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Chapter 982 Argo’s Gig

'Well... what do you know? Maybe acting like a pufferfish comes with its own benefits after all.'

Eren looked at Jiana carefully and had a random thought. He smiled at her before he started discussing various topics regarding his guild and the city he had founded.

Jiana also started to open up after she found out how easy it was to talk to the so-called tyrant. Her forced smile became genuine as she kept interacting with him. The two talked to each other for hours on end until...

"Boss... am I interrupting your game?"

A certain demon managed to slam the brakes on Eren's progress with Jiana. He barged into the hall straight through the windows and didn't give Eren any chance to say no to him.

Argo was in his humanoid form and wasn't really looking at Eren. His red eyes were fixed on what looked like a rough book. He seemed to be busy writing something inside the book, using one of his own feathers as a quill.

He had his eagle wings sprouting from his back. And his legs were beastly. His demon horns peeked through his white hair briefly before retracting. Argo also magically dispersed his wings as he walked toward Eren's desk.

The untamed winds roared through the now-wide-open windows along with Argo. They threatened to blow a bunch of unpinned papers on Agatha's desk into the air.

Eren activated a certain small array over the desk and stabilized the stationery. He looked at Argo with a frown on his face before asking in a voice coated in mild annoyance.

"What do you want? If you want more money... then I'm going to have to..."

Argo closed his book with a loud thud and looked at Eren as if he had said something absurd.

"Money ain't no problem for me, boss. What I lack are the performers for my show."

Eren stared at Argo with confusion. Jiana also turned back and looked at the demon beast who had just barged into the hall without caring about a Master ranker like her being in the room.

Jiana focused on the strange tattoo on Argo's right cheek and understood who he was immediately.

"A demon..."

Another mana pulse was generated in the room as a second demon beast appeared inside Agatha's hall out of her own initiative. She was Jiana's demon beast companion, Bilo.

Bilo had purplish-pink hair. She was wearing a perfect-fit one-piece that was green and looked to be made of some kind of leaf. She also had b.u.t.terfly-like, thin, and semi-transparent wings sprouting from her back.

Bilo also had a demon mark on her tummy that the audience in the room couldn't see. It glowed as she looked at Argo with utter fascination. She a.s.sumed a kneeling position as Argo walked past her.

"My prince!"

Bilo said in a respectable tonea�" her neck tilted downwards in obedience. It had to be noted that Argo received this much respect from a B-ranked demon beast while still being a newly minted C-rank ent.i.ty.

? Argo stopped in his tracks and looked at Bilo with interest. He thought of something and couldn't help himself grinning from ear to eara�" his smile looked demonic.

The demon prince narrowed his eyes at Bilo and changed his direction. He walked towards her and stood when he was standing next to her while she continued to kneel.

"Get up."

Bilo stood upright as soon as she heard Argo's commanding voice. She looked straight in front of her and didn't dare to maintain eye contact with him.

"Babygirl... Do you know how to sing and dance?"

Bilo was stunned when she heard Argo's question. It could be said that she was ready to fight but not ready to perform on stage. Or at least she wasn't prepared for it from the get-go. She gulped down a mouthful of air before replying to him in a shaky voice.

"I... I can try, my prince."

Argo's eyes shone with brilliance and his expression showed how happy he was. He clapped his hands before placing them over Bilo's shoulders.

"Excellent. I'mma make you a star babygirl. Though... hmmm... you need some touch-ups."

Bilo didn't quite get what Argo was saying. But she sensed that he was not completely happy with the way she looked. Her face didn't show it. But she felt a bit downcast nonetheless.

Argo was a very perceptive demon. He took her hand in his and patted it before a.s.suring her in a soothing voice.

"Hey... hey... hey... n.o.body said anything about replacing you. We gon make this work. Come with me."

Bilo couldn't help getting excited after receiving Argo's invitation. It looked like being with someone like him was going to be a big deal for her somehow. She was about to agree to Argo's offer right away. But then she remembered where she was and her current condition.

Bilo looked at Jiana with pursed lips before speaking up.

"Master... I... I need to..."


Jiana understood what her demon beast companion was thinking. She also knew that demons were used to following a strict hierarchya�" even stricter than humans. So she replied right away.

"Have fun, dear."

Jiana smiled at Bilo before waving goodbye.

Argo looked at Eren and smirked before commenting.

"Got what I came here for, boss. Gotta bounce."

The two demons vanished from the hall as soon as Bilo was ready to go with Argo. Following their departure, the windows were closed once more.

Eren understood what Argo was planning to do at this moment by using the mental connection he had with him. The young demon was planning to run a musical concert at Amory's celebration event.

Argo had sensed Amory's breakthrough before it was made official. He knew that a Grandmaster ranker's breakthrough would be celebrated by an entire city soon.

Thus, the young demon started buying various sound-element-related artifacts and alchemy products. He also hired a few craftsmen and ordered them to make a bunch of items for him. They were going to be used for his gig.

He spent 300 thousand Extols on his equipment for the concert. And since Agatha or Eren couldn't make heads or tails of why he bought them, they called it a random purchase.

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