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Chapter 16 – Conditions are Effective.

“Are you a Dan teacher?” Bai Xuan asked, those beautiful water-like eyes showed suspicion, how could a man who is infamous in Yao City turn into a Dan teacher?

“Of course not!” Ye Chu smiled.

In a word, Bai Xuan’s rising hope fell to the bottom of the valley in an instant, but this is in line with the common sense. He could not be a Dan teacher, “Ye Chu! Would you please not making trouble? My father is in danger and needs Huang Yongan!”

“Not a Dan teacher doesn’t mean I can’t cure your father. What’s more, in front of the general’s grave, the ordinary Dan teacher can’t do anything at all. Even if you invite the Dan teacher of the court, your father is still hopeless!” Ye Chu said.

“The General’s Tomb is a shame!” Bai Xuan exclaimed, her face grew paler, and she naturally knew what a dangerous place it was. Isn’t that where her sister and brother-in-law died? But what she didn’t expect was that her father had gone there again.

Bai Xuan sat paralyzed on the bed, her face as grey as death. She knows that what Ye Chu said is true. If it was really the tomb of the general, his father would surely die. His father once said that n.o.body in Yao City could cure this kind of evil spirit!

“Go away! Let me see!” The man lying on the bed grew paler and paler, with black spots on his eyebrows, and Ye Chu not dared to drag it down again. It would be a big trouble if the soul was attacked and run violently. I don’t know how many people would die in his hands!

Bai Xuan, who had just looked like ashes, was awakened and come to see Ye Chu and said, “You really have a way to save my father?”

“I’ll try!” Ye Chu laughed and said, “But if I succeeded in the treatment, the terms of your promise to Huang Yongan will be transferred to me?”

Pang Shao, who had just come in after the beating, was startled at this remark and couldn’t help cursing: s.h.i.+t! Isn’t he pursuing a higher level of evil? Threaten to take her heart first before her body? But what is he doing now?

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Pang Shao looked at Ye Chu contemptuously and felt that Ye Chu was too despicable. He tricked him into being a good citizen, but when he met a beautiful woman, he took the initiative.

Looking at Ye Chu with some evil charm, she noticed more and more black spots on his father’s face. After a moment of silence, Bai Xuan opened her mouth and said, “Okay! As long as you can save my father, I’ll promise! “

When she said this, Bai Xuan seemed to have exhausted all her strength, and the whole person had to be paralyzed and softened.

Seeing Bai Xuan look like this, Ye Chu smiled and did not continue to say anything. He went to the bedside, his smile posture disappeared, and with some caution, took a deep breath and reached for the wrist of the man named Bai Bao in bed.

“Stand away!” Ye Chu let Bai Xuan hold Yao Yao away from him. Bai Xuan saw Ye Chu grabbing his father’s wrist like a figure, and her heart tightened up. Although she had to pay the price, she preferred her father to live. But this man, who was called “sc.u.m waste” in Yao City, can really save her father?

Despite she didn’t believe it ten thousand times, does she have any other choice? Can only try everything in a desperate situation!

Ye Chu’s fingers move repeatedly, although the movement not fast, but Bai Xuan can clearly see that Ye Chu’s fingers seem to be surrounded by energy, that nearly transparent invisible energy into the black spots on his father’s wrist, and the black spots actually fade a little.

This scene surprised Bai Xuan, the eyes of hope emerged, “Is this called Yao City sc.u.m waste material! Can you really help my father solve his evil spirit?”

Pang Shao and Bai Xuan sometimes held their breath and watched Ye Chu, waiting quietly for him. In their expectations, the Bai Bao wrist suddenly shot a grey spirit and went straight to Ye Chu.

“Be careful!” Bai Xuan screamed out. Who doesn’t know the harm of this breath? If they invade Ye Chu’s body, she will be afraid that another person will die.

Bai Xuan reminds Ye Chu to avoid it, but to Bai Xuan’s horror, Ye Chu did not avoid it. With his own palm, he patted the gray breath and drew several circles. This evil spirit was bound in his palm. Ye Chu suddenly grasped it, and the breath disappeared. I don’t know whether it was broken up by Ye Chu or entered into Ye Chu’s body.

