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Chapter 144: Bidding War for Geocentric Esne!

Hearing that the next auction item was the Geocentric Esne, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up.

Finally, it’s here!

Huang Xiaolong looked down towards the stage, watching as an auction house staff member cautiously brought a jade bottle up onto the stage, and the auctioneer received it with a serious face.

The jade bottle was a warm, jade green color, full of life and spirit.

The auctioneer carefully placed the green jade bottle on a table and looked around at the guests before he said: “I trust everyone is aware of the miraculous benefits of Geocentric Esne and without further explanation, I won’t ramble on and waste everyone’s time. This jade bottle was made from high-grade jade heart, and inside it contains the Geocentric Esne. Inside this jade bottle, no matter how much time, its medicinal benefits will be retained and there is a total of six drops!”

Six drops!

Another wave of excitement rushed through the guests in the hall.

Huang Xiaolong was also stunned.

It crossed his mind that at most, it would be two drops of Geocentric Esne being auctioned. After all, for a treasure like the Geocentric Esne, being able to take two drops for auction was already fortuitous.

The formation of one drop of Geocentric Esne takes ten thousand years, maybe even a dozen thousand years.

“The starting bid for this bottle of Geocentric Esne is three million!” In the next moment, the auctioneer announced a figure that made most of the forces miss a beat.

Three million!

If it was Huang Clan Manor of the past, they would never be able to come out with a sum of three million even if they sold the entire Huang Clan Manor!

The small and medium forces that were looking forward to bidding for the Geocentric Esne felt like they were drenched in a cold hail storm from head to toe, they could only give up on the intention of bidding for it.

“Three million one hundred thousand!” Despite that, mere moments after the auctioneer’s voice fell, a bid was called out from one of the private guests room.

Huang Xiaolong looked over towards the number nine room because the owner of the voice sounded familiar.

“It’s Yang Zheng’s voice!” Fei Hou said.

Yang Zheng’s voice! The truth struck Huang Xiaolong, no wonder he had felt that the voice sounded familiar. He did not think of Yang Zheng, but Fei Hou definitely could tell who the owner was if it was Yang Zheng.

Yang Zheng…then, it means Yang An, Yang Dong, and whoever from the Yang Family were in room nine?

“Three million five hundred thousand!” And seconds later, another voice sounded from private guest room eleven.

Huang Xiaolong’s head snapped around– in the direction of room eleven, it was Ning w.a.n.g! This voice belonged to the Martial Ning Family’s Patriarch Ning w.a.n.g!

Then, room twelve bid: “Three million six hundred thousand!”

Big Sword Sect Yu Chen’s voice!

Huang Xiaolong sneered– none of the people made a sound in the earlier bids, but now that the main course was here, they couldn’t sit still anymore, revealing themselves

He was sure these people knew he sat at room five since he made a bid for the South Parting long sword for his little sister.

“Five million!” After Big Sword Sect’s Yu Chen voice just ended, Huang Xiaolong charged up the number, stretching his five fingers lazily.

Five million! The number hit the guests like a thunderbolt, and it seemed to echo for a long time in the huge auction hall, reverberating in the eardrums.

“Five million!”

“Who, who is sitting in private room five?”

“It sounds like Huang Xiaolong!”

The revelation of this ident.i.ty caused huge waves amongst the people below.

Sitting in room eleven, Ning w.a.n.g sneered contemptuously, “This little doggy Huang really is filthy rich, simply throwing out five million.” Then, he shouted: “Six million!” After raising his bid, Ning w.a.n.g even threw a provocative look towards room five.

“Six million one hundred thousand!”

This voice didn’t belong to Huang Xiaolong, and neither was it Yu Chen. It originated from private room two.

Ning w.a.n.g was stunned.

“Six million three hundred thousand!” The guest at private room one called out.

“Six million four hundred thousand!”

“Six million seven hundred thousand!”

The price rose like a wave on high tide, and in the blink of an eye, it surpa.s.sed seven million.

