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Chapter 2383: Chapter 2383 was insecure

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Just as Bai Changle and David were hurling insults at each other, Lu Ye had successfully infiltrated the two-story room.

This s.h.i.+p was especially large. Lu Ye relied on his previous knowledge of wars.h.i.+ps to accurately find all kinds of work control rooms and function rooms.

This s.h.i.+p had a total of five stories. The higher one went, the harder it was to get close.

For the sake of convenience, Lu Ye chose a man in black who was about the same size as him. After knocking him out, he dragged him into a warehouse that was covered in heavy dust.

After a few minutes, Lu Ye changed into his black suit and and walked out.

Because he was wearing and his complexion was darker, those who had not seen him before would not be able to recognize him.

More importantly, Lu Ye had observed that Lucifer’s subordinates also had some niyans.

Pus.h.i.+ng his, Lu ye calmly greeted a man in black. Then, he turned around and walked toward the third floor.

The third floor was where Bai Changle was kept. Although Lu Ye did not think that Lucifer would place the man who memorized the map on the same floor as Bai Changle.

However, what if that man didn’t play by the rules?


Just when the atmosphere on the cruise s.h.i.+p was very tense, rainbow town was already quiet and peaceful.

Spring had arrived. Birds were chirping and flowers were blooming everywhere. The locals were especially enthusiastic. When Gu Yan opened the window, she saw many people greeting her kindly.

Gu Yanluo smiled back graciously.

However, after the villagers left, the smile on her face would slowly fade away and eventually disappear.

Ye had already left for a few days, but Gu Yan’s heart was still uneasy.

She was worried about Lu Ye.

Also, she was very sure that Lucifer was not someone who would give up easily. Since he was interested in the treasure, he was definitely determined to get it.

If Lucifer really wanted to continue searching for the treasure, how could the snow wolves and even the star warriors from the other planets sit back and do nothing?

She frowned.

She was a little anxious.

This was the first time that Gu Yan felt helpless. She wanted to fight alongside Lu Ye, but because of the child..

At this moment, the giggles of the children could be heard from the room.

It had to be said that although there were three children, and the children were still young, the three children were very obedient and sensible.

This was especially true for Xiao Yu. Every Time Gu Yan was in a bad mood, she would always look at Gu Yan and smile.

That sweet look instantly dispelled all the gloom in Gu Yan’s heart.

She was like a little angel.

She brought light to my life.

Gu Yan turned around and saw two nannies playing with three children. Among them, Xiao Yu laughed the loudest. Her clear voice was as pleasant as the sound of spring water.

Xiao Mufeng lay there, smiling without saying a word. His eyes were watery, and his smile was especially warm and gentle.

Little Hanze, on the other hand, did not like to smile. He looked speechlessly at his second brother, Mu Feng, and then at his younger sister, Xiao Yu.

His small face fell, and he tried his best to maintain his composure. However, in the end, he was still infected by his younger sister’s laughter, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

This was already a rare expression that he had made.

After seeing this scene, Gu Yan’s mood completely calmed down.

She and Ah Ye had survived so many dangers.

In other words, no matter what happened in the future, they would definitely be able to ride the wind and overcome all obstacles.

Because of love, they had nothing to fear!

Ah Ye..

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