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Chapter 3757: News

“Killing people? Your Merchant Union of Star Brilliance even deals in that?” Jian Chen was surprised.

“Of course. Our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance is a business after all. We cover various territories and a.s.sist others in resolving problems. That’s an area of business too.” w.a.n.g Miaomiao smiled gently.

“Then can you kill Immortal Exalts?” Jian Chen said without skipping a beat.

w.a.n.g Miaomiao’s face hardened, probably because she never thought Jian Chen would suddenly ask such a question. After all, it completely contrasted against the strength that Jian Chen currently demonstrated.

After being momentarily dazed, w.a.n.g Miaomiao quickly recovered. She continued to smile professionally, gazing deeply at Jian Chen with a natural sense of closeness. “Early Immortal Exalts obviously aren’t a problem, but the price is extremely high. Even other Immortal Exalts might not be able to afford it.”

“Of course, if the price offered is tempting enough, our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance will accept jobs involving killing mid or even late Immortal Exalts, let alone early Immortal Exalts,” w.a.n.g Miaomiao said slowly with her enchanting voice, filled with great confidence.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. “You can even kill late Immortal Exalts? The strength of your Merchant Union of Star Brilliance is a little unexpected.”

“Looks like you don’t understand the heritage of our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance, fellow. The branches of our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance are distributed across the entire Immortals’ World. Our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance exists on all thirty-three heavens. The merchant union in the Immortal Rising City is only one of the many branches of our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance. If we didn’t possess a certain level of strength, we would have never been able to build something so great,” w.a.n.g Miaomiao said rather proudly.

After a moment of silence, Jian Chen said, “I’ve spent many years in secluded cultivation and only emerged recently. I don’t know anything about the major events that have occurred in the Immortals’ World recently, so I’d like to know all the events that have shaken up the Immortals’ World in the past ten thousand years.”

“There are only a handful of events that have actually shaken up the Immortals’ World in the past ten thousand years, but none of them are absolute secrets. All of it is publicly known among the upper echelon.”

“So be it. I’ll do you a favour and sell it to you for cheap. Five thousand five-coloured immortal crystals,” said w.a.n.g Miaomiao.

Jian Chen did not try to bargain with her, directly fis.h.i.+ng out five thousand five-coloured immortal crystals and tossing it over. w.a.n.g Miaomiao accepted the immortal crystals and called over an attendant. “Go to the sixth floor and find elder Ling…”

After a series of instructions, the attendant left politely with the jade tablet that w.a.n.g Miaomiao gave her.

Afterwards, w.a.n.g Miaomiao looked at Jian Chen and smiled. “You must have noticed that our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance has a total of six floors. Only Immortal Emperors and above have the right to visit the sixth floor.”

“Our Merchant Union of Star Brilliance on the Hall Brilliance Heaven isn’t particularly powerful. We only have Immortal Emperors. If you go to the Plain Subtlety Heaven, the Merchant Union of Star Brilliance there has nine floors. Only Immortal Exalts can access the seventh floor…”

During this time, Jian Chen and w.a.n.g Miaomiao conversed casually, but through the conversation, Jian Chen became more and more astounded by the strength of the Merchant Union of Star Brilliance.

The strength of the Merchant Union of Star Brilliance was truly unfathomable. Its range of influence spanned the entire Immortals’ World. Across the thirty-three heavens, even their weakest branches had Immortal Emperors at the very least.

When it came to the stronger branches, they even had Immortal Exalts!

The Plain Subtlety Heaven was where the main headquarters throughout the entire Immortals’ World was located. It was a building with nine floors, where just reaching the seventh floor alone required the cultivation of Immortal Exalt.

Before long, the same attendant returned with a jade box. She pa.s.sed the jade box to w.a.n.g Miaomiao before leaving politely.

“Fellow, the news that you’re after is in here, but you only have three days to view it. After the three days, the jade slip stored inside will be destroyed automatically, so please finish viewing everything during this time.” w.a.n.g Miaomiao reminded him.

“Thank you! I’ll come back in three days’ time to collect the goods.” Jian Chen stowed the jade box away and left. Jing Mumu and Jing Feng followed behind him silently. From beginning to end, they did not utter a single word.

“This little girl seems to have the Sword Immortal const.i.tution. Tsktsk, the Sword Immortal const.i.tution gives promising talent for practising the Way of the Sword. If she is nurtured well, she’s basically guaranteed to become a sword immortal. If her fortunes align, she might even be able to reach Immortal Emperor…” w.a.n.g Miaomiao murmured as she stared at Jing Mumu after the three of them had left.

“Manager w.a.n.g, come upstairs!” At this moment, an elderly voice rang out from the sixth floor.

When she heard that, w.a.n.g Miaomiao’s face immediately became filled with respect. She refused to waste a single moment, directly making her way to the sixth floor.

In an aesthetic study room on the sixth floor of the Merchant Union of Star Brilliance, an old man in white robes stood in the centre.

“Elder Ling!” w.a.n.g Miaomiao arrived before the old man and bowed politely.

Elder Ling nodded and said, “Did the customer just now only come for information?”

w.a.n.g Miaomiao was curious. She had no idea why the esteemed elder Ling would care about a such a trifle, but she still answered politely, “Elder Ling, apart from asking for some information, that fellow just now also purchased a large number of heavenly resources from us.”

