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Published at 18th of August 2019 05:48:03 PM Chapter 163

Do You Know Where to Find a Brothel?

“Ahem! Ahem . . . I’m afraid you have to queue up for several years if you intend to kill Xiao Chen,” Fang Zicheng looked at Jing Yue beamingly, “Because I also want to kill him before you do . ”

“… Why?” Glaring at Fang Zicheng, Jing Yue asked .

“He is so lunatic that he orders me, such a handsome man, to a.s.sist him in handling accounts!” Fang Zicheng replied smilingly . Jing Yue felt a chill through her spine and shook her body—what a horrible smile!

“So… what are you doing here?” Fang Zicheng asked with a frown, as he blinked his eyes and looked at Jing Yue as well as Xing Er .

“You don’t need to know…” Jing Yue sat aside with decadent sentiments and frowned, seemingly sunk into contemplation . When Fang Zicheng turned his gaze towards Xing Er, Xing Er looked at him serenely and calmly in turn, without the slightest intention of saying a word .

“Tell me about it . Probably I can give you some advice . ” Fang Zicheng said as he sat down, too .

“Forget it! Now it’s nearly dark . I’d better talk with Xiao Chen when he is back . ” Jing Yue stood up and stared at Fang Zicheng with a quite rueful look, “You didn’t tell me that you are the manager of Delectable Delicacies Chamber . Tell me, are you the one who gives this ring to me?”

“This . . . this is the intention of the Ninth Lord . He said you preferred the dishes of Delectable Delicacies Chamber, so he gives you the privilege to be served  whenever you want to eat here . ” Seeing Jing Yue take out the ring, Fang Zicheng wiped the sweat from his forehead secretly and said .

“Humph! It doesn’t surprise me at all!” Jing Yue said, as she pouted her mouth with dissatisfaction and withdrew her hands quietly, “Well, I’m going home!”

“Ahem! Ahem . . . mind how you go . ” Staring at the back of Jing Yue, Fang Zicheng sighed –—he should have told her earlier if he had known that the result would be like this .

Jing Yue kept depressed all the way to the mansion . Xing Er was a bit concerned when he saw Jing Yue in that mood, “Your Highness, what master did is all for your sake . I wish that you wouldn’t blame him . ” As Xing Er finished, Jing Yue stared at him in astonishment, with her eyes blinking .

“Master… just doesn’t know what he can do for you… so he…” Stared by Jing Yue, Xing Er became incoherent and remained tongue-tied for a good while . However, Jing Yue didn’t give any response but simply kept fixing her eyes on him .

Blus.h.i.+ng gradually, Xing Er glanced at Jing Yue very stiffly and primly but didn’t know what to say .

“Do you know where to find a brothel?” asked Jing Yue abruptly .

“What?” Xing Er asked with a look of confusion .

“Ahem! Ahem . . . do you know where to find a place for entertainment in the Imperial City?” Giving a cough, Jing Yue decided to put it in a more implicit way after weighing the words secretly in her heart .

“Your Highness…Why do you ask that?” His face turning red slightly, Xing Er asked .

“What else can I do? It’s obvious that I’m going there for pleasure!” Jing Yue replied boldly in a serious tone .

While Jing Yue was standing at the so called brothel in ancient times, the look of Xing Er became as black as charcoal . He almost pictured in his mind how miserably he would die–If it were known by master, my fate would be…

“Oh! What a hot spot!” Wearing an embroidered black robe and a hairdo crown, Jing Yue looked like a young man at first glance, but her feminine features would be easily exposed with careful examination . In fact, Jing Yue hadn’t planned to disguise herself as a man . But after a while of psychological struggle, she decided that it was better to be in disguise since she came to this kind of place .

If she simply wore female dresses, it might go a bit too far!

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Beastly Fēi that Go Against the Heaven: Coerced by the Huáng Shū Chapter 163 summary

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