Pang Shao was not surprised at this, but Bai Xuan’s beautiful eyes showed surprise and her heart could not be calm: that was bad breath, let alone the evil spirit that could invade his father’s body. Did Ye Chu grasp it with his palm, are you sure you’re not afraid to die?

“Don’t worry! That’s not going to work out. How else can you be willing to make a deal?” Ye Chu smiled at Bai Xuan. “However, your father was seriously injured, and his evil spirit spread all over the meridians and collaterals all over the body!”

Regardless of the surprise that Yao City sc.u.m had such means, Bai Xuan urgently asked, “Then you have a way to treat it?”

Ye Chu was silent and did not answer Bai Xuan directly. Pang Shao asked Ye Chu in amazement, “Can’t you help it? Is it terrible?”

Pang Shao knew that Ye Chu was special. At the beginning, a group of them broke into the tomb of the general without knowing the height of the sky and the depth of the earth, and almost let them all die in the outbreak of evil spirit. It was Ye Chu who got in the way of the evil spirit and won them time to escape.

At that time, they thought Ye Chu would die. But to their surprise, although Ye Chu suffered a lot of injuries, he did not die. On the contrary, his strength increased after the injury recovered.

Since then, they knew that Ye Chu had a special physique and had a special way to deal with evil spirit. It’s just that they don’t know what the means are, and that’s what they’re curious about. Now if Ye Chu could not be cured, the man would surely die.

Pang Shao doesn’t think anyone in Yao City who has a better way to face the evil spirit than Ye Chu, even if the strength is much stronger than Ye Chu’s pract.i.tioners still can’t do better!

Seeing Bai Xuan staring at him nervously, Ye Chu shook his head and said, “There is some trouble, but it can’t be saved. It just takes a little time to heal slowly. The most important thing is that he was badly invaded into his body for too long, and suddenly helped him to get rid of it. His body may not able to bear it. It needs Lingzhi* for more than 300 years to replenish essence.”

“So much trouble?” Pang Shao muttered, “Isn’t this guy dead? It’s hard to find for a three hundred years Lingzhi. I’m afraid it’s too late to find it!”

“That’s not to be afraid, slowly drive away the evil spirit. Don’t be too fierce. At least you can save his life. When to find Lingzhi and then use it to force out can save his life.” Ye Chu said, “Three hundred years of Lingzhi, I know who has it!”

Bai Xuan was overjoyed to hear that her father was saved. “Who has it? Can you buy it?”

Instead of answering Bai Xuan, Ye Chu turned to Pang Shao and said, “When the son of Qingyang Hou in Yao City was born three years ago, someone gave him a 300-year-old Lingzhi. If you ask Qingyang Hou, for your special status, he should not refuse.”

When Pang Shao saw that Ye Chu had another idea, he waved his hand and said, “Don’t look for me! I don’t want to owe any favors when I come to Yao City, your king has long been playing game with me, if I owe a Yao City’s favor, I can refuse his demands. Otherwise, Do you think I won’t ask how many maids the king wants? Also you have to come out and find a woman yourself?”

Bai Xuan’s heart sank again, holding Yao Yao tightly, with tears hanging on her face, with the charm I still see, and the heartbeat of Ye Chu.

“Aunt don’t cry!” Yao Yao saw Bai Xuan crying sadly, and even helped his aunt wipe her tears. Yao Yao, who did not understand the matter, began to cry and said to Ye Chu with a crying voice, “Big brother, you quickly come and comfort small aunt ah! Tell my aunt not to cry! Whoo…”

Looking at Yao Yao holding his leg, Ye Chu patted Yao Yao’s head, turned his head to Pang Shao, and saw Pang Shao turn his head to one side. Ye Chu thought that in the future, don’t let yourself catch the chance, or you would look good: “Okay, okay! About Lingzhi, I’ll take care of it for you!”

Ye Chu couldn’t have watched Bai Bao die in front of him. He still had something to ask each other. Ye Chu wanted to know what he had brought out of the general’s tomb. Ye Chu looked at him, and there was nothing on him!

*Lingzhi = some kind of mushroom.

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