“Tell me the types of the heavenly resources,” elder Ling said authoritatively.

w.a.n.g Miaomiao pa.s.sed the list of materials that Jian Chen needed over to elder Ling without any hesitation.

Elder Ling looked through the list carefully and immediately furrowed his brows. He murmured in doubt, “Why are these all some low level heavenly resources?”

“Elder Ling, is there something wrong?” w.a.n.g Miaomiao asked in suspicion.

Elder Ling glanced at w.a.n.g Miaomiao and said, “Do you know what the cultivation of the customer you just received is?”

“I’m not very certain about that. He seems to be an Immortal Monarch.” w.a.n.g Miaomiao had already realised something. If he really were an Immortal Monarch, how could he have raised elder Ling’s attention?

“This is the news I just received. Take a look. “Elder Ling pa.s.sed over a jade slip.

w.a.n.g Miaomiao accepted the jade slip and browsed through it with the senses of her soul, immediately becoming stunned by the contents.

Falling Cloud City… the Tiger Roar clan… the Jing family… the Sword Immortal Const.i.tution—all of that information instantly entered w.a.n.g Miaomiao’s head, which made her think of Jing Mumu who followed behind Jian Chen. She possessed the Sword Immortal const.i.tution.

“A little girl from Falling Cloud City who possesses the Sword Immortal const.i.tution took on a powerful master. Her master destroyed the Tiger Roar clan. The Tiger Roar clan has a Fifth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor, yet they were killed so easily, without any traces of battle. As it seems now, that mysterious expert is the guest you just received.”

“After all, the Sword Immortal const.i.tution is not a common physique. It’s impossible for two of them to appear in such a short amount of time,” elder Ling said slowly. “However, why is an expert like him purchasing so many low level heavenly resources?”

“And these heavenly resources seem to be for refining the same kind of pill?” Elder Ling was extremely perplexed as he stared at the list in his hand.

“Elder Ling, are you able to peer into these heavenly resources and see just what kind of pill they’re used for?” w.a.n.g Miaomiao said.

Elder Ling shook his head. “The combination of materials on here does not match any pills that I know. Moreover, who knows if he added some unnecessary items in here just to confuse potential prying eyes?”

“Whatever. Go and contact the branches on the other heavens to gather the goods. Gather everything this fellow needs as quickly as possible. I’ll personally receive him next time.”

“Xi Kaihe of the Tiger Roar clan is a vicious figure at the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Immortal Emperor. He seemed to be attempting to break through for all these years, yet even someone as powerful as him was killed silently. The strength of our customer truly is terrifying. It’s no longer appropriate for you to receive him.”


After leaving the Merchant Union of Star Brilliance, Jian Chen made Jing Feng rent a reasonably large courtyard in the Immortal Rising City. At this moment, Jian Chen sat in the main bedroom of the courtyard. Jing Mumu also hovered in the air before him with her legs crossed. Her eyes were shut.

“From now onwards, give up on all of the cultivation methods you practised in the past. You will devote yourself to the cultivation method I teach you, do you understand,” Jian Chen stared at Jing Mumu sternly.

Jing Mumu nodded seriously and said, “I understand. However, master, I still don’t know the name of this cultivation method.”

When he heard that, Jian Chen blanked out slightly. “The name of this cultivation method is tied up with a lot of karma. It’s not appropriate for you to find out right now. You will find out yourself before long.”

Jing Mumu nodded obediently before shutting her eyes and focusing on cultivation.

Jian Chen left the room and entered a quiet secret room alone. With a flip of his hand, he took out a jade box.

Opening up the jade box, he found a jade slip resting in there quietly.

This jade slip contained the news that Jian Chen had purchased from the Merchant Union of Star Brilliance.

“The Hole of Reincarnation behaved irregularly, leading to the premature emergence of reincarnation Qi.”

“The Sword Scripture emerged, leading to a contention between the various experts of the Hall Brilliance Heaven…”

“War on the Modest Silence Heaven unfolded, leading to heavy casualties for both sides…”


The jade slip recorded the various major events that occurred in the Immortals’ World over the past ten thousand years. Jian Chen directly skimmed through ninety percent of the news and locked onto the Reverent Observance Heaven.

He primarily wanted to learn about the Reverent Observance Heaven’s current state, but he purchased all the news from the past ten thousand years across the entire Immortals’ World to keep his ident.i.ty hidden and avoid suspicion.

Of course, none of this was particularly a secret. Much of the news could be considered as public secrets, only circulated through the upper echelon.

The Immortal Sect of Colossal Elephants was completely destroyed, only leaving behind the seven ancestors and several dozen weaker disciples.

The Daoist Sect of Xuanchi was destroyed…

The Three Swords sect was destroyed…

The Sword Sect of Grand Sun was destroyed…

The vice city lord of the Observance Heaven City, Lu Wujin, faced the s.p.a.ce-splitting Venerable in battle…

The Sword Heart Ancestor of the Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords was heavily injured by the Vermillion Bird clan…

Looking at all the alarming events that unfolded on the Reverent Observance Heaven, Jian Chen gradually became stern.

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