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Chapter 1963 - The Most Terrifying and Chaotic Cause

“Regarding Realm Sea, there is no need for us to explain what kind of substance this place is made of further. Being here right now definitely gives you the most direct observation.” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist said.

Realm Sea was formed from piled up ruined worlds, at the same time carrying the power of time. This place looked like a sea, but it was actually extremely strange, extremely terrifying.

s.h.i.+ Hao listened carefully. Even though he had all types of suspicions, there were some things that he still didn’t understand thoroughly enough.

“In the end, all sin and chaos are on the other end of this sea.” Number Two Under Heaven said with a sigh.

It was because from the past until now, generation after generation of creatures crossed the sea, wis.h.i.+ng to reach the other end, producing all types of disputes and great battles from this.

“Saying things like this isn’t right either, all chaos and disorder arise from the heart.” The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist said with a light sigh.

These were two old kings, they understood many secrets. As they watched the rising and falling sea, as well as the terrifying primordial symbol lights that surged from time to time, they all felt too many emotions.

At the end of the Realm Sea, there was a Land of Darkness. Past that might be the ultimate secret. That was why countless creatures advanced wave upon wave, wis.h.i.+ng to cross this sea.

Immortal Domain, the creatures of the Nine Heavens and others, there were some people who really were mighty, wis.h.i.+ng to quell the chaos from the source.

In those experts’ perspective, all of the chaos rose from the darkness. Only by reaching that ultimate destination will there be a chance of settling the most basic problem.

It was because they discovered that even the foreign realm was created from darkness.

In the other side, there were undying kings and even ultra evolved beings who were corroded by darkness, and only then did they reach the highest peak.

In reality, Immortal Domain’s giants also seized more than a single ordinary undying king. After carefully examining them, they found darkness traces even within their bodies.

It could be said that the entire foreign realm was the descendant of the Land of Darkness!

There were many clues that proved that the foreign realm’s ancestors were all darkness corroded creatures.

“Apart from wis.h.i.+ng to quell the source of disaster and powerful creatures, even more people want to search for natural luck, wish to become even stronger!”

Number Two Under Heaven said with a grave expression. Moreover, this was the ‘mainstream’, there really were too many people like this.

From past until now, the creatures that belonged to the ‘mainstream’ advanced wave upon wave, it truly was terrifying, no one able to say just how many there were.

“It is precisely because of this that even more chaos acc.u.mulated. Sooner or later, it will all detonate. These creatures are the most powerful trigger for the most terrifying great chaos!”

The Ecliptic Immortal Gold Daoist’s expression was grave. He revealed some of the most fundamental parts of the issue.

In this world, immortal kings were already at the very summit, difficult to climb any higher. The creatures of this level had cultivated for an endless amount of time. What they wanted the most was to break through the king realm, become an emperor!

However, from past until now, there has never been anyone who succeeded!

Realm Sea contained too many secrets, especially at the very end, beyond the Land of Darkness. It was rumored to be where the ultimate mysteries lied, the chance to take a step further in one’s cultivation.

Some of history’s most ancient recordings pointed there. If one wanted to become an emperor, perhaps Realm Sea was the final choice.

That was why these kings set out, not fearing life and death, one falls, the next follows. Generation after generation of people departed from their respective worlds, crossing this terrifying sea.

There was no lack of immortal kings, undying kings and even burial kings among them!

They came from different worlds, but their objectives were the same, to become emperors!

Even the foreign realm was no exception, to the extent where they were even more moved. All types of signs pointed that their power and their inheritance came from darkness.

This meant that they were even more vigorous on this matter, wis.h.i.+ng to cross Realm Sea, pay homage to the darkness holy land, wis.h.i.+ng to break through and become an emperor!

Of course, at this level, undying kings all had their own thoughts. They called it a pilgrimage, but it was really that they wanted to become emperors. They didn’t carry much reverence inside.

To put it simply, Realm Sea was the sea of emperor ascension!

From past until now, among those who wanted to cross Realm Sea, ninety percent of them went because they wanted to become emperors. This was the mainstream!

Nine Heavens, Immortal Domain, Burial Earth, foreign realm and other places, different civilizations, different clans, there would naturally be a great clash when they encountered each other like this.

When this acc.u.mulated to a certain degree, there would then be turmoil!

Once this type of turmoil spread, it would extend into all realms, the effects widespread and profound, from this erupt into a world shocking b.l.o.o.d.y battle.

This was a struggle between kings, blood flowing at every corner, corpses in the millions and millions. Even worlds with brilliant civilizations would be destroyed one after another.

“The limits of Realm Sea, there are all types of changes that will take place from time to time. For example, when a storm sweeps about and reaches this side of the sea, even immortal kings could be crushed!”

Once this type of disaster happened, the creatures of Realm Sea would definitely choose to withdraw, return along the path they came from.

From this, there would be great issues, perhaps even a great calamity!

Just imagine, countless creatures were fleeing back, this type of chaos would be unimaginable. There would be an even greater clash than before, starting the great darkness chaos from this.

This type of matter happened once every so often, a great era if the period was short, several great eras if it was longer.

“Meanwhile, this time, it will be unprecedented. At the limits of Realm Sea, at the other sh.o.r.e, there will be a darkness matter storm that the past. It will bring calamity and chaos to all creatures of Realm Sea!”

That was why there was the saying that it was going to be history’s most terrifying darkness great turmoil.

It was because before the great storm erupted, there would be all types of omens. In Realm Sea, astral winds would roar, the oceans surging greatly. Based on past experiences, the kings had long made their predictions!

