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"How can that be?" Ye Zhen Ming was shocked. He stared at it carefully. Even the smallest action wouldn't have escaped his eyes but what shocked him was that there had been no small action at all, yet, those cards changed right under his eyes. To him, that was simply not possible.

Ou Yun Xing was silent but he had a grave expression on his face which showed how unsettled he felt inside.

"This is an expert among experts."

Ou Yun Xing was talented, but he was also humble. With one look, you would never think that he was the king of gambling. He had been stunned by Lin Fan's action and he knew that he himself was no match for this young man.

From the start, he and Ye Zhen Ming had underestimated this young man.

"This...this…" The host's mouth was gaping and he was staring blankly as if he was frozen in shock.

In the broadcast room.

"G.o.d d*mn! This is too f*cking 6!"

"Yeah! Those cards completely changed right in front of our eyes!"

"Magic? Or is it some supernatural ability?"

"If this guy was wearing a black, long-sleeved suit, I would have guaranteed that he would change the cards. But what the heck is going on? The cards changed just like that. This is too unreal!"

"Look at those two gambling kings. Even they are shocked. They've both frozen in fear."

"Haha, Master Lin is too f*cking 6! With just one move, he defied all logic and did something extraordinary."

"Your mom! Even the North and South Gambling Kings are shocked! Who would dare to play cards with Master Lin from now on? That would just be asking for death!"

Below the stage.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang was blinking profusely. "I can't comprehend this. I really can't."

He was convinced of Lin Fan's abilities. Thinking back to the Salon, where the cards had changed right after he had drawn them. To him, that really defied all logic. Even the t.i.tle 'G.o.d of Gambling' would be an understatement.

Lin Fan laughed indifferently. Then, he looked at the guests. "Did you see how I changed them?"

The guest shook his head. "No, no…"

The guest had been dumbfounded by Lin Fan's technique. He could swear that Lin Fan's every action had been seen by him but there han't been any sneaky move at all.

At that moment, Lin Fan turned his gaze over to the two gambling kings next to him. "Did you all see clearly how I changed the cards?"

Ye Zhen Ming's throat moved slightly. He stared at Lin Fan, trying to see through the maneuver. But in the end, he gave up because he simply could not see through it. He even suspected that Lin Fan did not change the cards at all.

He was on a show and he was a gambling king. How could he say that he didn't know?

"In your hand…" He started saying in an uncertain tone. Aside from that, he had no idea what else to say.

After those words came out, the guest said, "Right, there must be cards in your hand."

Lin Fan laughed, then flipped over his hand. On his palm, there was not a single thing. Then, he placed his hand on the cards once more. When he removed his hand, the cards had changed again.

Cries of shock from everywhere.

"Can anyone tell me, how exactly did I do that? There's clearly not a single card in my hand. How can these cards keep on changing?"

"Could it be that even two gambling kings can't see through this? They know every trick in the book, how can they not see through this?"

In the midst of the cries of shock, Lin Fan was completely calm. These were gambling techniques from the Encyclopedia. It could be said to defy conventional thought, especially with the boost from the Encyclopedia, it was almost like having a superpower.

He could have whatever cards he wanted. Even if the number one Gambling King was right in front of him, he would never know what was the reason behind it.

Lin Fan said, "My dear friends watching the television, you have to remember that gambling is a boundless ocean. This is just one trick among many others. If even two experienced gambling kings, who have been through countless battles, can't see through this, do you think that you will be able to see through it?"

"Moreover, I am taking you all through this slowly and openly. This is to show you that I want to change the cards but even so, do you know how I changed them? I just place my hand on the cards and when I let go, they change. If you run into someone like me, do you think you stand a chance?"

He was sounding a little exaggerated now. Although the world was big, there wasn't a single person who could reach Lin Fan's level. And Ye Zhen Ming knew that just that move was more impressive than what 99% of people could do. Perhaps even the world's number one con master from Las Vegas wouldn't be able to do that.

