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At the biggest hospital in Dragon City.

A dozen security guards were guarding outside the best private room of the hospital. Additionally, the hallway was sealed off by them as well. Even an idiot would know that the patient in the room was someone special. Zhuang Hao, the man that was close to possessing the highest power in China was standing there in a polite manner. Considering that he was a top dog in Jianghu, there was only one circ.u.mstance to make him act in such a polite manner. That was when he faced the Lao Taijun of the Zhuang Family.

All her hairs were white and she was wearing an ancient Tang dynasty attire. Though she looked old, she was still really steady on her feet.

"Master Huangfu, Bufan has already taken your Black Jade Rejuvenation Pill for quite some time. Why is his private part not getting better?" Zhuang Lao Taijun asked calmly.

The man that lay on the bed was none other than Zhuang Bufan. He was given Black Jade Rejuvenation Pills constantly right after he was almost beaten to death. Most of his wounds had already recovered but his manhood was still as bad. In other words, he was still a eunuch. Next to the sick bed stood an old man in a long black robe. He was checking Zhuang Bufan's pulse. Though he was an old man, he looked really lively. His skin tone was still flus.h.i.+ng red and his eyes were equipped with a piercing gleam. Clearly, he was not weighed down by his age. This old man was the best alchemist in China, Huangfu Mumin!

"Bufan's private part had suffered from multiple heavy hits. It is now mush. My Black Jade Rejuvenation Pills will aid him in recovery but there's no guarantee that he can be healed completely…"

Huangfu Mumin put down Zhuang Bufan's hand in a slightly frustrated manner. As the best alchemist in China, he did an extensive research on all kind of pills that were available in the field of alchemy and his healing skill could be considered as the best of the best. However, he was rendered helpless when it came to Zhuang Bufan's mushy private part.

"Master Huangfu! You have to figure out a way to help him! I'm afraid there's no one else in this world could heal him if you fail to do so!"

Immediately, Zhuang Lao Taijun's face turned dark. Despite her vicious glare, one could tell that it was more of concern than anger.

"Lao Taijun, don't you worry. Considering that I'm in need of your help, I will definitely do my best to heal Bufan!"

"Great. Master Huangfu, you don't have to worry too much about your problem as well. As long as you manage to heal my great-grandson, I will definitely figure out a way to rescue your grandson from Six Doors' prison!"

"Definitely! I will do my best!"

The sole reason that he traveled back to China from abroad was to rescue his grandson. His grandson was none other than the ex-chief inspector of Six Doors, Huangfu Lengshan! Ever since the Poseidon incident, the government of China wanted to extract more useful information from him.

Though he was given a death sentence, he would not be granted one anytime soon. Instead, he was being kept in the well-guarded prison of Six Doors. The cure for the Heart Burning Pill that the Six Doors' officers found on Poseidon's cargo s.h.i.+p was used to lengthen his lifespan. Once Huangfu Mumin was informed that his grandson was being kept in a prison, he traveled back to China promptly. For his grandson's freedom, he would definitely do whatever it took to cure Zhuang Bufan and Zhuang Bifan.

"Oh right, how are Bifan's wounds? Are they better now?"

Zhuang Hao could not help but ask. Upon hearing the question, even Zhuang Lao Taijun paid attention to Huangfu Mumin. Needless to say, Zhuang Bifan was definitely more important than Zhuang Bufan since he was the heir of the Zhuang Family.

Considering that Zhuang Bufan had always wanted to become a superstar, Zhuang Family decided to spend some of their money and used their connections to form Zhuang Entertainment for him. On the other hand, Zhuang Bifan's role in the family was completely different from him. From the day he was appointed as the heir of the Zhuang Family, they had poured out tons of resources unto him. That was why he could achieve pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage with twenty thousand combat power when he was twenty-four years old.

One should know that Zhuang Bifan was not exactly the most talented individual. The resources that the Zhuang Family invested on him was enough to push a talented individual to True Nirvana Stage! In other words, the number of resources that the Zhuang Family spent on him was unimaginable! Fortunately, the Zhuang Family was loaded with a few generations worth of resources. If not, there was no way that they could afford to do so. That was why the Zhuang Family could not accept that Zhuang Bifan's manhood bled whenever he thought of women. Imagine if Zhuang Bifan attended some important function as the head of the Zhuang Family and bled there after seeing a beauty walk pa.s.s.That possible scenario made Zhuang Lao Taijun and Zhuang Hao wanted to bang their heads on the wall.

"For Bifan… He is not getting any better… I have not thought of any treatment to replace the Black Star Ganoderma. As all of you know, the operation to look for the Black Star Ganoderma was a complete failure. I need more time…"

Upon hearing that, Zhuang Lao Taijun's and Zhuang Hao's faces darkened. It was not possible that they did not feel angry about it. However, Huangfu Mumin was the best and most respectful alchemist in China, so they had to act politely towards him. In the end, they had to look for a way to divert their anger on someone else.


Suddenly, Zhuang Hao received a message. It was a video clip. Zhuang Hao then walked to Zhuang Lao Yaijun and watched the video with her.

"Send someone to bring me that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I want to chop him to pieces and feed him to dogs!"

Zhuang Lao Taijun felt even angrier after watching the video. Not only was she a vicious old lady but also a ruthless one! On the surface, Zhuang Hao was the head of the family but everyone knew that Zhuang Lao Taijun was the one that controlled him!

"Okay! I will send someone to do it now!"

"Hold on! Bufan is the one that was at fault in this incident. Make sure everything is done nicely! I do not want to hear any bad rumors about us!"

"Understood! I will outsource external help! Judging from the video, this kid is actually pretty weak. It should be an easy task to kill him!"

"Master Huangfu, don't mind us. Let's continue to enjoy our cup of tea!" said Zhuang Lao Taijun while she pointed at the teacups on the table.


Having to fake a smile, Huangfu Mumin was really disgusted by her. People always said that vicious women were like venomous snakes and Zhuang Lao Taijun was a cla.s.sic example of those women.

It was eleven at night. Song Qincheng finally finished dealing with Feng Yaolun's group of people. After that, Song Qincheng and Chen Xiaobei could not wait to get to Song Qincheng's apartment in Dragon City. When it came to s.e.x, women are no different from men. Especially, after tasting o.r.g.a.s.m, women could become even hornier than men. 

On the way home, Chen Xiaobei was driving but Song Qincheng could not wait to tease him. Like a cat, she licked his earlobe suddenly. She then used her fair and smooth legs to draw circles on his waist. If it was not for the fear that Chen Xiaobei might crash the car, she would definitely do something that was more daring.

"What a b.u.mmer!"

"What is it?"

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