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Jun Mo Xie's tall body was straight, and his face had a sneer as he set his gaze on Dugu Wu Di, "Don't say that I must do this for the Dugu Family's reputation! In fact, I won't even do it even it was the Emperor's request! I won't save anyone's face now. In fact, I can't do it!"

Dugu Wu Di's lips squirmed. He felt very exhausted, "You can't do it? Can't even… Young Master Tang do it?"

"I request you to not speak of it. You and my third uncle are friends for life and death. So, I only ask you this — what would you do if you went out with my third uncle and someone pushed him into a dung pit?" Jun Mo Xie asked coldly.

"Fu*k that! Who'll dare to do it?! I'll destroy his entire family!" Dugu Wu Di became enraged, "Who dares to mess with my Third Younger Brother?"

"Would you still ask me to stand down in that case?" Jun looked at him in bafflement. His face was cold, but he was still elated. [General Dugu has always been a great friend!]

Dugu Wu Di was left tongue tied. In fact, he wasn't even able to say a single word.

[Honestly… I would also feel the same way if I were in his shoes!]

Jun Mo Xie turned his knife-like glare towards Huang Shu Liu, "Moreover, he must've had a reason since he has done this. Don't tell me that you don't want to know what that is?"

"No. I didn't do it! Why are you arbitrarily saying that I did it? Tang Yuan had fallen inside the pit due to his own carelessness! How does it involve me? Why are you levying these accusations against me?" Huang Shu Liu suddenly jumped up. His spit was flying everywhere. After all, he knew that his Huang Family couldn't provoke the Dugu Family, or the Jun Family… or even the Tang Family.

This meant that he would be done for if he sat on those charges. In fact, his entire family could face the danger of being destroyed.

Jun Mo Xie reached out with his hand, and pressed Huang Shu Liu head. Jun Mo Xie's movements were dull and slow. And, Huang Shu Liu had clearly seen Jun Mo Xie's hand approaching, but he couldn't have avoided it even if he had wanted to…

He looked stumped at Jun Mo Xie's right hand on his head. He then felt an abundance of powerful and hard-to-resist surge of energy seeping into his body. This energy then took control of each part of his body. In fact, he couldn't even close his eyes of his own desire if he wanted to. Then, he heard Jun Mo Xie's voice echo in his ears, "Open your eyes, and look at me!"

Huang Shu Liu couldn't help but open his eyes and see. However, he only saw a pair of eyes right in front of his own. Then, these eyes squinted and slowly turned into pools of inviable depths. He suddenly started to feel a subtle sense of drowsiness. And, everything started to seem like a dream to him. Huang Shu Liu did his utmost to struggle, but only to find that the two deep pool-like eyes had somehow turned into vast and starry skies by now...

The brightest of starry skies… the most brilliant of starry skies…

That cl.u.s.ter of stars glittered as he felt himself floating… he felt that he was lost in the boundless sky, and had no goal or direction to look towards.

Then, he heard an exceptionally mild and amiable voice. However, the voice seemed quite unclear and remote. In fact, it resembled an extremely warm lullaby. It unexpectedly made him relax. In fact, it made him lower his guard. This voice in his ear made him feel as secure as he used when he would lie down on his mother's lap in his childhood days.

Huang Shu Liu's expression turned from incredulous exhaustion to an extremely amiable one. It was also full of longing and comfort… and even extreme relief.

"What is your name?" the voice was still gentle. It resembled a spring breeze that had caressed a willow branch. But, the fragrance of flowers was still lingering in the wind. It was similar to a mother's whisper… or loved one's consolation.

"Huang Shu Liu…" Huang Shu Liu's face had a pleased, relieved, and gentle smile on it.

"What… were you doing last night?" Jun Mo Xie asked gently. Some of the Dugu Family's people were standing beside him. And, all of them had a look of extreme astonishment on their faces. [There's such a terrible method in this world which can control a person's mind…? A person will delightfully reveal his deepest secrets under the effect of this technique!]

[This is unbelievable!]

"Last night… last night…" Huang Shu Liu's gentle expression suddenly turned somewhat sinister, and somewhat pained, "I was at the Dugu Family's residence last night…. And, I heard that they were hosting their future son-in-law last night. d.a.m.n it..."

"Oh? What does that have to do with you? And, what did you do about it?"

Huang Shu Liu's expression became increasingly pained, "I should be the future son-in-law of the Dugu Family. I've been longing for Dugu Xiao Yi for six long years! She has grown up. But, her sight hasn't matured to see the truth of men. So, she settled on an incomparably horrible and loathsome trash of a debauchee. But, how can I admit defeat to him?! Moreover, our Huang Family isn't very powerful! And, it's been bullied over and over again since long now. In fact, it would've been destroyed if it weren't for our status of being related to the Dugu Family. But, my Huang Family can live without any worries if everything goes right between me and Dugu Xiao Yi! After all, we can't get closer to the Dugu Family with just my aunt. But, it would be different if I become Dugu Xiao Yi's husband… In fact, it can be considered more than a step closer!" he chuckled twice with pride while speaking this.

Everyone became quiet. [He has longed for her for six years?! She's only sixteen-and-half years old right now! This means that he has been after Xiao Yi ever since she was ten years old…]

[That's too early!]

