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Chapter 3072: The Sword Spirits’ Method

Xu Ran noticed the quality of the high grade G.o.dking pill with a single glance. She could not help but sigh. “The quality of this pill has already reached G.o.d Tier. Jian Chen, that’s impressive of you to be able to refine a divine pill with your comprehension at G.o.dking. Truly impressive.”

Comprehension at G.o.dking with the Laws of Alchemy could only refine supreme grade saint pills. It was an indisputable truth in the Saints’ World, but it was not absolute.

For example, certain talented supreme G.o.dkings possessed the ability to challenge those at higher cultivation realms than them through their special cultivation methods, the strength of the secret techniques they possessed, the unique legacies they had, and so on. They could contend against the Primordial realm as G.o.dkings.

Alchemy was no different. If certain special materials were added during the refinement process, or if they possessed precious items with special functions, as well as cauldrons with various functions, it would also lead to a tremendous benefit and increase in quality of the pills they refined. It might increase the success rate, or it might strengthen the properties. It was even possible to directly elevate the quality of the pill, such that alchemists would even refine pills of quality that surpa.s.sed what they should have been capable of given the Way of Alchemy they possessed.

Jian Chen was clearly the latter this time.

With his Laws of Alchemy at peak G.o.dking, normally he could only refine supreme grade saint pills. However, if he used extraordinary materials for refining, there was indeed a chance for him to refine G.o.d Tier pills.

The high grade G.o.dking gra.s.s or the medium quality G.o.d artifact cauldron had clearly played a decisive role in determining the quality of the pill!

Refining a divine pill would have been a joyous matter to any other G.o.dking alchemist, but right now, there was not the slightest hint of joy in sight on Jian Chen’s face. Instead, he furrowed his brows heavily. He was troubled.

The primary reason why he was in such a hurry to refine G.o.dking pills was not to nurture his own force of G.o.dkings, but to bring these G.o.dkings pills into the Darkstar World so that he could produce a large number of G.o.dkings for them. That way, he would replenish the power they required to open up the altar, and he could obtain ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood.

As long as he possessed ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood, he could venture into the miniature world that belonged to the Radiant Saint Hall and obtain the Primeval Divine Hall.

However, not only did the Darkstar World forbid entry to anyone over a thousand years old, but they were also forbidden to bring in any G.o.d Tier items.

And now, because G.o.dking pills refined from high grade G.o.dking gra.s.s were G.o.d Tier, it basically meant he could not bring them into the Darkstar World.

If he could not bring G.o.dking pills into the Darkstar World, how was he supposed to uphold his deal with the Darkstar Emperor? How was he supposed to obtain ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood from the Darkstar World?

“G.o.d Tier. Why is it at G.o.d Tier?” Gazing at the pill in his hand, Jian Chen’s heart sank slowly. Out of exasperation, he threw the G.o.dking pill in his hand against the ground violently. After bouncing around a few times, it rolled into a corner of the room and stopped there.

Xu Ran was perplexed by Jian Chen’s action. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you satisfied with this G.o.d Tier pill?”

Jian Chen sighed. “I don’t want G.o.d Tier pills. I want saint pills that are below G.o.d Tier.”

“Senior Xu, let’s refine some more!” Jian Chen refused to believe this. He took out another set of materials and tossed them into the cauldron. With Xu Ran’s a.s.sistance, he began to refine another G.o.dking pill.

Very soon, the second G.o.dking pill was successfully refined, but Jian Chen’s face became slightly warped again, as the second G.o.dking pill was still G.o.d Tier.

“Xi Yu, prepare a low quality G.o.d artifact cauldron for me as quickly as possible.” Jian Chen contacted Xi Yu. Given the Tian Yuan clan’s current wealth, they even had sufficient resources and money to buy high quality G.o.d artifacts.

Very soon, a low quality G.o.d artifact cauldron was delivered to him. This time, Jian Chen cast the medium quality G.o.d artifact aside and refined another G.o.dking pill with the low quality G.o.d artifact cauldron.

Before long, the G.o.dking pill was complete, but it was still at the G.o.d Tier.

“Don’t tell me all the G.o.dking pills refined with high grade G.o.dking gra.s.s are G.o.d Tier?” Jian Chen was close to going crazy. If that really was the case, he could not obtain the ten droplets of essence blood from the Darkstar race.

The G.o.dking pills refined from low grade and mid grade G.o.dking gra.s.s were all supreme grade saint pills, but the Darkstar race would never accept these pills that limited lifespans to a century, as they were only detrimental to their clansmen.

As a result, if he wanted to successfully complete the deal with the Darkstar race, he needed to provide high grade G.o.dking pills.

Jian Chen refused to give up and attempted various experiments. He changed the cauldron again and again. In the end, he even used a supreme quality saint artifact cauldron. He played around with the quant.i.ty of supplementary materials as well and tried replacing them with weaker materials of the same element.

But without any exception, all of his experiments either ended with an explosion or a failure. He made over a thousand different attempts, but none of them ended in success.

Even if he successfully refined a G.o.dking pill, they were all G.o.d Tier.

“Don’t tell me it’s truly impossible to lower the quality of G.o.dking pills?” Jian Chen was rather defeated and dejected.

It was not that he had not considered bringing the materials into the Darkstar World and refining the pills in there, but he alone was not enough to refine G.o.dking pills. He needed an expert like Xu Ran on the side to a.s.sist him.

However, there were no Chaotic Primes in the Darkstar World.

The Darkstar Emperor’s battle prowess was on par with Chaotic Primes, but that was only battle prowess. His cultivation was still at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

On top of that, even if the Darkstar Emperor did reach Chaotic Prime, he would only be an early Chaotic Prime. That might not have been necessarily enough to suppress the power within G.o.dking gra.s.s.

Shortly afterwards, Jian Chen found the Immortal Devouring Orchid. After a series of questioning, the Immortal Devouring Orchid was powerless as well. As a daemon plant, a special daemon plant, it had its advantages and disadvantages. It lacked many abilities and capabilities.

“Master, perhaps we might know a method that can help you.” At this moment, the sword spirits’ voices rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

“What method?” Jian Chen immediately beamed with joy.

“Master, if you lace the pill with some Xuanhuang Qi as you refine it, it’ll be able to ignore the laws set down by Grand Exalts. You’ll be able to bring G.o.d Tier pills into the Darkstar World without any obstruction, as the level that Xuanhuang Qi is on is extremely high, surpa.s.sing the laws. The laws set down by Grand Exalts are very powerful, but they don’t apply to Xuanhuang Qi.”

“As a result, if you can lace G.o.d Tier pills with Xuanhuang Qi, they’ll be completely immune to these laws under the s.h.i.+elding of Xuanhuang Qi.” The sword spirits told Jian Chen.

“Lace the G.o.d Tier pill with Xuanhuang Qi?” Jian Chen frowned. He did not understand Xuanhuang Qi as well as the sword spirits. “Then how am I supposed to lace G.o.d Tier pills with Xuanhuang Qi?”

“There’s a spiritual fluid in Xuanhuang Microcosms. This spiritual fluid is laced with Xuanhuang Qi, so all you have to do is add it into the pill when you refine it. However, this spiritual fluid is extremely precious. It’s normally only used when experts refine high grade G.o.d Tier pills. Even when it’s used on mid grade G.o.d Tier pills, it’s regarded as a waste, let alone low grade G.o.d Tier pills.”

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