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Chapter 1241: Pulling the Snake Out of Its Hole

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Thailand, Dark Shaman Clan.

Singluen was sitting cross-legged on a futon while holding a cell phone. Murderous intent filled his eyes after he heard Tang Xiu’s words. He then replied, “Boss, although I’m the Patriarch of Dark Shaman Clan, I’ve decided to follow you and will accept any of your decisions unconditionally.”

His stance and att.i.tude were very much to Tang Xiu’s satisfaction, and he slowly said, “I’m sure you’re well aware of the feud between the Tang Sect and the Celestial Wizard Clan. I never planned to give up exterminating the Celestial Wizard Clan. Therefore, I think your Dark Shaman Clan had enough time to build up your power. It’s time for your clan to go out and act.”

“You can expect to have all the core members of my clan or even all of us to come out, Boss,” Singluen replied with all seriousness. “Just point your finger and we’ll move and fight for you! We’ve developed our strength for quite some time and I a.s.sure you that the Dark Shaman Clan has already changed. Even my father won’t go against my decision.”

“There’s no need to dispatch all your strength,” Tang Xiu replied. “Just take out all the experts in Dark Shaman Clan and head to Saipan. Stay there and wait for my next order.”

“Understood!” Singluen complied and then hung up.

Soon after, his figure appeared on the roof. Then, five figures flickered from a distance and emerged before Singluen in a flash.


Five vigorous old men greeted and in salute.

“Inform all the clan’s elders to convene for a meeting.” Singluen issued an order in a deep voice. “Our clan is about to face a life and death battle. Tell them to put aside everything they’re currently occupied with!”


The five old men exchange glances. They had no idea about the urgent matter Singluen was talking about. However, they had sworn their loyalty to Singluen and accepted the order without hesitation and quickly flashed into the distance.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoosh…

After several minutes, flickering figures kept coming fast and then stood in the large courtyard. They were all elders of the Dark Shaman Clan, the most powerful group of experts in the clan. The cultivation technique they practiced came from Tang Xiu through Singluen, plus the cultivation resources they obtained from trading demon stone with Tang Xiu had made them much stronger than a year ago. Some of whom even had their strength rapidly soar by tenfold or more.

After half an hour, all the higher-ups of Dark Shaman Clan appeared in front of Singluen, except for his father. The Dark Shaman Clan had a total of 14 Elders, and their cultivation was comparable to experts at the Golden Core Stage.

“Patriarch, the news we received mentioned about an urgent thing related to the life and death of the clan? What exactly is it?” the only female, whose silver hair fluttered by the wind and wore a red robe, asked. She didn’t look to have aged and her facial feature looked like she was in her 30s instead along with her alluring figure.

Instead of answering, Singluen narrowed his eyes and asked, “Where’s my father?”

Several Elders exchanged dismayed glances and hesitated. Finally, Singman, said, “He left our clan after you entered seclusion, Patriarch. He hasn’t returned yet.”

“He naturally harbors some resentment since he was ousted from the Patriarch seat despite being in his prime.” Singluen sneered. “If my guess is correct, he’s still concerned about my elder brother and staying here kind of makes him sullen. Just let him go since he chose to leave then! But he’s no longer an Elder of the Dark Shaman Clan henceforth.”


The 14 Elders were secretly shocked by the sudden decision. However, recalling the dramatic changes the Dark Shaman Clan had gone through after Singluen took over the Patriarch seat, they finally accepted the decision.

“Alright, can you now elaborate about what exactly is going on, Patriarch?” asked Singman.

“It’s about the Celestial Wizard Clan,” Singluen explained. “They’re preparing to take action on our clan and I just got the news about it from Tang Xiu. A retired Elder of the Celestial Wizard Clan, Helios Luna, is currently negotiating with him. He wants cultivators of the Tang Sect to stop aiding our clan.”

In that instant, the complexions of all 14 Elders of the Dark Shaman Clan greatly changed and looked angry. Some who had a short fuse even threw out curses.

“That d.a.m.n Celestial Wizard Clan persecuted our ancestors and only very few survived back then. Our clan has just barely recovered a bit of vitality after so many years, but these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds never had the intention to let us off.”

“Why the h.e.l.l should we fear them? The Dark Shaman Clan is no longer a weak coward that can be trampled by anyone! Since the Celestial Wizard Clan wants to exterminate us, then let’s give it right back at them! I just studied some powerful secret arts. I’m gonna verify these arts with their blood.”

“The Celestial Wizard Clan is indeed stronger than our clan, but the strength of our entire clan has also been progressing rapidly. Since they are now baring their fangs, then let’s cut off their fangs and break their dog legs.”

“Let’s throw it back at them, Patriarch! For our Dark Shaman Clan and for revenge for our ancestors!”