"I had heard that the Dugu Family had rejected a proposal from the Imperial Family. So, I quickly rushed over to look for her parents. Anyway, the Dugu Family didn't seem very pleased with the Jun Family's heir either. However, I — Huang Shu Liu — am also considered a bright youngster of my generation. And, our families are already related. So, thing could turn out bright as long as my aunt would sweetly persuade Xiao Yi's parents. But, I had never expected that they would refuse so plainly. Moreover, they even hosted their future son-in-law in front of me!"

Everyone grunted one-after-the-other as they came to understand the matter. Dugu Zong Heng had also been informed of the situation. So, he had also rushed over by now while bustling with energy. But, his face became purple with anger when he heard that youngster speak those words. So, he moved forward to slap him.

Jun Mo Xie lightly shook his head, and waved his hand in order to indicate to the Old Man to not act recklessly or alarm his quarry.

"Oh… hosted the future son-in-law… So, what did you do?" Jun Mo Xie's voice became increasingly gentle.

"What did I do? What could I do? Hehe… I couldn't stand it! I could hear them drinking and shouting loudly. They were making so much noise that I couldn't even sleep. So, I quietly went to see what this legendary new Son-in-law of the Dugu Family looks like. Then, an extremely fat man came out staggering from the doorway by the time I reached there. He grabbed me, and told me to take him to the toilet. What kind of an insect did that Fatty take me to be? He had drunk so much that he couldn't even open his eyes to see my elegant-self?! He was as blind as a bat!

"I asked him who he was. And, that Fatty replied, 'Jun… Jun…' this made me even angrier. It seemed to me like he was the future Son-in-law. I had believed that the Dugu Family was looking for a good Son-in-law. But, he was an extremely obese… thing! Compared to me… Nah! He couldn't even be compared to me! d.a.m.n it! Who could stand such an unbearable thing?!"

"So, you…"

"I took him to the latrine and turned around. However, I suddenly thought that he could choke and die if I pushed him into that pit. He would at least become a huge joke even if he didn't choke or die. And, how could the Dugu Family make him their son-in-law if that happened? Wouldn't my value also increase at that time? He he…" he maliciously, and his face got covered with an expression of malevolence.

Everyone sighed. [He's a typical vile character.]

"So, I checked around to see that no one was there. Then, I a.s.sisted that hateful Fatty by holding his arm to a bigger latrine pit. But, this latrine was very far, and that Fatty was too heavy and unwieldy. In fact, I nearly died while bringing him here. Moreover, this Fatty was extremely muddleheaded, and was vomiting everywhere. He even thanked me after he vomit over me! And, that was when I kicked him inside. It's a pity that he didn't die. d.a.m.n that Fatty…"

Everyone had finally understood what was going on…

"This matter was supposed to have happened in secret. But, some guards came-up to the latrine at that unfortunate timing. It was too late for me to hide. So, I shouted at them to come and help… I told them that the Young Master had fallen into the latrine pit…"

He put on an expression of annoyance as he said this, "I realized that this Fatty wasn't Jun Mo Xie when they came over. I figured that I had made a huge mistake this time! After all, that Fatty wasn't Jun Mo Xie. But, he wasn't from a small family either! In fact, he was the heir to the Minister of Revenue! So, I couldn't let anyone know that it was my doing! After all, my whole Huang Family would be in danger of being destroyed if someone found out! I wasted so much effort… but only to provoke such great trouble!"

Jun Mo Xie's hand struck this youngster resolutely, and he fainted as a result. Then, Young Master Jun stood up and shook with laughter, "The Dugu Family genuinely has a lot of hidden talent! In fact, it even has such a young and promising Young Master for a relative! We two brothers were drinking at your household, but we didn't expect that we would be plotted against whilst being your guests! I don't know if this could be considered a deliberate plan…? This… is genuinely unimaginable…"

The men of all three generations of the Dugu Family became flushed with anger.

They had been ashamed by the fact that such a thing had happened inside the Dugu Household. Jun Mo Xie's voice hadn't been loud, but it had felt like a hot knife whilst being plunged into their innards.

The Young Master's tone was dull, but his words were as sharp as knife. Moreover, they were full of truth. In fact, there was no exaggeration.

This was undoubtedly an extremely humiliating matter for them. After all, that unimaginable event had happened at the Dugu Household, and it would certainly destroy their reputation. One of their relatives had pushed a guest into a latrine pit in their own household! And, the fact that it could be called a 'deliberate murder attempt' didn't make things better…

Moreover, this particular guest was Grandson to Tang Family's Lord Tang Wan Li. And, he was the son of the Minister of Revenue! He was the Tang Family's future heir, and Tian Xiang City's G.o.d of Wealth!

The Dugu Family would be ridiculed throughout the Xuan Xuan Continent if the news of this spread out. Who would dare to come and drink at the Dugu Household in the future?

"Guards! Come here! Take this brat for his execution, and feed his chopped meat to the dogs!" Dugu Zong Heng roared in fury. "Send a letter to the Huang Family. Tell them to give me an explanation for this! I will send an army if they don't satisfy me in this matter! Tell them that my armored horses will trample over the Golden East City! And, not a single member of the Huang Family will be left alive! Let's see who dares to play games inside my house again!"

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