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Chapter 717: winter Wonderland

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It had been several hours since the journey beyond the German border had begun. Since then, Berengar and Honoria had stayed within their wagon. However, eventually, the caravan stopped in the middle of nowhere. Though they were on the correct path towards the location that Linde had marked as a potential sacred grove, the sun had begun to set, and it would not be wise to continue their journey through the darkness. The cold winter nights of Denmark were not to be underestimated.

As a result, the Imperial Guard formed a barrier with their wagons, much like the Pioneers in American history would have. From there, they built a large central firepit and staked their tents into the ground. Setting up camp was a rather quick process, as these were trained professionals who were well experienced in the field.

Berengar and Honoria did not sit idly by and set up their own tent, where they placed a wood-burning stove inside of it, as well as a futon mattress with some thick wool sheets and a down comforter. The Kaiser cooked some of their rations that he had brought with them on the stove, with the pans they had prepared for the journey.

While Berengar worked on the meal, Honoria looked around at the encampment. The tents were spread out within the encirclement that was established with the wagons. There were even tents made for the horses so that they could be comfortable, even in the frozen weather.

Sentries drew straws to determine who would be on first watch while the rest of them slept in their tents. Honoria noticed these things as she witnessed the snow fall heavily from the clouded skies above. She never would have thought that an encampment established for a company of soldiers would be a beautiful sight. However, in her eyes, this was truly a winter wonderland.

Honoria smiled as she entered the tent and smelled the food Berengar had prepared for her. Unlike the rest of Berengar’s women, she actually enjoyed the food eaten in the field by soldiers. Over the past few years, rations had advanced to the point where they were now enjoyable to eat.

With advancements in food preservation technology and material sciences, Berengar had introduced dedicated rations to the military that were more than just canned food. Freeze-dried emergency food from Berengar’s past life inspired the soldier’s current issue rations.

The reasoning for making these rations was a simple matter of efficiency. Not only could they last for up to 25 years if left alone, but they were easy to prepare and tasted much better than what had been previously issued to the soldiers.

After preparing the food, Berengar and Honoria ate a rather simple but hearty meal. For whatever reason, the woman was in a good mood, and her husband took notice of this. He could not help but inquire what made her so happy.

“You seem awfully happy? Is there any reason in particular?”

Honoria giggled when she heard this. She continued to dine on her meal while speaking intermittently.

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“Of course! I finally get some alone time with you! The last time we went on a journey together, you got lost, and I was worried that you had died. You do not know how stressful that was for me. If you died on my watch, I know that Linde would have most likely murdered me. However, this time, it isn’t a treacherous journey. Instead, we are alone in this winter wonderland, with no nearby threats to worry about. Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

Berengar reflected on Honoria’s words for some time. It was true that he had not spent as much alone time with her as he should have. The truth of the matter was their schedules often conflicted, and she was probably the wife he spent the least amount of time with. He scoffed when he remembered what the woman had said about Linde and instantly teased her about it.

“So you’re worried Linde will hold you responsible if I end up dying on your watch?”

Honoria wore a bitter expression when she heard this. She remembered the tantrum Linde had thrown via telegraph when she found out Berengar was missing. She was thankful that she did not have to witness that rant in person, for if she did, she was fearful that Linde might have struck her. However, enough time had pa.s.sed that Honoria found this entire debacle to be humorous and giggled as she joked with her husband.

“You do not know how frightening your wife can be, do you?”

Naturally upon hearing this, Berengar thought it was the perfect time to tease Honoria more by feigning ignorance.

“Which one?”

In response to Berengar’s words, Honoria merely gave him a questioning look. Her gaze alone was asking if she really needed to answer his question. This caused Berengar to laugh as he pat the girl’s head before pouring them two cups of wine. After handing one cup to Honoria, he took a sip from his own before commenting on the situation.

“A woman’s fury is a terrifying thing, isn’t it? Don’t tell me she held you responsible for my disappearance in Berenstadt?”

Honoria curled up by Berengar’s side and rested her head on his shoulder as she informed him of the details he was unaware of.

“Oh, she was furious, alright! Though I only spoke to her via telegraph, I could tell by the words she sent that she was not only outraged by your disappearance but also heartbroken. She wanted you found alive at all costs, even if it meant burning down the entire continent and killing everyone in it.

Did you know that she even threatened to kill herself if you died in the New World away from her arms? Her plan was to give birth to your child, and then join you in the afterlife, leaving your children to be raised by the others. I love that woman, but sometimes she can be a terrifying b.i.t.c.h… especially when it concerns your safety.

Anyway, enough about Linde and her unhealthy obsession with you. Tonight is the first night we have been alone together in a long time, and I plan to take advantage of that!”

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Berengar chuckled when he heard this. He quickly drank down the contents of his wine before pouring another cup. Since he was alone with Honoria, he might as well s.h.i.+ft the subject to something she was more interested in.

“So how goes the privateering and exploration?”

Honoria raised her cup, signalling Berengar for a refill, which he was happy to help with. While the man was filling her chalice, she rambled on about her previous discoveries.

“I wish I could tell you some exciting news, but there hasn’t been a major naval conflict in some time, and thus my crew has been busy with exploration. They’ve charted a large coastline of the new world, as well as previously undiscovered regions of Africa. Speaking of which, weren’t we supposed to go on an expedition to the southern tip of Africa? What happened to that?”

Berengar sighed when he heard this before revealing his plans for that expedition.

“Initially, I had planned to sail for Africa this year, but it appears we will have to wait until the spring. Though it could be later. If the papacy marches on our lands next year, we might have to delay the expedition to an even later date. With the war in the Holy Land entering its current stage, it will not be long before the Crusaders realize they are trapped in the Mediterranean and will try to force their way back to their homes.

The only way they can achieve this is by sailing to the balkans and marching on our eastern borders. By out maneuvering the Pope, I have all but guaranteed that the Crusader armies will have to strike from the east. Allowing for an easier defense of the fatherland.

Once we have crushed the Papacy and gained hegemony over the western world, I will be in a better place to send out expeditions to Africa and the New World. Until then, you will just have to be patient…”

Honoria sighed as she heard this and drank from her chalice. She knew the initial plan to set sail within a few months was too good to be true. As a result, she simply nodded her head in silence. It would probably be another year before she sailed to another undiscovered part of the world with her husband. Berengar noticed the longing expression on the woman’s face and cheered her up by giving her some good news.

“Well, think of it this way: if the Crusaders try to set sail for the balkans to attack our eastern border, you and your girls will have ample opportunities for piracy.”

When Honoria heard this, she regained her previous cheerful demeanor and nodded her head thrice.

“That’s good. It’s been a while since the girls and I have raided on the seas. I think people have already forgotten about our achievements in piracy!”

Berengar chuckled when he heard this and hugged Honoria tightly. After a few moments in silence, they kissed pa.s.sionately, as they fell onto the futon mattress and stripped themselves of their clothes. Honoria was not lying when she said she would take advantage of this journey. She did not plan to allow Berengar to have any rest on this night.

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