While observing the 14 Elders’ faces, Singluen sneered. “Do you really think the current strength of our clan can contend with the Celestial Wizard Clan?”

“Even if we can’t, we must make them pay a painful price!” an elder cried out in a deep voice.

“I understand the fury harbored in your hearts, Elders. I do,” Singluen indifferently said. “I can tell you even I myself am even more furious than you. But anger alone cannot solve the problem. The reason I summoned you here is to discuss the measure of how to inflict the heaviest blow to the Celestial Wizard Clan and minimize the loss.”

Suddenly, the 14 Elders of the Dark Shaman Clan fell into silence. They were filled with fury just now and clamoring to vent their anger. But at the end of the day, they were also well aware that the clan didn’t have the capital to rival the Celestial Wizard Clan even though the clan’s strength had progressed greatly during this period.

Singman thought for a while and said, “Patriarch, I’m sure you’ve already made a decision since you summoned us here. It is you who brought our clan to our current strength. Therefore, we also hope that you can lead us to inflict heavy losses to the Celestial Wizard Clan, and even destroy them.”

“That’s right, we’ll obey your command!”

“You’re the biggest contributor in the clan. Just give us your command, Patriarch!”

“We’ve given our loyalty to you. Give us the order and we’ll head to battle!”


Nodding contentedly, Singluen then said, “That being the case, summon all the masters in the clan. We’ll sneak into Saipan and stay low for a while. Also, you should know about the deep feud between Tang Sect and the Celestial Wizard Clan. Therefore, Tang Sect’s Sovereign Tang Xiu has decided to launch a campaign against the Celestial Wizard Clan. Our clan will cooperate with Tang Sect. I’m sure those Celestial Wizard b.a.s.t.a.r.ds will definitely be scared senseless.”


The 14 Elders were ecstatic since they all knew about Tang Xiu and the Tang Sect. Since Tang Xiu was going to attack the Celestial Wizard Clan, it was naturally not an issue to them. On the one hand, it could not only solve the threat posed by the Celestial Wizard Clan but also a chance to inflict a heavy blow to the enemy and get revenge for their ancestors. All in all, it was a great thing since they could solve everything with one move.


Sunny Island.

After calling Singluen, Tang Xiu returned to the front of Helios Luna again and indifferently said, “I’ve called the elders of my sect and talked about your conditions. I don’t know what they will decide for now. Perhaps they are discussing it now.”

Helios Luna’s expression eased and he smilingly said, “Alright. No problem.”

Tang Xiu coldly hummed and headed straight to the altar and sat cross-legged, waiting quietly for Chen Zhizhong to completely learn and operate the secret art.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Figures flickered from the liner to the sh.o.r.e. Of the more than 200 people from Sacred Flame, several of them were killed in battle. None of the Tang Sect disciples died, and only one of them was lightly injured.

Helios Luna slightly frowned and killing intent flashed in his eyes after seeing the people of Sacred Flame. He turned to Tang Xiu and sneered. “You pulled quite a stunt, Tang Xiu! Just like the adage in your country, do to others as you would have them do to you, huh! I really never expected you to realize the line skillfully and use these money-hungry Sacred Flame b.a.s.t.a.r.ds against me in turn.”

“Shut the f*ck up, a.s.shole!” the big black man angrily yelled.

Helios Luna glanced at Tang Xiu, who looked indifferent, before flas.h.i.+ng to the black man instantly. His speed was extremely fast and only took him a blink of an eye to appear in front of him. The moment he transformed into a miniature version of a black dragon, he struck a heavy blow to the black man’s chest.

BAM… crack…

The black man’s chest bones caved and he crazily spurted out a mouthful of blood as his body flew upside down to the back like a snapped kite.

It was just one strike, but the black man was instantly killed.

More than 200 members of Sacred Flame were shocked. Little did they expect that the strongest among them wasn’t even able to fight back and was insta-killed by Helios Luna


Tens of masters closest to Helios Luna bolted fast while roaring, believing that no matter how powerful Helios Luna was, he wouldn’t be able to withstand these many people attacking him. After all, even ants were able to kill an elephant due to their numbers.

“Heh, a bunch of ants!”

Contempt and disdain flashed in Helios Luna’s eyes. He chanted a strange hex as a black knife suddenly appeared in his hand out of thin air and instantly darted toward the attackers.

A hundred-meter blade light flashed and slashed forward from the 30cm black knife. The tens of Sacred Flame’s experts that stormed over were all slashed, creating a rain of blood and leaving their corpses scattered on the ground in halves.

Tang Xiu, sitting cross-legged on the altar, suddenly opened his eyes at this moment and yelled. “ALL OF YOU, STOP! Don’t blame me for being ruthless if any of you makes another move!”

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