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Chapter 1551 - Vast Serene Immortal Flesh 

"Copper mirror, thanks."

Qin Nan received the badge and transmitted his thought through the red string.

His expression remained completely calm throughout the sequence. To him, receiving a badge directly from the copper mirror was only an insignificant matter. 

However, the whole place immediately fell silent following the scene.

Every cultivator stiffened as if they were struck by lightning. They all stared blankly at Qin Nan.

Even the Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao who was about to leave the place halted in his track and turned around with a blank face.

Since Empress Feiyue had become a Peerless Ruler, almost every cultivator knew that she would only give out an Immortal Badge of Ascension every ten years.

Lots of reputable geniuses with formidable backgrounds had come to ask for the badge as they did not want to waste their time on the compet.i.tion, yet all of them were rejected.

It had been like this for a few thousand years.

And now, how was this nameless cultivator an exemption for the respected Empress Feiyue?

Could this cultivator be a core disciple of a Nine Heavens Supreme, that even Empress Feiyue had to treat him differently?

A few moments later, Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao approached Qin Nan and brought his fists together, "May I ask which Immortal Realm you are from, and who your master is?"

The question consisted of the doubts that everyone was sharing.

A successor of a Nine Heavens Supreme!

The ident.i.ty alone was extremely terrifying in Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm, as it could easily stun the whole crowd. Besides, every successor of a Nine Heavens Supreme was at least a Peerless Genius.

Normally, they could only hear their names. They had no chance of meeting these people in person.

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization when he heard the question and saw the crowd's reaction. He smilingly said, "You've misunderstood. I am from the Canglan Continent, my master isn't a Nine Heavens Supreme."

Upon saying this, he could not help but feel curious.

Sacred Leader Qinglong was his master. In some way, not only was the Divine G.o.d of Battle his greatest fortunate encounter, he was also a master to him.

Therefore, if the Divine G.o.d of Battle was called the fifth immortal, was he equivalent to the level of a Nine Heavens Supreme at his peak, or stronger?

"The Canglan Continent?"

Wan Xiao and the cultivators were startled. They had never heard of the name Canglan Continent before.

"I remember now, the Canglan Continent is a world in the Secondary Lower Realm. Senior Empress Feiyue is an Ascender from the Canglan Continent!"

A Heaven G.o.d blurted out.

"He's an Ascender?"

Wan Xiao and the crowd of cultivators immediately thought of something upon hearing this. Their gaze toward Qin Nan changed.

On second thought, even the successor of a Nine Heavens Supreme was unlikely to let Empress Feiyue break her own rule that she had kept for a few thousand years.

However, if the person was actually from the Canglan Continent, it made much more sense.

After all, Empress Feiyue and he had come from the same place. Since he was rather talented too, Empress Feiyue was willing to give him an Immortal Badge of Ascension.

"How lucky is this guy!"

The eyes of many Heaven G.o.ds and a few geniuses were filled with jealousy.

They had put in a great effort in the compet.i.tion, yet they still failed to acquire the badge.

"Cultivator, I'm now ready to partic.i.p.ate in the Immortal Ascension War. Can you sell the badge to me?"

A peak Heaven G.o.d brought his fists together and asked smilingly.

"Cultivator, please sell it to me..."

The other Heaven G.o.ds and geniuses immediately blurted out after collecting their thoughts.

"Say a price, I'll buy it from you."

Wan Xiao looked at Qin Nan and said, placing his hands behind him.

The others immediately wore a wry smile upon hearing this. They did not expect Wan Xiao to still want the second badge when he already had one.

They no longer had the chance to get the badge.

"I'm sorry, the Immortal Badge of Ascension is useful for me."

Qin Nan rejected instantly.

"With your talents, you won't be able to become an immortal even if you're keeping the Immortal Badge of Ascension to yourself." Wan Xiao frowned. He did not expect the man to reject him, "I'll give you five Heaven G.o.d Weapons."

Many cultivators smacked their lips.

A Heaven G.o.d was considered an heirloom artifact for some smaller factions, yet Wan Xiao was offering to give the man five of them as soon as he spoke.

"If you insist to take the Immortal Badge of Ascension, you don't need to give me five Heaven G.o.d Weapons, you just need to fight me..."

Qin Nan's eyes emitted a golden glow.

It had been quite a long time since he last fought a genius.

"Cultivator, can you sell me your Immortal Badge of Ascension?"

At that instant, a magical voice was heard coming from the distance.

A woman with long hair reaching her waist, thin eyebrows, skin white like snow, a mystical aura, while wearing a long, black silk dress floated toward them, like a fairy descending to the mundane world.


The woman immediately caught Qin Nan's attention as he took a quick glance.

Even though the woman only had a cultivation of the peak Human G.o.d Realm, and had only mastered three of the Four Extremities, Qin Nan was able to sense a formidable power inside her body.

It felt like there was some kind of Dao intent in it.

"Xu Xianzhi?"

"What? So she is Xu Xianzhi?"

"Xu Xianzhi who possesses the Vast Serene Immortal Flesh? Why is she here?"

Many cultivators were astounded. They were shocked to see the woman, similar to when they first saw the Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao.

"I didn't expect to see her here too!"

The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d was startled. He immediately transmitted his voice to Qin Nan, "This woman is no ordinary person. She is the top one inner disciple of one of the three Supreme Daoism Factions in Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm, the Sanqing Ancient Sect. On top of that, she is also the successor of a Peerless Ruler!" 

"Besides, she also possesses the Vast Serene Immortal Flesh. Rumors said that when she achieved the Heaven G.o.d Realm, she had eight-tenths of a chance to master the Four Extremities too.

Qin Nan slightly frowned.

Eight-tenths of a chance to master the Four Extremities?

Qin Nan was not too surprised by the statement. However, judging from the aura emitting from the woman's body, it was not just mastering the Four Extremities. It might even have something to do with the Dao Realm.

"If you are willing to sell it to me, I can give you an Immortal Weapon. what do you think?"

Xu Xianzhi said. Even though she too was trying to buy the Immortal Badge of Ascension, her tone and att.i.tude were incredibly soothing, like a breeze in spring.

"An Immortal Weapon?"

Many people inhaled deeply.

Even some Human Immortals or Earth Immortals did not own an Immortal Weapon, which clearly showed how valuable it was.

Even though Empress Feiyue's Immortal Badge of Ascension was rather meaningful, it was still not as precious as an Immortal Weapon.

Wan Xiao's expression stiffened. His calm face wore a smile for the first time, "Xianzhi, didn't I promise you already that I'll give you an Immortal Badge of Ascension?"

Xu Xianzhi glanced at the man and said with a faint smile, "Now that there is another Immortal Badge of Ascension available, there's no need to ask for Brother Wan's help."

The cultivators immediately understood the situation upon hearing this.

It made sense why Wan Xiao had come to compete for the badge. It was most likely for the sake of Xu Xianzhi.

However, judging from Xu Xianzhi's reaction, she seemed reluctant to accept the badge from him.

Wan Xiao's expression changed slightly. He immediately transmitted his voice to Qin Nan and snapped coldly as he thought of something, "If you dare sell the Immortal Badge of Ascension to Xianzhi, I swear I'm going to kill you!"

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