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Chapter 043

One Must Be Strong To Forge Metal

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Everyone believed that the Young Master would fall down at this moment or the next. How could their debauchee Young Master endure this type of h.e.l.lish training? Some of them wagered that Jun Xie would simply give up within the time of an incense stick. However, contrary to all their expectations, Jun Xie who was staggering unsteadily right from the beginning endured all the way until it was time for breakfast, his body still staggering unsteadily.

He… he actually persevered! This result caused everyone eyes to pop out.

Thus, they began speculating whether the Young Master will partic.i.p.ate in the afternoon training.

A vast majority of them believed that the amount of training endured had already exceeded the capacity of the Third Young Master. For him to endure all the way until now was already a rare feat!

After eating breakfast, there was only half an incense stick’s time for them to rest. However, none of them realized that Jun Xie did not even consider resting. Not wanting to waste any time at all, he returned to his room as he put up with the pain coming from his entire body’s aching muscles. Producing several bamboo tubes fully pierced with steel needles, he placed them methodically on the table. He then produced one bamboo tube without any steel needles on it and placed it within the formation of the preceding bamboo tubes. There was only the length of a palm’s thickness in between each of the bamboo tubes with steel needles. And Jun Xie wanted to hit the bamboo tube within the formation using his fingers without touching the tubes on either sides of this palm. In addition, the requirement was that his palms must pa.s.s through three bamboo tubes before hitting the final tube, with the strike making a sound!

This little training was targeted at training the flexibility of the fingers to the extreme! This training seemed simple, but was in fact very difficult! The needles were everywhere, causing any over or under usage of strength or failure in flexibility to result in the hand being pierced by the steel needles. That moment of pain would cause anyone’s hand to shake, which would in return cause even more needles to pierce the hand…

Jun Xie maintained an indifferent face as he calmly inserted his hands, which had undergone an intense session of morning training into it…

When afternoon training began, the house guards found Jun Xie standing on the training grounds, his fingers swollen and dripping with blood, but his face seemed better. In the following afternoon training session, he continued to persevere as he staggered unsteadily onwards until the end!

This result caused every one of the house guards’ eyes to fall to the ground!

Nonetheless, half of them still believed that this high level of training was already far beyond what the Third Young Master could endure. For him to endure all the way up to now was something highly commendable! He would not be able to continue on until late afternoon, would he?


In the late afternoon, he remained.

At this moment, all the guards were incited as their hearts roared: How could we, veterans of war who had endure countless training and battles lose to a tender bodied, pampered young master who could not suffer bitterness at all?

This perspective, caused these men who were standing on the edge of h.e.l.l to step directly into it! As long as Jun Xie did not stop, all the house guards would grit their teeth and endure to the end! As a result… everyone ended up being too fatigued…

Since Jun Xie was directing the training, it was only natural that Jun Wuyi was present as well. After having incited everyone’s morale to such heights, how exactly did he intend to train them? This was something that piqued Jun Wuyi’s curiosity. However, after witnessing the contents of the training sessions, Jun Wuyi felt a cold chill course violently through his spine!

Observing the guards carrying a huge, rough and unprocessed log running through the grounds without any leeway in between, Jun Wuyi’s eyes stared widely. Then, he spotted Jun Xie amongst them, carrying the same type of log as he ran. Jun Wuyi could not help but fiercely rubbed his eyes before looking again, then he rubbed his eyes again… in the end, he rubbed it until his eyelids suffered from pain as well!

If there was nothing wrong with his eyes, then the sun must have risen from the north today! How is this possible? Is this still my debauchee nephew? This is simply beyond ordinary!

After the day was over, Jun Xie finally ended the training. Those highly capable and st.u.r.dy house guards were all exhausted, akin to a dead dog. Each of them laid paralyzed on the ground like a piece of mud, their mouths wide open as they gasped for breath. Amongst the three hundred men, not a single one still possessed the strength to stand!

As for the two company leaders, one was bent as he gasped violently for breath, the other was straining, kneading his own waist.

