces and bring her back!”

David was stunned.

“Boss, you mean, capture…”

“Gu Yan.”A cold and disappointed light flashed in Lucifer’s eyes.

“I told you, Gu Yan, no matter what your motive is, since you are here, don’t think about leaving.”.

“Since you have left…”

“Even if it is the ends of the Earth, I will definitely capture you!”! ..!


From the taxi to the bus, when Gu Yan arrived at the dock, she suddenly sneezed.

Because she had been on the road and it was snowing again, this winter was especially cold.

However, Gu Yan knew that she couldn’t stop.

Yin was very powerful. When Lucifer came back, she wouldn’t be able to escape!

At this moment, a nial woman walked out of a yacht that was docked at the dock.

The woman’s facial features were somewhat similar to Gu Yan’s.

When she saw Gu Yan, she did not recognize her at all!

Xie Yuge probed, “Is it Xiao Yan?”

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