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"Well, then you will accompany me tonight." Sun Jie reluctantly let go of Yang Ming and whispered in his ear.

This sentence made Yang Ming so excited that he felt that it was worth dying for. It was Sun Jie's first time inviting him on her own initiative. Last time, Yang Ming either stayed at Sun Jie's place shamelessly, or he got Sun Jie through Xiao Qing's help. Anyway, Sun Jie was unwilling every time. Although she finally followed his own intentions, Yang Ming wasn't satisfied in this situation.

The situation was different now. Sun Jie invited him willingly to accompany her. The meaning was naturally different.

"En, we will see tonight; now, I have to save Sister Yang Xin." Yang Ming was not willing to give up the opportunity to keep chatting with Sun Jie, but the situation was dire. Yang Ming had to save Yang Xin at least!

As for other people, Yang Ming couldn't care so much. Yang Ming was not a savior, a Carnival worker, nor a firefighter. This work would be left for these people to do. Yang Ming could only save his own friends and family.

Of course, it wasn't that Yang Ming was selfish, but these people didn't seem to be in danger in the current situation. As for why Yang Ming wanted to save Sun Jie and Yang Xin first, it was because Yang Ming was afraid of any accident that may happen. This incident was caused by Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu instead of the roller coaster's technical issues!

Currently, the roller coaster safely stopped in midair. The people on this roller coaster wouldn't be in danger even if they were up there for a week. The people could be saved one by one as long as there was a ladder truck.

Yang Ming let go of Sun Jie and let her go to Wu Yunsheng to take a break, then he jumped on the rails again.

Yang Xin wasn't afraid at the moment because she had already confirmed that Yang Ming saved Sun Jie! Sun Jie was now standing down there safe and sound and waving to her! And Yang Ming was climbing up again!

Yang Xin was more convinced at this moment that Yang Ming wasn't afraid of riding the roller coaster, but he was only considering Wu Yunsheng's face! If he were afraid, could he climb this roller coaster by hand?

"Sister Yang Xin, you hold me tightly later just like how Little Jie did... but will brother-in-law be jealous?" Yang Ming tried to ease the tension, so he released Yang Xin's seat belt and guardrail while making a joke.

Yang Ming noticed that Yang Xin was more nervous than Sun Jie. The reason why he saved Sun Jie was that Sun Jie was one of his closest people, and he wanted to show Yang Xin an example. This could give her some confidence after seeing that Sun Jie was saved by him!

Sure enough, now Yang Xin had forgotten her fear. She nodded confidently to him and smiled. "He dares to be jealous? Besides, you are my G.o.dbrother. What is he jealous of?"

After that, Yang Xin hugged Yang Ming generously. Although he felt Yang Xin's soft chest, Yang Ming didn't dare to have any thoughts. He took a deep breath and jumped to the bottom.

With the previous experience, Yang Ming was more agile this time. After a few jumps, Yang Ming stood on the ground safely. The tourists on the roller coaster and the tourists' family once again made a cheer!

Wu Yunsheng was even so excited that he jumped up. Sure enough, he was not jealous, and he didn't even think about it. He was very grateful to Yang Ming in his heart.

After the two landed, Yang Ming quickly let Yang Xin go without leaving any traces to avoid the embarra.s.sment between them. Yang Xin saw Yang Ming being so considerate, and she smiled gratefully. "Thank you."

"You are my sister. Why do you need to thank me?" Yang Ming waved his hand.

Before their conversation was finished, there was a commotion in the crowd again!

It was because they saw a ladder truck coming in their direction. However, because of the distance and the many tourists in Carnival Amus.e.m.e.nt Park, it was very slow.

However, two people were running to the roller coaster. They also held a big megaphone in their hands. They shouted as they ran, "Attention, the tourists above. Attention, the tourists above. The roller coaster has a mechanical issue. It's not working now, but it's alright. We have already called the ladder truck to rescue you immediately. Please don't move in the seats, and don't struggle. We will rescue accordingly from the front of the roller coaster to the back!"

Of course, Qian Tangjiang said this for a reason because he saw Sun Jie and Yang Xin sitting in the front of the roller coaster. Therefore, they could save Sun Jie and Yang Xin first.

Although it seemed the same to be saved first and later, the feeling was definitely different. Therefore, they wanted to give Sun Jie and Yang Xin a strong first impression to highlight their heroic image.

Seeing the rescuers come, the tourists on the roller coaster car also calmed down. They didn't seem to be anxious with the previous examples that Yang Ming saved Sun Jie and Yang Xin. They knew that they would be saved eventually if they just sat still.

