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Chapter 2906: Boundary Emperor Creed

Several months later, in the air above the marshes where the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave was located…

Three figures hovered in midair as Qiao Sheng stared at the layers of light before him with a frown on his face.

The light barrier before him was precisely the restrictions protecting the entrance of the immortal cave. However, this time, it was imbued with Huang Xiaolong’s energy.

“This should be the restrictions around the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave…” Qiao Sheng muttered, “His ability to use poison is unparalleled. The poison qi at the entrance is terrifying!”

Qiao Sheng didn’t know, but the power of absolute poison was something Huang Xiaolong had added after he had gained control of the entire cave. His methods of deploying restrictions were brilliant, and he copied the Mysterious Yin Old Man exactly. As such, Qiao Sheng had no idea that someone else had already occupied the entire immortal cave.

“Old Ancestor, are we really going in?” Another expert from the Qiao Family, Qiao Dongping, asked, “We will take more than ten years to shatter the restrictions around the entrance of the immortal cave!”

With a light flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes, Qiao Sheng growled, “There’s no need for ten whole years. If we go all out and use the Ice Devouring Lightning Hammer, we’ll shatter it in eight years!”

With a light flas.h.i.+ng in his hands, a ma.s.sive hammer appeared. Bolts of lightning swirled around it, and frosty qi filled the air around them. It was clear that the hammer was an extremely strong Dao Venerable Cosmos Artifact.

That was the inheritance treasure of the Qiao Family, and it was a mid-grade cosmos artifact! It might have only been a low-level mid-grade cosmos artifact, but the strength it possessed was nothing to scoff at.

When Qiao Dongping and the other expert saw how their old ancestor was planning to use the strongest weapon in the Qiao Family to shatter the restrictions, they failed to hide their shocked expressions.

“Ancestor, are we really going to use the Ice Devouring Lightning Hammer?!” Qiao Dongping questioned.

Nodding his head slowly, Qiao Sheng explained, “The three of us will take turns to use the hammer!”

All of them knew that the immortal cave belonged to the Mysterious Yin Old Man, and that was the reason they had sent four Dao Venerables to lay claim to it in the first place. However, he was the only one in the Qiao Family who knew that the Mysterious Yin Old Man had managed to obtain the treasury of a super creed in the past!

That was the reason he had headed over to the immortal cave himself with the inheritance treasure of the Qiao Family!

“Old Ancestor, do you think Qiao Jin and the others ran into a high-level Dao Venerable? After all, there is a chance others might have discovered the immortal cave,” Qiao Dongping muttered.

It wasn’t impossible for something like that to happen.

If that was the case, they would have to be extremely careful. If they wasted their energy by shattering the restrictions around the entrance, they might not be able to fight for the treasures within.

Qiao Sheng shook his head resolutely. “The restrictions around the immortal cave are intact, and if someone really managed to sneak in, they wouldn’t be able to completely avoid shattering the restrictions. There is no way for the restrictions around the entrance to be so strong.”

“What if…” Qiao Dongping continued.

“Enough!” Qiao Sheng was no longer in the mood to entertain him, and he quickly ordered the attack. “Smash the restriction now!”

He wasn’t willing to give up on the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave no matter what.

By circulating the cosmos energy in his body, Qiao Sheng held the hammer in his hand and smashed downwards.

The skies started to shake, and the earth below them trembled.

Lightning fell from the skies like rain and slammed into the defensive restriction.

As the barrier trembled, a chuckle rang through the skies. “It seems like the Ice Devouring Lightning Hammer of the Qiao Family is nothing to scoff at!”

The three of them were shocked, and they turned around in a hurry.

“Who’s there?!”

After looking at a group of experts flying towards them, Qiao Sheng’s expression sank.

Those who had just arrived were members of the Boundary Emperor Creed, and the person leading the way was Di Bai, the patriarch of the Boundary Emperor Creed! Other than Di Bai, eight other Dao Venerables arrived.

More than half of the Dao Venerables from the Boundary Emperor Creed had shown up!

Qiao Sheng’s expression sank. If they said that they were merely pa.s.sing by, he would rather kill himself than believe them.

It seemed as though the matter of the immortal cave had already leaked to the outside world!

Only one group of people knew of the existence of the immortal cave, and they were the higher-ups of the Qiao Family!

Qiao Sheng turned to stare at the other two Dao Venerables he had brought along with him. After feeling the suspicion in Qiao Sheng’s heart, they shook their heads fervently.

“Dao Friend Qiao Sheng, the three of you ran all the way into my territory from your Qiao Family… I wonder what brought you here.” Di Bai chuckled. “If you had informed me of your arrival, I would have arranged for a banquet to welcome your esteemed self!”

Suppressing the suspicion in his heart, Qiao Sheng went straight to the point. “You must be kidding… Let’s not beat about the bush here. With so many experts present, you definitely learned about the presence of the Mysterious Yin Immortal Cave. What are your plans now?”

“Dao Friend Qiao Sheng sure is a decisive person. Alright. I shall not hide my intentions. My creed wants eight-tenths of the treasury.”

“What?!” Qiao Dongping and the other Dao Venerable raged instantly.

Qiao Sheng’s expression fell as he stared at Di Bai coldly, “My Qiao Family found the immortal cave, and it should belong to us. What sick joke do you think you’re playing? If you help us to shatter the restrictions, we’ll give you three-tenths of the treasures inside.”

“Don’t think that you can scare us by bringing so many people over. If you anger me, I’ll leak the news to the Dragon Fish Creed and other super creeds. If that happens, none of us will be able to obtain anything!”

The members of the Boundary Emperor Creed frowned.

Qiao Sheng wasn’t messing about. Di Bai might have brought more men over, but they wouldn’t be able to stop Qiao Sheng and the other two if they made up their minds to leave. If the news of the Mysterious Yin Dao Venerable’s immortal cave was revealed to the Dragon Fish Creed, there would no longer be a chance of obtaining anything inside.

After negotiating with each other, Di Bai and Qiao Sheng agreed to split it in half.

Swearing an oath in the name of the grand dao, the two groups were no longer in conflict. With the addition of the members of the Boundary Emperor Creed, shattering the barrier would take slightly less than four years. Moreover, the Boundary Emperor Creed could easily lock down the news of their find, allowing them to break the barrier in peace.

In an instant, both sides used everything they had to attack the restrictions around the entrance.

Duan Feng, Long Jianfei, Qiao Jin, and the others noticed what was going on outside, and their expressions changed when they noticed the arrival of Di Bai and the others.

“What do we do now?! Should we… Should we notify His Highness?” Qiao Jin started to panic.

Duan Feng shook his head. “We cannot afford to shake His Highness’ concentration.” A streak of hesitation flashed in his eyes. “We can only hope that he emerges from seclusion before the barrier breaks.”

If he didn’t, they wouldn’t be the only ones in danger. Huang Xiaolong himself would be in serious trouble.

If he suffered a backlash when they disturbed his cultivation, his injuries would be severe.

In the blink of an eye, four whole years pa.s.sed.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in the s.p.a.ce deep within the immortal cave, and lights of four different colors swirled around him.

The power of nirvana emerged from his body, and Huang Xiaolong’s body was undergoing another round of rebirth.

It was clear that he had completed his tribulation to enter the Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, and his Huang Long Bloodline improved once again.

With a loud blast resounding through the s.p.a.ce, Qiao Sheng and the others stared at the flickering barrier. It seemed as though it would shatter at any time!

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