In the past, there were some extremely powerful creatures. Even when Realm Sea’s limits produced a darkness storm, able to destroy normal immortal kings, they could still face it. They hid in the sea or on some undying islands, not returning.

However, this time, it was different. Many people suspected that this storm would ravage an entire great era, moreover become more and more crazy. In the end, all of the experts would have to flee back.

When s.h.i.+ Hao heard this, he sucked in a cold breath. He finally understood the so-called history’s greatest darkness, most terrifying age, just how frightening it was.

This was history’s most terrifying clas.h.!.+

If the predictions were true, then the creatures of all different great eras would return. This would definitely bring about utter disaster. When they all encountered each other, how can there be peace?

Regardless of whether it was along the way or after returning, great battles would happen continuously. The blood of burial kings, immortal kings, undying kings… it would splash over all lands under the heavens!

This type of scene, this type of result, just thinking about it would make one s.h.i.+ver all over in fear.

The acc.u.mulation of several great eras, the clash of history’s most powerful experts, this really would make all kings tremble, make all people of the world feel fear.

Forget about other people, even s.h.i.+ Hao himself felt his back turn cold when he thought about how that type of terrible age might be on the verge of arriving.

“If they know that the darkness storm which can kill immortal kings is about to sweep about, why aren’t the creatures in the ocean depths returning ahead of time?” s.h.i.+ Hao asked.

“Because there are some creatures who are already close to the other sh.o.r.e, seeing the end. They really want to climb ash.o.r.e, enter the ultimate destination!” Bird Grandpa said.

Coin Elder also released a sigh. “Once one already made it that far, who would be willing to give up? Success is already within sight, so before they reach the end, they definitely won’t give up.”

They will face normal darkness storms head-on. Only when an absolute calamity descended would they give up.

“This is quite terrifying. The most powerful creatures still haven’t returned. Once they appear, the consequences will be unimaginable. It will be extremely bitter!”

Bird Grandpa’s expression was grave. This was going to be the most terrifying great chaos.

s.h.i.+ Hao was stunned. This was still understandable. The ones who lived the longest and have the most powerful strength, already close to success, these immortal kings, once they turned around, the storm they would stir about would definitely exceed all imagination!

“Instead of calling it a darkness calamity, perhaps it’s better to call it an emperor ascension calamity!” s.h.i.+ Hao sighed inwardly.

These types of creatures were definitely giants. There were some who were close to becoming emperors. If they went crazy, not even the heavens would be able to support them!

s.h.i.+ Hao originally thought that the great darkness calamity had already begun, after all, he was trapped in the reincarnation imprints for hundreds of thousands of years. Immortal Domain, Nine Heavens and other places suffered invasions several times, the great battles continuing endlessly.

Now, it seemed like this was only the opening scene, just the beginning. The true great storm, the true life and death battle, was still to come.

That day wasn’t far, perhaps erupting tomorrow!

These creatures, for the sake of becoming emperors, are frantically fighting in Realm Sea, this already continued for many years, their natures warped.

There were some creatures that were corroded by darkness, long no longer themselves!

There were other creatures whose views had long changed. The so-called Immortal Domain, foreign realm and other places, for example, immortal kings, after returning, for the sake of becoming emperors, they would seize natural luck, possibly unleash a great slaughter in Immortal Domain.

Now, it was precisely what s.h.i.+ Hao heard from those two darkness creatures. Realm Sea became completely different.

There were some ancient creatures who formed alliances, joining up on the way back. They might blood purge some ancient lands, some of the most powerful inheritances.

Even if it was an undying king working with an immortal king, it wouldn’t be strange!

s.h.i.+ Hao became silent. This type of situation was too grim. He even doubted whether the various realms could even be preserved. As great eras pa.s.sed one after another, it was hard to say just how many kings there were.

“There will definitely be old monsters from the Age of Emperor Collapse who will return alive!”

“If that is true, then things will definitely be troublesome!”

Bird Grandpa and Coin Elder said. When they mentioned these things, they all felt a wave of headache.

“After all these years, could it be that there isn’t a single creature who ascended ash.o.r.e, entered that ultimate land?” s.h.i.+ Hao asked.

“There should be, but there had never been anyone who became an emperor. There were some who saw the corpses of old monsters from the Age of Emperor Collapse on that sh.o.r.e. Even though it was from millions and millions of li away, they still saw them.”

“Even if they climb ash.o.r.e, it isn’t necessarily the final safe place. If one wishes to become an emperor, it is just too difficult!”

The two elders shook their heads. From past until now, there had never been any true emperors that have appeared. However, kings still rushed over waves upon waves.

Perhaps the faint footprints on the dam seemed to prove something, but they might not necessarily be left by an emperor.

“However, it has spurred on many kings to cross the sea!” Bird Grandpa said with a sigh.

“Exactly how long does it take to cross the sea?” s.h.i.+ Hao asked.

“This sea is extremely special and strange. Moreover, because it varies from person to person, there are some creatures who have travelled for several great eras, yet only made it halfway. Meanwhile, there are creatures who were close to reaching the other side in just a few hundred thousand years.”

“Of course, comparatively speaking, apart from the oddities in the sea, the stronger the creature, the shorter the time!”

The two elders told him this.

“History’s most powerful, most terrifying darkness great calamity, I am waiting for your arrival!” s.h.i.+ Hao said. Since there was no way of changing anything, then he could only face it head-on!

Perhaps he can also be more extreme, take the initiative to set out, continuously enter.

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