The following family members of the tourists were also quiet. They took the initiative to let the ladder truck pa.s.s through here.

"Brother Qian..." Yu Tianzhu suddenly opened his eyes with amazement and pushed Qian Tangjiang.

"Why are you pus.h.i.+ng me?" Qian Tangjiang frowned; he put down the megaphone inexplicably and said, "What's the matter?"

"Brother Qian, Yang Ming, that Yang Ming saved Yang Xin and Sun Jie!" Yu Tianzhu shouted as he pointed at Yang Ming and Yang Xin, who were walking away from the roller coaster.

Qian Tangjiang looked in the direction pointed by Yu Tianzhu, and he indeed saw Yang Ming and Yang Xin. He was dumbfounded instantly! They thought so hard to make a show of a hero saving the beauty, but Yang Ming saved Sun Jie and Yang Xin before them!

Although they didn't know how Yang Ming did it, the facts were in front of them. They had to believe it!

"Motherf*cker. What the h.e.l.l is going on?" Qian Tangjiang was enraged all of a sudden. He thought so hard to make this plan, but it just failed like this. How could he be willing?

"I don't know," Yu Tianzhu said with grievances. "So, are we still saving the tourists now?"

Qian Tangjiang frowned and said, "Of course, we save. We have already said it. If we don't save them now, wouldn't Sun Jie and Yang Xin look down on us even more? Even if we can't save them, we at least have to be a hero. Maybe the newspapers will report it tomorrow. We are not afraid that Sun Jie and Yang Xin will not change their minds. There will be opportunities in the future. Let's make a good impression on them first!"

Yu Tianzhu also agreed with it after listening, so he nodded and said, "Okay, let's continue with the rescue..."

The ladder truck came over and began to save people under the command of Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu.

Yang Ming was sneering at this moment as he looked at everything that happened in front of him. He was just guessing at first, but now, he didn't need to guess. This matter was a hundred percent related to Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu.

One of them was the manager of the business development department, and the other was the security captain. It was reasonable to say that the security captain was related to the rescue, but the manager of the business development department had nothing to do with this matter.

However, Qian Tangjiang was the mastermind of this plan judging from the situation at the scene. Yu Tianzhu was just an errand boy. This explained the oddity of this matter.

Thinking of this, Yang Ming started to look for the control room near the roller coaster; maybe the problem originated from there.

With the help of his special abilities, Yang Ming quickly found the roller coaster's control room.

"You wait for me here; I am going to do something." Yang Ming patted Sun Jie's back and spoke to her.

Sun Jie was about to speak with Yang Ming after he saved Yang Xin, but she did not expect Yang Ming to leave again. Wu Yunsheng wanted to say something grateful to Yang Ming, but he could only talk later.

Yang Ming had an important matter to do, so he quickened his pace and quickly barged in the roller coaster's operation room. Yang Ming didn't knock at the door, but he knocked down the door with a kick.

The door of this operation room was made of iron. The operator inside was immediately shocked, seeing that the door was kicked down by Yang Ming. The operator turned back and looked at the door in horror. "You… who are you..."

However, he recognized Yang Ming after he said a few words! When Yang Ming rescued people, Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu were busy looking for the ladder truck and the big megaphone, so they did not see it. However, the operator who had been sitting in the control room had seen it clearly!

He was also afraid that there would be accidents on the other side of the roller coaster. If someone were hurt or fell, then his responsibility would be great. He would probably be sentenced! Although Qian Tangjiang's promise was very tempting to him, the operator was afraid that there would be big problems. If someone really died, no one could save him!

So, the operator saw Yang Ming crawling over the roller coaster like Spider-Man. This man's skills are too horrifying, right? If he knew he was still awake, he even thought that he was watching a 3D action movie.

It was not unusual for Yang Ming to kick down the operation room's iron door. This kind of bad*ss character could even smash the operation room with just one punch.

"Tell me; what's going on?" Yang Ming asked the operator who was stupefied.

"What... what's going on..." How could the operator be a.s.sured facing such a terrifying existence as Yang Ming?

"You don't want to say it?" Yang Ming stepped forward and picked up the operator, like picking up a little chick. "Do you want me to throw you on the roller coaster to give you a free trip into s.p.a.ce?"

"Hero... this really has nothing to do with me. I didn't do that to the roller coaster..." The operator didn't know that Yang Ming, Sun Jie, and Yang Xin were just tourists. He saw the previous scene and subconsciously thought of those American blockbusters. He thought Yang Ming was some kind of hero.

"How much did Qian Tangjiang and Yu Tianzhu give you?" Yang Ming saw his weakling look, and he knew that he guessed it right.

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