Below, the small and medium forces nearly had their hearts jump out of their throats listening to the bids being called out. Six million and seven million were figures they dared not imagine.

“Seven million one hundred thousand!” Yu Chen’s voice sounded again.

“Ten million!” In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong’s voice sounded like a thunderbolt, falling into every corner of the auction hall.

Ten million!

Hearing this figure nearly made some of the smaller forces Patriarch’s fall off their seats with a horrified expression on their faces, including Ning w.a.n.g, Yu Chen, Yang Zheng, and everyone else in other private rooms.

The auctioneer blanked, forgetting to react in that moment.

Ten million was a shocking figure. If they piled ten million gold coins in the center of the auction hall, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it was a mountain of gold.

The auction hall was unable to quiet down for a long time.

A long time had pa.s.sed, yet everyone was still in shock.

“The guest in private room five made a bid of ten million, would anyone else like to raise the bid?” The auctioneer finally found his voice and spoke, quieting the ruckus happening in the huge hall.

But, before they could come down from their shock, someone made a higher bid: “Ten million one hundred thousand!”

All the guests had a dumb, stupefied look on their faces.

Ten million one hundred thousand! There was actually someone that bid higher?! All the heads turned towards the source of the voice−- room eleven! Martial Ning Family Patriarch Ning w.a.n.g’s voice!

The corner of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth curved up in a cold sneer hearing Ning w.a.n.g call out. Judging from the situation, people from the Clear Cloud Pavilion were also here? Only a force like Clear Cloud Pavilion would still be willing to bid after the price reached ten million! Although the Martial Ning Family had the status as one of the super families in the Baolong Kingdom, Ning w.a.n.g himself, however, wouldn’t be willing to take out more than ten million of his own money to war with him.

“Twenty million!” Still caught amidst the shock brought by Ning w.a.n.g’s ten million one hundred thousand, Huang Xiaolong’s voice jarred the crowd.

Hearing “twenty million” was like watching and listening to a giant bolt of lightning cutting across the clear sky, their brains and eardrums seemed to buzz forever with the words ‘twenty million’. They didn’t even know where they currently were, at the moment.

The auctioneer’s hammer froze in the air as he was shocked silly.

Big Sword Sect Yu Chen froze in his seat.

Yang Zheng, Yang Dong, and Yang An all froze.

Sitting next to Ning w.a.n.g in private room number eleven was a lean old man. A cold light flitted across his eyes, and his cold voice sounded: “Twenty million to bid for Geocentric Esne; this Huang Xiaolong is truly one of a kind, no wonder even you are afraid of him!”

Ning w.a.n.g became embarra.s.sed from the old man’s words, but he did not refute them. In fact, there were traces of trepidation on his face when facing this old man wearing a robe that signified the Clear Cloud Pavilion.

“This little punk must be insane to buy Geocentric Esne for twenty million!” In private room nine, Yang Zheng snorted coldly.

Although Geocentric Esne was a miraculous drug, it only had effects on warriors below the Xiantian realm, and it didn’t have much effect for a Xiantian expert. Hence, using twenty million to bid for this Geocentric Esne, everyone including Yang Zheng felt that it wasn’t worth it.

Shocked whispers rose and fell endlessly in the auction house.

Nonetheless, amidst the shocked crowd, Huang Xiaolong got the Geocentric Esne at twenty million!

After Huang Xiaolong paid the twenty million gold coins, the steward himself came up to place the bottle of Geocentric Esne in Huang Xiaolong’s hands. Holding the jade heart green bottle, Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic inside; finally, it was in his hands!

In the eyes of others, this Geocentric Esne was not worth twenty million, but to Huang Xiaolong’s Nine Tripod Commerce, what it lacked most was not money. And in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, it was worth every gold coin. With this, he could definitely advance into peak late-Tenth Order before the end of the year Academy’s annual compet.i.tion.

After successfully bidding for the Geocentric Esne, the next item was a high-grade Earth rank cultivation technique. Although a high-grade Earth rank cultivation technique was rare, the price it fetched was way worse than the Geocentric Esne.

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