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Chapter 2903: Losses on Both Sides?

According to the Third Esteem Dao Venerable from the Qiao Family, Huang Xiaolong should have been more than happy to accept his suggestion.

The Mysterious Yin Old Man was a Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable, and he was someone who specialized in using poison. His cultivation in the poison arts was enough to shock the Divine Tuo Holy World.

In the past, G.o.d knew how many scared lands had fallen prey to the Mysterious Yin Old Man, and no one knew how much riches he had obtained.

There were some who believed that the Mysterious Yin Old Man was wealthy enough to challenge mid-level creeds like the Blue Lotus Creed and the Tempest Wind Creed.

As such, a portion of the treasury had to be an absolutely shocking amount.

“Oh? Mysterious Yin Old Man?” Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback. He didn’t think that the immortal cave would belong to such a famous figure.

He might not have resided in the Divine Tuo Holy World for a long time, but he definitely had heard rumors of the Mysterious Yin Old Man.

“That’s right. Young Master Huang, how about it? You can take a tenth of the treasures here. Even after we obtain nine-tenths of the treasures here, we will need to hand over a huge part to the Qiao Family. The four of us will probably be able to split two-tenths of the treasures here.” The Third Esteem Dao Venerable chuckled.

He changed his mind when he saw that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t affected in the slightest when struck by a Second Esteem Dao Venerable. As such, he wasn’t confident of taking him down any longer. Splitting the treasures seemed like a good idea.

Just as he was awaiting Huang Xiaolong’s happy agreement, Huang Xiaolong surprised him. “I’ve made myself clear. I want everything here!”

The expressions of the four Dao Venerables changed drastically.

“However, if you agree to submit to me, I will give you a tenth of the treasures.”

He was greeted with four faces darker than thunderclouds when he was done.

“Big Brother, there’s no need to waste any more time with him! I refuse to believe all four of us can’t take him down!” the Second Esteem Dao Venerable growled.

The Third Esteem Dao Venerable, who had suggested splitting the treasure in the first place, glared at Huang Xiaolong and tried to reason it out. “Are you really willing to take the risk? If you insist on fighting to the death, I can tell you right now that none of us will be able to benefit from it. Moreover, the four of us can work together to unleash a secret art that can stop even Fourth Esteem Dao Venerables.”

The fusion art was something they had obtained from a high-level Dao Venerable. If they used it together, they would be able to double their combat prowess.

“Risk? Fight to the death? Are you worried that both sides would suffer from serious losses if we went all out?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt. “You won’t have to worry about that. Hurry up and unleash your secret art.”

Anger flashed in their eyes and they made up their mind in an instant.


“Heaven’s Hammer!”

The voice of the Third Esteem Dao Venerable rang through the s.p.a.ce.

Four bodies rose into the skies and their figures started to turn blurry. It didn’t take long for them to disappear completely.


That wasn’t what actually happened! They didn’t disappear, and they were merely moving too quickly for the eyes to see.

Of course, that only applied to ordinary experts. Huang Xiaolong released his dao souls, and their movements were easily captured by his senses.

However, there was something that shocked him. Every time they moved, they would use the grand dao of s.p.a.ce and grand dao of wind. When the two daos merged, their powers increased tremendously.

Their energies seemed to meld together as they moved in midair.

It was no wonder they could hold back Fourth Esteem Dao Venerables even if they worked together. Ordinary Fourth Esteem Dao Venerables would find it extremely difficult to shatter their defenses as soon as they unleashed the secret art.

When they finally gathered their strength, the four of them charged at Huang Xiaolong in unison.


The entire immortal cave shook when they attacked.

The strike they unleashed was something ordinary people couldn’t fathom as their speed had reached the extreme.

Like the name suggested, their strike came from above, and it felt as though a heavenly hammer was descending on its prey.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even flinch when he noticed the attack. Raising his hands casually and stretching out his fingers, Huang Xiaolong didn’t even bother using his peak level energies to stop them. His body was enough!

The heavens seemed to shatter, and the earth started to crack as they slammed into each other.

In the next instant, the four of them were thrown out of the void as they were sent cras.h.i.+ng into whatever structures the immortal cave had to offer. The s.p.a.ce around the immortal cave trembled, and cracks started to form.

The spatial restrictions in the immortal cave were laid down by the Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable, the Mysterious Yin Old Man. It was the only reason it hadn’t shattered. Otherwise, the previous attack would have turned the s.p.a.ce around them into a shattered mess. Of course, Huang Xiaolong holding back had a lot to do with the place remaining intact.

When the four of them slammed heavily into a random wall, golden blood leaked out from the corners of their lips.

Staring at Huang Xiaolong in horror, only a single thought flashed through their minds. “How can this be?!”

“You… You… How are you so strong?!” The Third Esteem Dao Venerable stared at Huang Xiaolong with an incredulous look.

Ignoring the question, Huang Xiaolong sighed, “Your Heaven’s Hammer is pretty good. However, the four of you can’t compare to Bi Ye of the Xuanyuan Creed even after working together.”

“Lord Bi Ye of the Xuanyuan Creed?!” The four of them were shocked. Could it be that the exalted Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable, Bi Ye, had already lost to the youngster before them?

Bi Ye might have been a Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable, but his reputation preceded him as he was Xuanyuan Potian’s guard.

There was no way they didn’t know him.

“How about it? What do you think about my term?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Brat, are you f*cking crazy? Why would we betray the Qiao Family for you?” The Second Esteem Dao Venerable snapped. “You must be dreaming if you think that you can make us, Dao Venerables, your subordinates!”

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong casually reached out to drag him over.

Realizing that his energy was sealed, it was too late for the Second Esteem Dao Venerable to regret.

With a single point, dark green flames emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s fingertips and entered his body.

Miserable howls filled the air.

The three of them couldn’t believe what they saw.

“This… Is that the nirvana flame?!”

The four of them could have never expected Huang Xiaolong to be able to control a power like the nirvana flame!

Sending out another strand of black flame, the Second Esteem Dao Venerable’s fate turned even uglier as his body started to corrode.

“Absolute… Absolute poison!”

Seemingly trying to prove something to the other three, Huang Xiaolong used the power of absolute frost on the Second Esteem Dao Venerable who was already writhing miserably on the ground.

“Absolute frost!”

The three of them stared at Huang Xiaolong with a terrified gaze.

Of course, he didn’t forget to display his control over the absolute blaze.

The three of them were scared out of their minds, and they couldn’t imagine how someone could control four peak-level energies alone.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t waste any time as he threw the Second Esteem Dao Venerable to the side after he was done. With another pull, he grabbed another Second Esteem Dao Venerable.

“You… What do you want?!” Huang Xiaolong’s new victim screamed in terror.

As Dao Venerable Realm experts, they knew how strong each one of the powers Huang Xiaolong had demonstrated was.

“What do you think?” Huang Xiaolong replied in a cold voice.

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