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Published at 15th of July 2019 06:00:08 AM Chapter 853: 853

Jun Mo Xie waved his hand and called over the waiter, casually ordering some dishes without even glancing at the price . He directly ordered a huge table of dishes, causing the waiter to celebrate internally as he brought over a pot of tea before running to the kitchen to inform the chefs .

That handsome young master was obviously a rich person ah, this time, his commision would surely be huge . But who would have thought that this rich looking young master was actually just an empty sh.e.l.l . Not only would he not have the money to pay for the entire table of food, he didn't even have any money to pay for a single dis.h.!.+

“What's your name?” The black-robed man looked at Jun Mo Xie and asked with a deadpan expression . Jun Mo Xie realized that this fellow had actually managed to cultivate to such a high level that even the look in his eyes could be changed at will!

“Is there really a need to ask for a name? Names are just symbols, what's the point of going through so much trouble!” Jun Mo Xie looked at him exasperatedly . “How nice would it be to just have a good drink? After drinking, you go your way and I go mine . Isn't that more straightforward?”

“Nonsense! You used your spiritual sense to probe this Young Master and followed behind me like a fly, all to have a drink with me? Do you think this Young Master is an idiot?” The black-robed man said icily . “Stop playing the fool with this Young Master . What do you want? Quickly say it!”

“Alright, alright, I'll speak honestly . There's no need to raise your voice and speak so domineeringly . ” Jun Mo Xie smiled in a graceful manner, pretentiously .

Although the black-robed man was behaving coldly, his interest was still aroused as he asked, “What's the reason?”

Jun Mo Xie splayed his hands and spoke . “Truthfully, it's like this: from the moment I first saw you, I discovered that you're like a firefly in the darkness, radiating eye-catching light . Although you were among a sea of people, an outstanding man like you, stood out like a crane amongst a group of chickens no matter where you went . Your individual splendour was so great that it caused me to feel incredibly amazed and impressed… Your dazzling radiance caused me to feel faint, and I felt like if I couldn't treat you to a drink, it would be a great crime, the gravest of sins . Even three lifetimes of regret would not be able to describe the gut-wrenching regret I would have felt if that happened… So even though I didn't have any money, I was still determined to treat you to a drink…”

“Stop!” The black-robed man's cold expression finally broke, and his emotionless eyes moved . He raised his head, rolled his eyes, and looked at the ceiling for a long time, looking as if he was about to faint . Finally, he shook his head a few times and smacked the table . “Rascal thing! What the father f*cking f*ck are you talking about? Are those the words of a human?”

“Did I not make myself clear enough? I basically meant to say… you and I are fated! Our fate has lasted for many lifetimes; in the last life, I was a man and you were a woman…” Jun Mo Xie said with complete seriousness, his tone deep and emotional . A look of truthfulness shone in his eyes as he continued with conviction: “… You were my wife!”

“Your mum's fart! Why don't you just go and die?!” The black-robed man's thousand over years' cultivated patience and self reservation completely disappeared in an instant as he swore incoherently . His face had already turned as dark as the bottom of a wok . Even from the arms that he'd placed on the table, one could see a layer of gooseb.u.mps slowly rising out . His body frame that was normally as stable as a mountain was shaking as if he were sitting in a freezer…

“I know you have your doubts, but it's the truth . ” Jun Mo Xie shook his head and said . “If you don't believe me, you could go down there and ask around . Although all our relatives from the last life are no longer around, their souls are still there . If you can go and ask them, I'm sure they will definitely give you a reply! This way, you should believe me now right?! My fated person!”

Go and ask? So I should kill myself first and then go to the underworld to seek the answers?! Fated person? Dogfart fated person! The black robed man who was on the brink of collapse grabbed the two sides of the table, his veins bulging dangerously as he gritted his teeth tightly . His eyes were blazing with fire, and even his breath had become heavy and ragged . “Little rascal, you think that it's very fun to play with this Young Master? Do you know how to write the word death?”

His veins along his temples throbbed heavily as he spoke, and his eyes raged with anger!

It'd been over a thousand years, and no one had ever been able to anger him to such an extent before; no matter when, he'd always maintained a graceful att.i.tude like an unstained prince . Even when he was being chased around by the entire world, this hadn't changed at all . Even when faced against a situation of near certain death, he still greeted it in a graceful manner . But after meeting this brat today, this mental state of his had been completely shredded into pieces! How could his mental state be this unstable?!

But, that fellow's words were simply too… disgusting… who can bear it?

“Look at you… I already said that there wasn't a specific purpose, but you wanted me to say it . Now that I've said it… you don't believe me!” Jun Mo Xie shrugged his shoulders helplessly . “Why are you so difficult to please?”

After saying that, he narrowed his eyes and continued . “Besides… even if I really have a motive, did you think that I would tell you just because you asked? Aren't you a bit too naive? Although naive people are cute, it's quite a challenge to even survive in this complicated world . Your strength is not bad, but it's not enough to deal with the schemes of the pugilistic world! You should listen to me…” Jun Mo Xie advised seriously .

