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Published at 15th of August 2019 02:55:14 PM Chapter 161

I Want That House!

The gate of the house was also shut with a seal on . Jing Yue blinked her eyes as she stared at people over there and asked curiously .

“Well, that is an official’s house,” replied Shangguan Linglan as she leaned to Jing Yue, “Now I know what my third brother actually meant when he said he has to handle official affairs today . sai’ he's referring to this . ”

“An official’s house?” Jing Yue turned to Shangguan Linglan and asked .

“The house’s owner is a state-authorized businessman . It’s said that his house is sealed for his accepting bribes of huge amount, even the Minister of Revenue is removed from his office because of this!” explained Shangguan Linglan . Hearing that, Jing Yue instantly showed a look of understanding, then her eyes s.h.i.+ned with eagerness as she stared at that sealed mansion .

“Such a livable land of treasures! What will happen to this house when it is closed?” Jing Yue turned to ask Shangguan Lingfeng .

“The Ministry of Revenue will take the house back of course . Then they keep a record of the house and later they will reallocate it to its next owner after renovating and reconstructing the house . ” Shangguan Linglan looked at the house over there, saying, “It is not really a livable house . Look, frequented by so few, it is quite a desolate place here indeed . ”

“Good . . . Really good . . . ” Jing Yue nodded her head with contentment, her eyes so ferociously avid that it surprised Shangguan Linglan to pop her eyes open widely .

“Jing Yue, again? What do you want this time?” Shangguan Lingfeng inquired, frowning .

“I’ve made a decision . I want that house!” Jing Yue clapped her hands, rose to her full height, and claimed with her eyes powerfully gazing at the house .

“You want that house? What for?” Shangguan Linglan and Ning Xiangyuan were both stupefied in astonishment for a second, and with their curious eyes on Jing Yue, they questioned .

“To build a new house of course!” Then Jing Yue sat down to start her speech of how she thought of this house with excitements to both of her friends . Over the course of Jing Yue talking herself out, Shangguan Linglan and Ning Xiangyuan became more astounded as Jing Yue’s speech went further, eventually both of them looked at Jing Yue with their astonishment .

“I got a good idea, right!?” yelled Jing Yue with her eyes locked on her friends, her face lit up with excitement .

“Jing Yue, are you running a fever now? Look, you have been gravely ill enough to lose your mind now . ” Shangguan Linglan knitted her eyebrows together and over her speaking, she raised her hand up to nearly touch Jing Yue’s head, but gave up in the middle upon receiving Jing Yue’s furious stare .

“I’m normal . I’m serious . ” Jing Yue with a sober and serious face looked at Shangguan Linglan and Ning Xiangyuan .

“How could it be . Not start with how you obtain the property of the land, let’s talk about where you can get such a large amount of money and labor enough to realize your thoughts . Building a house is a big matter, let alone flatten and reconstruct it to your thoughts . How could you be able to complete such a vast project?” Shangguan Linglan presented a list of difficulties to do this thing one by one .

“Um . . . ” Jing Yue frowned her eyebrows .

As a matter of fact, money is the most significant thing!

“So I must earn money first!” A rather earnest desire burnt in Jing Yue’s eyes .

“You? Such a girl, how to earn money?” Shangguan Linglan couldn’t help but sigh: “You are living in the Palace of Prince quite well now, but why do you suddenly want to build a house on your own?”

“You won’t understand even though I tell you the reason . ” Jing Yue pouted her lips up with her face down on the desk, her brows furrowed, and then she turned to her friends, asking: “You say, what business is the most profitable in the Imperial City?”

“Food and clothes are obviously the most popular among people,” answered Ning Xiangyuan, her eyebrows being down like a crescent moon, “Eating and dressing are necessities as well as what people are pursuing all the time . And there is another thing, that is entertainment . With no need to be anxious for food and clothes, then entertaining must be the happiest thing under the sun, right?”

“Food, clothes, and entertainment . ” Jing Yue’s eyes brightened as a confident smile hung by the corner of her mouth .

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