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Chapter 796: Close Kin Slaughtering Each Other!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

More importantly, no one had seen anyone from the Li Family’s side join the war from start to end! One must know that Grand Preceptor Li had acc.u.mulated a great amount of strength over the years. Although the number of experts in his forces may not be very high, in terms of an ordinary army, they could definitely be considered the elites among the elites! If they joined the battle, it would instantly be a deciding factor! Even if they didn’t win straight out, the second prince’s forces would not be drawn into such a bitter fight where they had to trade lives with their enemies, and even teether along the edge of being completely wiped out!

The Emperor also definitely had his own trump cards, but Li You Ran’s strategy in controlling this war was to maximise the chaos in the city as much as possible; the bigger, the better. His heart was as steady as a mountain. After all, Jun Mo Xie would turn up in the end to clean up the scene! He would take the battle before his eyes as just some entertainment. No matter how many people died, it wouldn’t affect Young Master Li’s heart at all. It was best if everyone died…

“This Li You Ran… is really a rare talent!” Jun Mo Xie sighed and muttered. “He’s such a clever man, why must he be a crook!” He raised his head and looked in the direction of the Prince Equivalent, wondering about the little rascal Yang Mo and thinking to himself: Should I keep this Li You Ran? Is it a good thing… or a bad thing to keep him alive?

To kill such a talent… he truly felt it to be somewhat of a pity. But if he kept him alive… apart from himself, who in this world could keep Li You Ran’s heaven shocking talent and scheming mind in check?

Yang Mo… does he have that ability?

Even though he was facing a scene where thousands of soldiers and horses were smas.h.i.+ng against each other, Jun Mo Xie only stood quietly to ponder about his own thoughts. It was as if the slaughter fest in front of his eyes was not worth a single glance. He did not put it to his heart at all.

The dense killing intent and cries of war formed into a wave, accompanying the spring breeze as it washed over his head. His hair floated lightly, exposing his clear forehead and those slightly furrowed brows…

The Jun Mo Xie in that moment seemed to have a deeper and more melancholic feel about him. As if he were a simple youth, not familiar with the ways of the world, feeling an unknown, inexplicable sorrow for the first time in his life as he faced the spring flowers and autumn moons and the relentless river of time and the ages…

“Long live! Long live! …” At this time, a chorus of excited roars rang out in the battlefield like a tsunami. Jun Mo Xie raised his head and looked up from his daze only to see that the Emperor had grown restless after failing to break the ranks of his opponent after so long. Raising his sword, he’d charged into battle personally, causing the royal guards behind him to jump up in fear and hurriedly follow after him.

With the Emperor stepping onto the battlefield personally, and even leading the troops himself, the boost in morale to the troops was undoubtedly huge! The royal army was practically shouting itself hoa.r.s.e, and the soldiers’ eyes were red as they rushed over, as if they didn’t want their lives anymore… As the saying went, a single general risking his life makes ten thousand soldiers invincible! Right now, it was not just a mere general risking his life… In just a short moment, the pressure on the side of the second prince multiplied greatly. Even with superior formations, Li You Ran’s brilliant strategies were not sufficient to stem this tide!

The third prince who was heavily protected by his guards suddenly saw that their side was in an absolute advantageous position, and the second prince’s forces were being beaten back repeatedly. Recognizing his opportunity, he roared like a tiger. “Bring the drums! This Prince will personally drum up some support for Royal Father! Royal Father is wise and brilliant; may he vanquish this evil traitor Yang Dan in one swift stroke!”

Very quickly, a soldier carried a huge drum over. The third prince threw his cloak behind him and walked forward suavely, grabbing the drumsticks. Then, he began beating upon it energetically with the momentum of fierce winds and relentless rains! It was actually very rhythmic, and from the looks of it, the rumours that this Prince was spending his free time beating the drums while watching his wives and concubines play soccer naked… was actually not that far fetched. Judging from the skills he was displaying today, it seemed like he had practiced for a long time…

The drumbeats fell like rain, dense and rapid. All the soldiers were all shouting at the top of their lungs. “Your Majesty is mighty! His highness the crown prince is awe inspiring! We will definitely be victorious!!” Their voices shook the earth and trembled the heavens, as if they’d already won…

The reason this crown prince took up the drums to boost the morale of the army was because… the Emperor himself had stepped onto the battlefield. As the crown prince, it would be too inappropriate if he didn’t step up himself. But for him to enter the battle personally… this “awe inspiring” crown prince was simply too afraid of death. Thus, he came up with this idea!

Beating the drums was something that could directly increase the morale of the army, but… it was actually done at the back of the army. It was even extremely far back, to the point where it was nearly at the most rear. Even the straightest arrow… would not reach him…

One had to admit that this crown prince was also quite talented in his own way. At least, he was quite quick-witted in critical moments!

The battle at the frontlines was growing more and more intense. The battle drums on both sides resounded like thunder, and war banners flew high in the sky among the huge crowd of people. Just at this time, a completely unexpected situation that no one would have thought of appeared!

The third prince Yang Zhe… or rather, the current crown prince suddenly threw his drumsticks aside and stood up pa.s.sionately. Raising his chicken like neck, he roared to the heavens.

