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Chapter 2988: Soaring Dragon Terrace

“This… This… Where did you get these herbs from?!” Chen Cheng asked his daughter without taking his eyes off the herbs.

Staring in the direction where Huang Xiaolong had gone, Chen Qiaoer sighed, “It’s a gift from that uncle…”

“Uncle?” Chen Cheng stared at Zhang Shaojin, expecting an answer.

With a complicated expression, Zhang Shaojin explained, “It’s the youngster we were talking about…”

“What?! That’s the person who gave her the herbs?!” Chen Cheng couldn’t hide his shock and he turned to look at Chen Chaoyi and the others.

Falling to their knees in shock, Chen Chaoyi and the others tried to look for another excuse for their actions.

“Your Majesty, we didn’t lie to you! That man is definitely plotting something when he tried to get close to the Fourth Princess!” Chen Chaoyi tried to explain himself, “He probably escaped after we foiled his plan!”

“He probably threw out the top-grade holy herbs as a way for him to mislead us!”

As soon as he spoke, he was sent flying by Chen Cheng with a single slap. Blood sprayed out from his mouth as his teeth were beat out from them.

The other princes didn’t dare to utter a word as they stared at Chen Chaoyi’s sorry figure.

Turning to glare at the others, Chen Cheng wanted to say something but Chen Qiaoer interrupted him.

“Soaring Dragon Terrace…” Since she hadn’t been paying attention to what happened to Chen Chaoyi and the rest, she muttered whatever came to her mind.

Zhang Shaojin heard what she said, and his heart trembled. He turned to the direction where Huang Xiaolong left and a pa.s.sionate gaze could be seen in his eyes.

When Huang Xiaolong left the Apsara Dragon Country, he didn’t hesitate to fly straight towards the Soaring Dragon Terrace.

The Soaring Dragon Terrace might be in the Six Vision Sacred Land, but one needed to pa.s.s through dozens of countries before they could arrive. To Huang Xiaolong and the Tortoise Ancestor, the distance could be covered in half an hour.

Despite that, Huang Xiaolong asked the old tortoise to move slowly.

He continued to comprehend the laws of wood along the way, and by the time Huang Xiaolong reached the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range, a new day had begun.

The Soaring Dragon Mountain Range was the largest mountain range in the Six Vision Sacred Land, and it spanned an unmeasurable distance. It was thus the most famous mountain range in the Six Vision Sacred Land, and the Soaring Dragon Terrace was on the highest peak situated in the mountain range.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived, he saw that the entire mountain range was covered in people.

With the existence of the Soaring Dragon Terrace, countless people were attracted over to the mountain range, and the area around it had already turned into a trading plaza.

The number of geniuses who managed to comprehend anything on the Soaring Dragon Terrace might be countable on one hand, but there were countless geniuses coming over to try their luck through the years.

When Huang Xiaolong reached the highest peak of the mountain range, he saw a ma.s.sive stone towering into the skies. The rock was probably several tens of miles in diameter, and it looked like a pillar supporting the skies.

It might sound small, but the size of the column would be able to host a small city!

That was the Soaring Dragon Terrace!

There was another giant plaque erected beside the giant pillar, and there were three words written in ancient text on the giant plaque. ‘Soaring Dragon Terrace’ was inscribed on it, and it emitted an air of antiquity and dominance.

The Coiled Dragon Patriarch wrote the words himself and he even refined the entire plaque into a cosmos artifact. Standing beside the Soaring Dragon Terrace, it suppressed those who had designs on it.

If anyone tried causing a scene on the Soaring Dragon Terrace, the disciples of the Coiled Dragon Race could command the plaque to kill them!

Ten thousand restrictions were drawn on the stage itself, and they formed an independent s.p.a.ce separating the Soaring Dragon Terrace from the outside world. As long as one paid enough holy bills, they would be able enter the s.p.a.ce to meditate. Ten thousand disciples could enter with no problems at all! The s.p.a.ce was enlarged to the point where they could occupy an independent area that wouldn’t interrupt other’s cultivation!

The Coiled Dragon Patriarch was the one who thought of the idea, he personally drew the spatial formations on the Soaring Dragon Terrace. If ten thousand geniuses of the Dragon Race really chose to meditate on the stage, he would be able to gain a hundred million holy bills a day!

Sweeping his gaze across the stage, Huang Xiaolong saw that there were several hundred spots left on the stage. A lot of people might choose to meditate on the Soaring Dragon Terrace, but it would be difficult to fill all ten thousand slots.

“Look! What a loser! Someone riding a black tortoise is planning to meditate on the Soaring Dragon Terrace!” A group of disciples wearing red pointed at Huang Xiaolong and roared with laughter.

“Seems like disciples like these are here to join in the fun. How much can his beast be worth in the market? There’s no way he can take out ten thousand holy bills to meditate in the Soaring Dragon Terrace.” Another group of disciples clad in black chuckled.

The two disciples were from the Golden Light Dragon Country and Black Mountain Dragon Country respectively. Their factions were second only to the Six Vision Sacred Land and the disciples that could appear at the Soaring Dragon Terrace would definitely be of some status.

Huang Xiaolong casually glanced at them before riding the Tortoise Ancestor over to the entrance.

“I’ll take the first and second formation.” Huang Xiaolong pointed towards the empty spots on the platform and said.

Ten thousand holy bills would only allow one to enter the ordinary spots, and the spots were numbered by how far they were from Huang Long’s original position on the platform! The number one formation was located exactly where Huang Xiaolong’s father cultivated in the past, and it was no wonder he chose it without the slightest hesitation.

Naturally, the closer they got to the G.o.d of Creation’s spot, the more expensive it got.

Ten thousand holy bills were required to meditate for a day in the last thousand s.p.a.ces, but those spots Huang Xiaolong chose could be said to command an astronomical price.

One needed a hundred million holy bills to mediate for a single day in the first formation!

As for the second, he would need to cough up eighty million holy bills!

The price was something even the patriarchs of the various Sacred Gates wouldn’t be able to part with, and it went without saying that the first and second formations were empty most of the time.

When the disciples of the two countries heard that Huang Xiaolong wanted a spot in both the first and second formation, they stared at him in silence for a moment before roaring with laughter.

“Where did this dumb*ss come from? He’s planning to choose a spot in the first and second formation while riding a dumb black tortoise!”

“He probably doesn’t know about the difference in price…”

“The disciples of the Coiled Dragon Race will definitely take care of this loser!”

The disciples and experts around the Soaring Dragon Terrace burst out into laughter.

When the disciples of the Coiled Dragon Race looked at the black tortoise Huang Xiaolong sat on, they frowned.

“Do you know the consequences of messing with us?” One of the disciples growled at Huang Xiaolong.

Instead of replying to him, Huang Xiaolong casually tossed over a spatial ring to the half-step Dao Venerable Realm disciple guarding the place. “Here’s a hundred billion holy bills.”

A hundred billion?!

Everyone stared at him in shock.

Before anyone could say anything stupid, the disciple who received Huang Xiaolong’s spatial ring opened it cautiously and a pillar of holy light pierced through the skies above the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range.

**Note: Rising Dragon Terrace revised to Soaring Dragon Terrace.

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