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Chapter 3087: 13 Elements Absolute Powers

The jaws of everyone dropped when they saw the number of dao coins before them. Not a single person could speak.

Even a super chamber of commerce like the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce would only be able to take out two trillion at most! There was no way they could bring out ten trillion with the snap of a finger!

Ten trillion dao coins had already exceeded the imaginations of everyone present.

Several dozen figures appeared behind Huang Xiaolong all of a sudden as blade lights filled the skies.

When Huang Xiaolong had brought out the Nine Flame Pill in the Golden Flame Beach, several dozen experts had tried their best to kill him to s.n.a.t.c.h the pills. The value of ten trillion dao coins and a peak-grade cosmos artifact level furnace was more than enough to arouse the greed in most people.

Even if Huang Xiaolong was protected by the Old Monster Flame, they were willing to try their luck.

However, the Old Monster Flame and the other twelve weren’t there for decoration. They moved as soon as the other parties made their move. Various lights covered the skies, and those who tried to ambush Huang Xiaolong, practically died the moment they made their move.

They slammed into the ground after they were struck by the attacks of the Old Monster Flame and the others, and when everyone turned to look at them, their dao hearts were shattered beyond belief. Their bodies were cut into countless pieces, and some of them had their flesh burned beyond belief. Not a single person lived through the combined attacks of the thirteen guards behind Huang Xiaolong.

Everyone finally realized that those standing behind Huang Xiaolong weren’t cannon fodder. They recognized several experts they didn’t expect to see.

“It’s the Heavenly Treasure Twin Monsters!”

“Devil Eagle King!”

“Dark Flame Expert!”

Every single person they called out was a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm expert. Moreover, all of them were stronger than Zhu Jingchen from the Mysterious Sparrow Creed by several times! They were experts whose reputation preceded them in the Origin Holy World!

“Absolute flame, absolute gold, absolute lightning, absolute wind, absolute earth…” Yang Yu gasped in horror. “All thirteen of them are experts who wield peak-level energies!”

When the Old Monster Flame had made his move previously, Yang Yu was shocked to his core. But now, when all thirteen of them had showed off their strength, even as the ninety-second ranked expert on the Extermination List, he was feeling threatened.

Even creeds ranked in the top-ten might not have thirteen experts with the ability to use peak-level energies!

The only places where they could find such power would be the Origin World Master’s Manor, the Mystical Pavilion, the Destiny Race, or factions at the same level as the three.

Yang Yu finally realized why Huang Xiaolong was willing to take out his furnace and money in front of them all. No one would be able to touch them as long as he didn’t give the order.

With thirteen peak-level experts protecting Huang Xiaolong’s stuff, even someone like Yang Yu wouldn’t be able to s.n.a.t.c.h the items!

In fact, the thirteen of them had held back when they made their move earlier. As such, Yang Yu and the others had no idea that their ability to use the peak-level energies had already reached the large completion stage! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be feeling as confident as he was.

The thirteen of them didn’t just scare Yang Yu. Even Feng Yuxuan and the others were shocked.

“Are they all top-tier existences?!” Feng Yuxuan gasped in horror. She had never expected those following behind Huang Xiaolong to be so strong!

Waving his hand casually, Huang Xiaolong trapped the dao souls of those who were killed. He threw them into the SunMoon Furnace, and he turned to the Ice Prince, “Prince, I wonder if the director of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce is present?”

Snapping back to attention, the Ice Prince mumbled, “My mother hasn’t returned. However, Lord Huang can rest a.s.sured. If you wish to purchase anything, I am able to make the decision.” Gesturing with his arms, he signaled for Huang Xiaolong to enter the inner hall. “Lord Huang, please.”

His way of addressing Huang Xiaolong changed, and it was clear that he became a lot more respectful to the man.

Nodding slightly, Huang Xiaolong entered the inner hall with the Ice Prince.

At the same time, the Ice Prince invited Feng Yuxuan, Yang Yu, and the others into the hall.

As soon as they entered, the prince entered a secret room within the headquarters. Several moments later, he reemerged with several experts following behind him with a jade bottle and a spatial ring in their hands.

The bottle contained the Liquid of Life, and the ring contained the Dazzling Gold Stone the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce had in their possession.

After handing them over to Huang Xiaolong, the Ice Prince bowed, “Lord Huang, my mother pa.s.sed down an order to keep all the Ice Orchid Pills we have. As such, we can only provide the Liquid of Life and the Dazzling Gold Stone to Lord Huang. From what my mother says, Lord Huang can bring out items of equal value to trade for the pills. We will not be accepting dao coins for them.

Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu looked at each other quietly.

“Alright.” He waved his hand and several dozen crystals appeared in his hand. Pure radiance energy filled the hall in an instant and everyone felt extremely refreshed when they looked at it.

“This… This… Pure Soil!” The experts standing behind the Ice Prince yelled in shock.

When they heard what Huang Xiaolong was holding in his hand, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

That was the pure soil that had only appeared once in the legends!

“That’s right,” Huang Xiaolong explained. “This was what I obtained in the Heavens Burial Lands in the past, and I believe all of you know how precious this is. I am willing to trade this for your Ice Orchid Pills, and I believe it’s worth a lot more than what you can give me in exchange.”

In the Sea of Skulls, Huang Xiaolong had managed to obtain an entire beach of it. The amount he brought out was a mere handful, but Huang Xiaolong knew that losing such a tiny amount wouldn’t affect his cultivation at all.

Several moments later, Huang Xiaolong emerged from the secret chamber of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

The reverence on the Ice Prince’s face deepened by several times when he stood beside the man.

“If you have any more Liquid of Life, Ice Orchid Pills, Dazzling Gold Stone, Green Wind Wings, Profound Concentration Earth, or Genesis Lightning Water, you can contact me to trade for some pure soil,” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

The Ice Prince’s heart shook and a wide smile formed on his face. “Lord Huang, you can rest a.s.sured that we will definitely do that!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly.

“It’s a pity your director isn’t around.” Huang Xiaolong pointed at Lei Yu and continued, “My mount is an old acquaintance of your president. His intention was to meet her when we entered the city.”

Old acquaintance?!

“I wonder who lord mount is…” The Ice Prince stared at Lei Yu and asked.

“My name doesn’t matter…” Shaking his head, Lei Yu sighed.

When they finally left the inner hall, the Ice Prince persuaded Huang Xiaolong to join the banquet. Seeing as it wouldn’t affect him much even if he stayed behind, Huang Xiaolong decided to humor them. He decided to leave after the banquet ended.

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