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1174 A Gift From the Immortal Tree

The Immortal Tree was revived.

Since putting its essence in the seeds and hoping that one day they would grow out from the ground, the original Immortal Tree had been constantly decaying. Finally, it had overcome death and resurrected, gaining itself endless vitality.

Bu Fang watched in amazement as the Immortal Tree swayed, exuding strong life energy and immortal energy.

He never thought that the Immortal Tree could be restored to this state in an instant and become the pillar supporting the Immortal Cooking Realm once again.

Moreover, with the resurrection of the Immortal Tree, the immortal energy of the whole Immortal Cooking Realm had become much stronger, and the Will of the Great Path had also become complete.

All the people in the Immortal Cooking Realm could feel their strength recovering.

In the fifth layer of the Immortal Cooking Realm…

The experts of the Nether Prison had all retreated.

A branch fell from the Immortal Tree and smashed in front of the bronze gate. It was covered with profound patterns, and a strange chanting voice was drifting out of it. At the sight of it, none of the Nether Prison experts behind the gate dared to cross the line.

The Immortal Tree’s branches were terrible things, which could pierce even Little Saints and suck their life essence. Who dared to provoke such formidable things?

The crisis in the Immortal Cooking Realm was temporarily relieved.

After this, the whole realm would enter a long period of rehabilitation.

However, one could imagine that Realm Lord Di Tai, who had grown up a lot after this crisis, would not let the immortal chefs grow on their own as before again.

He had to put them all through real hards.h.i.+ps. Only in this way would they not behave like useless fools when the next crisis comes!

Chef’s Challenges needed to be carried out, and battles should be popularized…

Realm Lord Di Tai was lost in thought.

“Ah, a Great Saint ingredient,” Bu Fang said as he picked up the leg of lamb in surprise.

The moment he touched it, he felt a terrible aura. The leg seemed to contain a mighty aura and will.

It was the will of a Great Saint.

Although the leg was chopped away from the body, the will in it hadn’t died away.

The meat was crystal-like and full of spirit essence. It was not an ordinary ingredient.

Bu Fang was very excited as he held the leg of lamb.

“Bu Fang, boy, how are you going to cook this Great Saint ingredient?” Lord Dog transformed back to a fat dog, stuck out his tongue, and said in a gentle voice.

The people around couldn’t help but look over. Even Realm Lord Di Tai and City Lord Zou walked over and stood next to them.

Everyone was curious about the Great Saint ingredient. After all, a Great Saint was an existence far beyond their reach…

Those who became Great Saints were supreme existences. They could walk in the sea of stars and were true almighty experts.

Now, they saw with their own eyes an ingredient taken from such an expert…

“Let’s go back to the restaurant first…” said Bu Fang. Then, with a thought, he put the leg of lamb into the farmland.

The people around retracted their gazes after the leg was put away.

Rubbing his palms, Realm Lord Di Tai smiled at Bu Fang and said, “Bu Fang, my little friend, you must invite me once you’ve cooked the leg of lamb. My mouth waters at the thought of the Great Saint ingredient.”

Bu Fang thought for a moment and nodded. As for how he should cook the leg of lamb… it was a question worth pondering.

There were many ways to cook it. However, he also knew that a Great Saint ingredient must have some unique feature, so the first thing he had to do was get rid of its pressure, or else it would affect the texture.

Therefore, he needed some time to think about the exact cooking method.


Suddenly, the system’s serious voice echoed in Bu Fang’s mind.

“Congratulations on completing your current task: Collect the source of the Spring of Life in G.o.d Vanis.h.i.+ng Mountain to revive the Immortal Tree’s seeds. Task rewards: A fragment of the G.o.d of Cooking Set; a seed of Nine Revolution Great Path Tea.”

Bu Fang was slightly taken aback. Then, he remembered that the reason he went to G.o.d Vanis.h.i.+ng Mountain was to complete this task.

Now that the Immortal Tree was resurrected and the invaders of the Nether Prison had been forced back, his task was considered complete, so the system gave him the rewards.

The first reward increased Bu Fang’s collection of the fragment of the G.o.d of Cooking Set to two, while the other reward was a seed of Nine Revolution Great Path Tea…

Bu Fang knew the seed was an extraordinary one just from its name. He was also very curious about the next fragment of the G.o.d of Cooking Set.

However, as it would be a long time before he collected all the fragments, he didn’t think too much about it now.

As for the Nine Revolution Great Path Tea… Bu Fang didn’t put too much attention on it.

He collected himself and glanced around.

The whole fifth layer was in a mess. Nevertheless, the Immortal Tree was standing in the center, glowing brilliantly and sprinkling specks of light.

It would probably take a very long time for the fifth layer to return to its former glory.

Perhaps in the coming days, the Immortal Cooking Realm’s focus would s.h.i.+ft to the other layers.

Bu Fang and the others were about to leave the fifth layer when he suddenly sensed a strange fluctuation, which gave him a slight pause.


Waves swelled in his spirit sea, and his eyes became blurry.

He turned to the huge Immortal Tree in the distance.

There seemed to be a glowing figure staring at him in the great tree. It nodded at him, then disappeared into the tree.

He thought that should be the Immortal Tree’s spirit.

The rustling of leaves rang incessantly.

Suddenly, Bu Fang paused as he saw the Immortal Tree’s branch come to him.

A seven-colored fruit hung from the branch.

“Take it. This is a gift from the Immortal Tree because you have resurrected it,” Realm Lord Di Tai said in surprise.