The black-robed man suddenly spat out a long breath of air . This breath stretched on for five whole minutes, until Jun Mo Xie's words were stuck in his mouth, and his hair and sleeves fluttered behind him like a heavenly celestial . One could see that this person's anger had already been pent up to a level far above what a normal person could endure…

After he was done, he slapped the table heavily, shouting, “Waiter! Why isn't the food served yet? Could it be that you are going to the fields to plant the grains now?! Hurry it up for this old man!”

He turned his head not even looking at Jun Mo Xie . He felt that if he looked at that detestable sissy face again, he would not be able to stop himself from risking the worsening of his heavy injuries to pluck out the tongue of this little creature!

He felt incredibly exasperated in his heart .  This old man has lived for more than a thousand years, but I've never seen such a base person person! How motherf*cking… infuriating!

You were the man and I was the wife in our past life… This Young Master will f*ck you! Just with this Young Master's thousand years of age, it should be more than enough for you brat to live more than 10 lifetimes?!

The black-robed man rolled his eyes speechlessly . All this was too sudden, and he felt that it was a grave mistake! If he knew that he would meet such a character, he would have rather remain sealed underground for another 500 years…

“Hohoho… er, this little brother”, Jun Mo Xie chuckled in a hair raising manner, asking, “what's your esteemed name?”

“This little… brother?!” The black-robed man's face was instantly filled with black lines . Clenching his teeth forcefully and sucking in a deep breath of cold air, he spat . “What the f*ck?! Even the ancestor of your ancestor of your ancestor does not have the qualifications to call this Young Master little brother! Do you understand?!!!”

“Alright, I understand, I understand; it's just a form of address . Why are you so upset again… then… this old brother, what's your age?” Jun Mo Xie changed his words and said with a friendly smile .

The black-robed man banged his head against the table and grabbed his hair with both hands, seemingly breathless with anger . Faint wheezing sounds came out of his mouth as he gnashed his teeth . “Can you just shut your d.a.m.n mouth?! Will you die if you don't talk?!”

“It's naturally fine to not talk . But it shouldn't be linked to the level of life and death right? Could it be that this old brother is still not happy with this form of address? Then how about young bro? Old pal? Which one do you like more?… Don't look at me with such fierce eyes; this one's heart is thumping madly because of it… Actually, the food at this Tanguan Hall is really very good . The last time I was here, that taste… ah, it's truly delicious… it was somebody else's treat the last time and that was simply enjoyable . This time, it's my turn to do the treating, but I didn't bring any silvers…”

Jun Mo Xie blabbered on and on, his mouth continuing nonstop as he asked anxiously . “Er… although I did say I was treating today… but you… really didn't bring any money? Money, that means silver coins, bronze coins, paper money, or gold is fine too… you really didn't bring any?”

The black-robed man lifted his head lightly and banged it down against the table repeatedly, all the while accompanied by helpless sighs on the verge of tears…

“It's fine, it's fine… there's no need to feel so sad…” Jun Mo Xie patted his chest and consoled . “Relax! Isn't it just a meal? Besides, forgetting to bring some silvers is not any embarra.s.sing matter . Everyone's experienced it before . I already said that I'm treating, so they won't accuse you of being a free loafer . Let me tell you, the last time I was…”

The black-robed man raised his head with a despondent face and looked at Young Master Jun, as if he were beholding a tall mountain with awe and great admiration . Suddenly he grabbed Jun Mo Xie's hands and cried out with tears in his eyes . “Elder brother… I'll call you elder brother, okay? This lifetime… for over 1,300 years, I've never been convinced with anyone with before . But today, I'm truly convinced by you… could you just shut your mouth? Just shut your mouth?! My dear elder brother ah ah ah ah!!!”

By the end of his sentence, the black-robed man was already howling and banging his head against the table in a deranged manner… such a painful sight, anyone who saw it would feel a surge of pity rise from their hearts . This fellow looked like someone whose chrysanthemum had just been abused by a gang of Xuan Beasts . And those Xuan Beasts were all huge and powerful creatures like bears, lions, tigers, elephants, and such…

His voice was simply a little too loud, and right now was still a peak hour meal time for the restaurant . In an instant, all the guests in the Tanguan Hall turned their heads to look, scratching their heads with confusion . What was all this about elder brothers and little brothers? What's going on to cause such a commotion?

Jun Mo Xie cleared his throat dryly for a moment, stood up and clasped his fists to the crowd as he explained . “My apologies everyone, my brother here is autistic . He's fine normally and is a good person…”

As he said that, a chorus of 'OHHH' rang out through the restaurant .

“You're the autistic one! Your entire family is autistic!” The black-robed man waved his sleeves and roared, his face painted with wrath, his entire body tottering like a chrysanthemum flickering in the wind…

He was truly angered to an extreme point…

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