Even if they were even more skilled, they were still only human, they had limits. Every cheat had its flaws. There was no technique that could not be defeated. But this guy was right there in front of everybody, changing the cards at will. It was beyond anything they could imagine.

At that moment, Ye Zhen Ming took the remaining cards into his hands and looked at the cards in that deck to see if Lin Fan was hiding any cards.

In the broadcast room.

"Ye Zhen Ming is looking at the poker cards. If those cards that were changed are in this deck, that would be scary."

"Stop dreaming. How could that be possible? He's clearly hiding the cards on his body and using some method to change the cards that can't be seen by anyone else."

"That's not for sure. Look at Master Lin's expression. He's calm and not afraid of them checking the deck at all."

The host said, "Teacher Ye, are they inside?"

Ye Zhen Ming looked at the cards in his hand, then looked at Lin Fan and swallowed his saliva. He put the deck down and said, "Elder, amazing…"

The place was in an uproar.

"Looks like it's true. Those cards that were changed are in the deck. How the heck did he do that?"

"Who knows? It's too shocking. If there's such a skill that exists, which casino in the world would dare to let him in?"

In a certain apartment building.

A family of three was sitting around a table, having dinner and watching the television.

"Dad, look at this programme. You really can't gamble anymore in future. Master Lin said that casinos can make you win if they want and they can make you lose if they want."

The middle-aged man stared blankly at the television. He had been utterly crushed by Master Lin's skill. It was too shocking.

Ou Yun Xing had been sitting quietly at the side the whole time. Then, he said, "How did he do that?"

He had seen countless people who cheated when gambling. But he had never seen anyone who could even compare to what he had just seen. It was simply flawless, even when he did it so slowly and openly, they couldn't see through it. If he did it sneakily, it would be impossible to see through it.

Lin Fan smiled. "We're here today to talk about anti-gambling and not cheating techniques. My dear friends watching the television, you have to remember that what you have always thought is impossible does actually exist. The most depressing loss is when you think you have bigger cards but your opponent's cards turn out to be just a little bit bigger. I've said in my broadcast before that the way to win is to not gamble. And you may be wondering, how could there be another person like me. Remember this, there might be very very few people at my level, maybe even none, but there are a lot of people who know how to cheat. For normal people, you definitely won't be able to see through them. A little gambling can raise your spirits but too much is bad for you. I'm not telling everyone not to gamble but never see gambling as a way to get rich because that is simply not possible."

Lin Fan had praised himself a little bit again by saying that there was basically no one better than him. It didn't matter if other people believed that, but he believed it.

Even Ye Zhen Ming and Ou Yun Xing didn't doubt that. They both felt that this Master Lin was amazing. They had been staring the whole time, yet they hadn't seen anything suspicious at all. How scary was that?

In the broadcast room.

"Master Lin has exploded. After he said that, I have no reason not to be convinced. He's the best in the world, better than anyone else. I don't care if other people believe it, but I do."

"I believe too. Master Lin is really f*cking awesome. He's the world's number one Gambling G.o.d."

"This show is f*cking wonderful!"

At that moment, Lin Fan had seized the whole stage. He started to feel the thrill.

Lin Fan's words were right. At the end, he opened his mouth again.

"I will never take any disciples in my life, nor will I pa.s.s down my skills because they are harmful to people. But if anyone doesn't believe me, you can find me on Cloud Street. I sell scallion pancakes and do fortune-telling there. My scallion pancakes are very delicious...after you eat, I'll happily have a talk with you…"

Ye Zhen Ming: "..."

Ou Yun Xing: "..."

The host cleared his throat. "Master Lin, we…"

In the broadcast room.

"Haha, I'm dying of laughter. They couldn't stop the advertis.e.m.e.nt."

"Master Lin has such amazing gambling skills but he still chooses to sell scallion pancakes. How humble is he?"

"Humble my a*s! If Master Lin is humble, then no one else is humble. He only sells ten scallion pancakes a day! You can die just from queuing!"

"To think there's even such a story…"

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