Suddenly, he took a large step and strode out, walking towards his warhorse with a never before seen pride and determination! His steps were firm and forceful, and his back was straight! His short stubby legs crossed in front of him as he walked, like a cat walking on a straight line, showing the demeanor of a crown prince of a country!

Everyone who saw this could not help but to praise in their hearts: This! This is our crown prince! See how heroic he is, how brave, and unafraid of death! How many geniuses… eh? What is going on?!

The crown prince leapt onto his horse with a single jump, clasped his legs around the horse and under the disbelieving eyes of the crowd, he pulled out the riding crop and whipped it sharply across the horse’s rear end. Then he raised his voice and roared loudly. His usual duck-like voice sounded extraordinarily heroic this time. “This crown prince is also going! A man should live and die for their country; why should they give their lives pointlessly on the battlefield! Royal Father, your little d*cky is here!”

To think that he actually came up with a poem on the spot! And it was actually such a memorable one, one iconic enough to be pa.s.sed down for thousands of years! This poem was filled with both literacy fluency and martial inspiration. Truly a perfect combination of literacy grace and martial virtues! As expected of the crown prince ah! Everyone was filled of praises, until they heard the last sentence. The entire crowd was stunned in an instant! Their mouths hung wide open unable to be closed, and shock was written over the faces of every single person…

“Royal Father! Your little d*cky is here!”

What kind of words were those?

Could it be that your royal father usually didn’t bring his little… thing out? And you needed to go and deliver it to him? If not… where did you three siblings come out from? All self-proclaimed? That would be too outrageous right? Unless this was a loving nickname that the father and son used in private? In that moment, everyone was stunned speechless as they looked at each other.

Such a strange scene was naturally directed by Young Master Jun!

Actually, this term “little d*cky” also had some origins to it. The third prince was called Yang Zhe, and the second part of his name, Zhe, was a word made up with two ‘Ji’ written side by side 1 . The Young Master Jun, who wasn’t as well versed in literature, didn’t really understand the word, and having never seen the need to learn such a word, he always separated the name and called the third prince as Yang Ji Ji. Thus in that moment, he simply used his favorite and most convenient term, which was the ‘your little d*cky is here’…

The uncultured Young Master Jun actually ended up causing the newly appointed crown prince to become such a huge joke right in front of the battlefield. Regarding this, Young Master Jun indeed felt somewhat apologetic. He’d clearly intended for the crown prince to yell out ‘Ji Ji’; as for what others interpreted it as, he could only say that these people’s minds were too dirty…

In any case, it was a person who was going to die soon anyway… just call him whatever you like…

While this took a long time to describe, only an instant had pa.s.sed in reality! Just as everyone was still in a state of shock, the crown prince had charged out atop his warhorse, killing all the way towards his Royal Father while crying out: “Royal Father! Your little Ji Ji is here…”

In that moment, both sides’ soldiers only looked on with shock. A few people who were in the midst of fighting even forgot to swing their swords as they looked at the wildly charging crown prince with disbelief…

The second prince awoke first from the state of shock, and began laughing madly… one by one, everyone clutched their stomachs and laughed until tears rolled down their cheeks. “Your Majesty, so it turns out that you were afraid for your little thing and decided to keep it away first before the battle… Your Majesty is truly far sighted, this official has complete admiration for you! Tian Xiang is truly blessed to have such a prudent Emperor! There is nothing that the country cannot achieve like this! All of us here are men, we can understand why you did that, HAHA…”

The entire battlefield was filled with the voices of mocking laughter. There actually weren’t any sides anymore!

The Emperor was so angry that his face turned green, and even his chest grew tight, as if he was going to have a heart attack. But at this juncture, who could he turn his wrath to? The enemy? Who would bother with him? His own people? Wouldn’t that simply douse the morale in the hearts of his own soldiers? Left with no other alternatives, he raised his finger shakily and pointed it at his son. “Idiot! What nonsense are you spouting!”

The crown prince Yang Zhe had rushed over excitedly, only to be met with a faceful of steaming fart. In that moment, his face turned aggrieved as he cried out, “Royal Father, it’s me, your little Ji Ji ah, I’ve come to help you, why are you scolding me? I’m your little d*cky ah, don’t you want me anymore…”

Jun Mo Xie himself was still hidden nearby, but he was laughing so hard that his stomach hurt. Still, it was enough for the show to reach up to this point. It can be closed now! Pointing his finger at the crown prince’s head, Yang Zhe suddenly hollered with rage. “Yang b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Roll over here for this daddy to die!”

This sentence was even more amazing, directly turning himself into his second elder brother’s daddy!

The Emperor was so angered that he nearly fell off his horse! But before he had the time to lecture him, Yang Zhe opened his mouth and began cursing fluidly, whipping his horse and charging into no man’s land. His warhorse was like a soaring dragon, leaping into the air and diving into the enemy’s ranks, stabbing towards the second prince!

His enemies parted to the two sides as he approached, like water before a s.h.i.+p, clearing him a wide berth forward!

It was actually the dazzling scene of a single hero charging into the enemy’s ranks to take the head of the opposing general!

“WOW!! His Highness the crown prince is amazing!” The a.s.s kissers on their side had already begun to cheer with excitement!

Before their voices had faded, the crown prince Yang Zhe had already charged all the way to the second prince’s side. His war horse neighed and snorted fiercely, lifting up both front hooves like a scene out of a legendary story!

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