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Chapter 3283: Slain from Afar

Before Bai Yurou had used the secret technique, she had already paid a reasonable price, so she was currently in a weakened state. Faced with the simultaneous attacks of two Primordial realm sacred beasts at a time like this, she was obviously in a situation of life or death.

Not to mention the fact that she was extremely feeble right now, it was impossible for her to fend off the Earthen Winged King even at her peak!

In these final moments, Bai Yurou gave up on resisting. She shut her eyes slowly, filled with reluctance and regret, already ready to accept the judgement of death.

“Young miss!” Protector Qing’s panic-stricken voice rang out from a distance. She did everything she could to rush over and die in Bai Yurou’s place, except there was nothing she could do about the current situation with her strength as a late G.o.dking.

Chu Tianxing and the dozen other G.o.dkings that continued to hold their ground all let out furious roars as well, casting aside the matter of death and dragging their injured bodies towards the two Primordial realm sacred beasts, wanting to intercept them and save Bai Yurou.

However, faced with the two Primordial realm sacred beasts that possessed strength far beyond theirs, everything they tried was destined to be useless. They did not even have enough time to approach Bai Yuyou.

How could G.o.dkings match Primordial realm experts in speed?

However, right when the two Primordial realm sacred beasts were about to swallow Bai Yurou, they suddenly stiffened.

At that moment, everything seemed to fall silent as time seemed to freeze. The gaping mouths of the two sacred beasts stopped in front of Bai Yurou at the same time and did not advance past that.

From so close away, Bai Yurou could even catch the foul stench from their mouths, which was nauseating.

The sacred beasts’ pause allowed the G.o.dkings flying over from all directions to successfully approach them. Over a dozen attacks landed on the sacred beasts.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Over a dozen explosions immediately rang out between the destroyed mountains and forests. The violet energy upheaved the earth on the ground and many towering trees snapped to pieces.

However, the two Primordial realm sacred beasts were completely unscathed.

Their bodies were far too tough. Even if they sat there and allowed the G.o.dkings to attack them, they were incapable of harming them.

“Run, young miss!” Protector Qing cried out.

At this moment, none of them had the time to think about why the two sacred beasts had stopped, but they all knew this was a chance at survival.

Bai Yurou, who had already shut her eyes and accepted death, seemed to sense that something was amiss too. She instinctively opened her eyes and immediately discovered the great fear and disbelief in the eyes of the two frozen sacred beasts.

They seemed to have been gripped by an invisible force as if a spell had been cast on them, fixing them in position and making them unable to move.

Bai Yurou’s eyes suddenly narrowed. She did not know what was going on, but now was not a time to think too much about it. The only thought that remained in her head was to flee.

However, right when the thought of fleeing flashed through Bai Yurou’s head, an indiscernible voice rang out in her ears.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and kill the two sacred beasts. Don’t worry, they can’t move.”

Bai Yurou’s heart immediately jolted when she heard that. Her eyes blanked out momentarily as well.

She immediately realised this was a supreme expert secretly a.s.sisting her, restraining the two Primordial realm sacred beasts.

That left her extremely shocked. They were two sacred beasts after all. He could restrain them without creating any disturbance, so just how powerful was this hidden person?

“T-this seems to be the Laws of s.p.a.ce!” Bai Yurou vaguely sensed how the s.p.a.ce there was slightly different, but she did not hesitate at all. She immediately cast aside her thoughts and struck out decisively. Her sword erupted with a pulse of power as she attacked the Earthen Winged King with her full strength.

However, she was no longer in peak condition anymore. Under her feeble state, her battle prowess had already weakened, so even when she used her full strength, she only barely managed to injure the Earthen Winged King’s hide.

The attack was basically no different from scratching an itch to the Earthen Winged King.

By now, the G.o.dkings nearby had all noticed that something was wrong with the Earthen Winged King. However, before they could ask why, Bai Yurou’s frantic voice rang out, “Elders, unleash your full strength and kill the Earthen Winged King together. Don’t worry, the Earthen Winged King is immobilised now. Feel free to unleash your attacks!”

Immediately, the G.o.dkings joined in on the encirclement against the Earthen Winged King. Some of them even fell into formation and unleashed their full strength without holding back, barraging the Earthen Winged King with all kinds of attacks.

Immediately, the Earthen Winged King erupted with blood. The formation the G.o.dkings created was far more powerful than their individual strength. It led to wound after wound on the Earthen Winged King.

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However, these wounds were also just scratches!

After all, as a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime sacred beast, not only was the Earthen Winged King’s body tough, but it possessed extremely shocking vitality as well. Its recovery rate was not slow either, having been born in the Wood Spirit World.

Unless the White Emperor clan used the formation with over fifty G.o.dkings, they really did not have the ability to kill the Earthen Winged King.

Bai Yurou had clearly realised this, which immediately left her anxious. The several dozen G.o.dkings she had brought with her were either dead, injured, or had fled in flight. They no longer possessed the same line-up.

“Sigh, you’re too weak!”

This time, the indiscernible voice rang out again, except Bai Yurou was not the only one who could hear it. All the G.o.dkings present could hear it as well.

However, as soon as the voice vanished, all of them felt the s.p.a.ce there pulse.

In the next moment, whether it was the Earthen Winged King or the sacred beast that had newly broken through, their bodies suddenly split up into pieces, having been sliced apart by the invisible spatial baldes.

At the same time, the restraints over the two sacred beasts vanished. Their bodies scattered on the ground with blood like shattered pieces of pottery.

They had truly been diced to pieces. They could not be any more dead.

This sight left an extremely great impact on all of them. They all gazed at the two sacred beasts that had been carved to pieces, stunned.

They had personally experienced the Earthen Winged Beast’s strength. Even with over fifty G.o.dkings from the White Emperor clan, they still required a series of plans and the White Emperor’s power for a chance at killing it.

However, the Earthen Winged King had actually been sliced to pieces effortlessly now; this had completely upheaved their imaginations.

The hidden person’s strength left everyone from the White Emperor clan terrified, seeing how he could kill Primordial realm sacred beasts so easily.

Bai Yurou sucked in a deep breath to calm down her beating heart and bowed deeply. She said politely, “I am Bai Yurou of the White Emperor clan. Thank you for your a.s.sistance, senior! You’ve saved our White Emperor clan, which is something we will never forget.”

Bai Yurou did not receive a response. The indiscernible voice did not appear again after killing the two sacred beasts.

In the valley where the members of the White Emperor clan gathered on the outskirts of Death Valley, Jian Chen sat in the dark and damp cave with a pale-white face. His expression was even slightly haggard.

“I didn’t think killing mere early Infinite Primes would take so much effort. Sigh, I wonder when these cracks in my soul will completely heal,” Jian Chen opened his eyes and exhaled deeply. He was weary.

He had already used up the three Twin-headed Lotuses and the two other heavenly resources he had taken out from the s.p.a.ce in his soul, but it only healed around one percent of the cracks.

The cracks in his soul were far too difficult to heal. Healing each one required a tremendous amount of effort.

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