Jun Xie’s face was pale white, his body seemingly about to fall, but he remained standing straight. With a sharp gaze, he observed the chaotic state of the three hundred men and suddenly shouted out. “Get your a.s.s off the ground and stand up! In three breaths time, those who cannot stand up will be eliminated! Bring your worthless body out of here and commit suicide! That is because you are not qualified to stand here! If you cannot even compare with this prodigal debauchee, what reason do you have to continue living?”

Immediately, everyone bounced up like a spring. They gritted their teeth as they staggered unsteadily. A few of them were almost unable to maintain themselves and were about to fall, but was propped up by those around them. If they were to lose to the third Young Master, then they would really have no face to continue living.

Jun Xie panted as he stared at them with a cold gaze. “As of now, who among you can still claim that you are not trash? Huh? With just one day’s worth of training, all of you have fallen to such a sorry state! Even though I am but a debauchee, I can still stand, but you? Do you all have the state of mind to lie down peacefully? Do none of you feel shame? A veteran of a hundred battles? Pei!”

All three hundred warriors had their faces etched with bitter shame; one by one, they all lowered their gaze to the ground. If this Young Master that everyone had constantly looked down upon can persevere and still stand to boot, then what reason could they have to lie down?

Jun Xie’s partic.i.p.ation in the day’s training was something witnessed by all of them. All of them felt their body aching and exhausted after the day’s training, but how did Jun Xie managed to endure it? Everyone knew that in order for the Third Young Master whose body was weaker than theirs to endure today’s training, the difficulty involved would be far harder!

Everyone gazed at Jun Xie, their eyes involuntarily filled with some degree of awe and… respect! Because what Jun Xie did today was done without the slightest foundation! On the other hand, they were a group of well-trained men…

Jun Xie gave them all a cold look before turning around and walking off, leaving only one sentence. “If this is to happen again tomorrow, then all three hundred of you can scram! The Jun Family does not waste its money of tras.h.!.+ Especially when they cannot compare with a debauchee!”

Watching Jun Xie’s back as he left, anyone who paid attention could see that his legs and all the muscles on his body was trembling uncontrollably. This was the uncontrollable sign that could appear only when someone had been exhausted to their very limits! However, Jun Xie’s face did not show the slightest bit of his current condition. In terms of endurance alone, no one there could compare with him!

If their debauchee Young Master could endure this tough level of training, then could these veterans of hundred battles say otherwise? Especially since their debauchee Young Master had undergone the same degree of training as them! Would they be able speak the words “difficult”? What a loss of face that would be! If they were to say those words, then the best case scenario would be to be looked down on with contempt by their comrades. But if they ended up being looked down on with contempt by the debauchee Young Master, then they should seriously just go commit suicide!

What would they do then, if they were to find out that there were eight weights strapped onto Jun Xie’s body? Would they become too embarra.s.sed to live?

None of them knew that at least a dozen spots on Jun Xie’s body suffered from torn skin due to the weights! Blood oozed out slowly from the wounds… The training that Jun Xie underwent was estimated to be at least three times more intense compared to the house guards!

This was a terrifying figure! If not for the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune supporting him, Jun Xie with the body of the original Jun Moxie would have died from over exhaustion ten times over! However, the reason Jun Xie acted as such was to pull out the divine powers of the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune. With a training program, which transcended life and death, he would then break through the limitations of his body!

Although Jun Wuyi had no idea that Jun Xie was practicing with weights attached to his body, Jun Xie’s performance today had moved this man who was once a great general who oversaw tens of thousands of soldiers!

Watching Jun Xie’s departing silhouette, Jun Wuyi felt greatly pleased. However, a suspicion remained within his heart: Could this be his true face? This… this is simply being too hard on yourself! Would any accident happen if this continues?

One must be strong to forge metal!*

[TL: “打铁,还得自身硬啊!” This last sentence is very vague.

Btw, to those who did not read the post “Jun Moxie”, I have changed the MC’s new name to Jun Moxie because i believe that was what the author intended.

Edit: What i meant was MC’s current body is named Jun Moxie, but in his past life, his name was Jun Xie. That is why he keeps referring to himself as Jun Xie. Sorry for the confusion.]

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