Bu Fang didn’t say anything. Indeed, if he hadn’t visited G.o.d Vanis.h.i.+ng Mountain and obtained the source of the Spring of Life, the Immortal Tree might not be saved.

Therefore, he plucked the fruit. He had no qualms about taking this gift.

The moment he held the fruit, it immediately exuded a rich aroma.

Bu Fang took a deep breath and sensed a strong spirit essence. Without a doubt, the gift was not an ordinary item.

He didn’t plan to open the gift here in the fifth layer. Instead, he would only open it when he returned to Immortal Chef Little Store.

There was nothing left to do.

Although Realm Lord Di Tai was weak, he was in high spirits.

City Lord Zou was very excited, too. He had thought the Immortal Cooking Realm’s destruction was inevitable, and it never occurred to him that the realm was eventually saved by the Great Demon King.

The way he looked at Bu Fang now was completely different.

After pa.s.sing through the fifth layer’s entrance, the group of people came directly to the third layer.

Since the fifth layer had crashed and fused completely with the fourth layer, the Immortal Cooking Realm had only four layers from now on.

In the Immortal City of the third layer…

The walls were crowded with immortal chefs. All of them were looking expectantly at the entrance.

City Lord Meng Qi stood in front of them all with her beautiful eyes fixed at the entrance as well.

Suddenly, several figures stepped out of the entrance.

At the sight of those familiar figures, a look of joy shone in her eyes, and her tensed heart finally relaxed at this moment.

She covered her mouth with a hand and felt like crying.

Bu Fang, Realm Lord Di Tai, City Lord Zou, and Lord Dog… They were back.

This meant the Immortal Cooking Realm had survived the crisis.

The Immortal Cooking Realm was saved.

For a moment, City Lord Meng Qi’s heart was filled with mixed emotions.

After a moment’s silence, the immortal chefs broke out in cheers, their voices and cries filled with genuine happiness and excitement.

The joy of victory filled every eye with tears.

The Immortal Cooking Realm was their home. They once thought that their home was about to be destroyed, but it was saved now. The happiness of surviving a calamity made them cheer from the bottom of their hearts.

Realm Lord Di Tai’s eyes turned somewhat blurry as he looked at the cheering immortal chefs, while a hint of a smile brushed his lips.

This was a moment that made him feel proud of being a realm lord.

Bu Fang also had a smile on his face.

They didn’t stay for too long in the third layer. The battle had greatly exhausted everyone, and they needed rest.

Bu Fang had depleted his divine perception after using the Peris.h.i.+ng Pot.

Realm Lord Di Tai had borrowed the Will of the Great Path, and it had severely hurt his body. Moreover, to quicken the growth of the Immortal Tree’s seedling, he had offered a great part of his blood essence. That was why he was in a weakened state at this moment, and his cultivation base of a Little Saint almost fell back to the level of a half-step Saint.

City Lord Zou’s body was already at its limit after fighting a great battle and using the last drop of his immortal energy. If Bu Fang hadn’t given him a crystal fruit of life, he would have died a long time ago.

They all needed a good rest.

Lord Dog, on the other hand, was in great shape. Strutting his elegant cat-like steps, he was thinking how Bu Fang would cook the leg of lamb as drool dripped down his mouth.

Meng Qi didn’t stay in the third layer either. She needed a rest as well, so she followed Bu Fang and the others back to Immortal Chef Little Store in the first layer.

The restaurant’s door creaked as it was being pushed open. A moment later, a strong aroma of dishes wafted out of the restaurant.

The smell made everyone feel that they had come to a different world. No matter if there was a war out there or not, Immortal Chef Little Store was always so cozy and tranquil.


The curtain separating the kitchen was lifted.

Xixi walked out with a dish in her hands and placed it on the table. A smile spread across her face when she saw Bu Fang and the others pushed through the door.

“Teacher Bu, you’re back!” she called out happily.

The Black Dragon King and the others walked out.

Nethery’s face was cold, and she was followed by Flowery, who was now a teenage girl.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Bu Fang and the others were fine.

They had been worrying about them.

Suddenly, Foxy, who was lying on Bu Fang’s shoulder, jumped on the table, fixing her eyes on the dish Xixi had brought out with a gluttonous look on her face.

Then, she threw herself to the plate and began eating.

Xixi looked curiously at Foxy.

“What a lovely little fox,” she exclaimed and reached out a hand to stroke Foxy’s head. The furry feeling made her giggle.

“She is Foxy, a new member of our restaurant,” Bu Fang said. After that, he rubbed Foxy’s head, then Xixi’s.

Both Foxy and Xixi were still children.

Realm Lord Di Tai and the others smiled at the warm scene.

They were so exhausted that they sat down on the nearest chairs and sighed softly.

Bu Fang glanced at the crowd and said, “Wait here. I’ll prepare some dishes that go well with wine. Cooking the Great Saint leg of lamb will wait until nightfall,”

Realm Lord Di Tai, City Lord Zou, and the others nodded.

Bu Fang smiled.

Suddenly, Realm Lord Di Tai seemed to have recalled something. He looked at Bu Fang and said, “Bu Fang, my little friend, don’t you want to know what the Immortal Tree gave you? Open the fruit and have a look.”

There was a look of curiosity on everyone’s face when they heard that.

Lord Dog also narrowed his eyes with great interest.

Bu Fang paused for a moment, then nodded. With a thought, the sparkling seven-colored fruit appeared in his hand.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun and slashed out like a meteor.

Under Bu Fang’s knife, the fruit’s seven-colored skin gradually peeled off and revealed the gift.

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