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Chapter 1075: Finally Refined the Beads

After confirming that this giant hippo beast was dead, he turned the mountain phantasm back into the round bead and retrieved it.

At this time, the giant hippo beast had long since been withered, lying motionless at the bottom of the river. It was thoroughly dead.

Liu Ming sighed lightly. He collected the few remaining scales on the beast and dug out both its eyes.

Although this giant beast was very powerful, it just happened to be restrained in the face of Mountain River Pearl, which could also control h.e.l.l river water.

With such a huge body and so much h.e.l.l river water in it, how could it not be easily imprisoned by the Mountain River Pearl!

After Liu Ming looted the giant beast’s materials, he wrapped himself in black air and flew up.

Although this h.e.l.l river water was extremely heavy, it was fortunate that he was a physique cultivator. Under the boost of the silver wings, he could still barely fly upward, but at a slower speed.

But as he was only less than 300 meters away from the bottom of the h.e.l.l river, a huge suction came from behind.

Immediately afterward, Liu Ming felt that his entire body suddenly lost control, being pulled toward the intangible huge force.

He looked over in surprise, and he saw a giant black vortex.

In the center of the vortex, there was a faint humming sound.

This invisible suction force came from this vortex!

The next moment, Liu Ming felt the world spinning and fainted.

After a long time, Liu Ming finally woke up from a dizzy state and found himself in a s.p.a.ce of several acres.

There was not even a drop of h.e.l.l river water in the s.p.a.ce, but the floating yin qi was extremely pure.

When he looked around and took a closer look, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

There were dozens of black vortexes of different sizes around him, enclosing the s.p.a.ce where he was into a cylindrical s.p.a.ce. Streams of pure yin qi that were almost liquefied, came from these vortexes.

When he looked up in surprise, there was a 300 meters giant vortex above him.

After Liu Ming retracted his gaze, he realized that the ground where he was standing was engraved with dense strange patterns, which formed a huge array.

In this array s.p.a.ce, not only did he not feel the biting chill of the h.e.l.l river water, but he also wouldn’t be affected by the vortexes.

Judging from the gravels on the ground and the vague terrain nearby, this strange enchantment seemed to be in a huge ditch at the bottom of the h.e.l.l river.

“Another enchantment set up by someone, shouldn’t be right?” Liu Ming looked around, feeling a little anxious in his heart.

However, he was not an ordinary cultivator after all. After a quick turn in his mind, he regained his composure, sat down and waited patiently.

1 day, 2 days…

7 days later. After Liu Ming opened his eyes again, he finally confirmed that the s.p.a.ce was an abandoned place. There was really no one guarding it, otherwise he would have appeared long ago.

If so, such a secretive place was an excellent place to practice.

After all, whether it was condensing heavy water, sacrificial refining Mountain River Pearl or practicing h.e.l.l Bone Secret with the help of h.e.l.l river water, it was not something that could be accomplished in just a few years.

After thinking for a while, Liu Ming smiled lightly.

He immediately stood up and began to set things up.

He first opened a simple platform at the bottom of the river, then he laid out several layers of enchantments outside the platform…

After half an hour, Liu Ming released the Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull from the soul-recovering bags.

“Such a strong yin qi…”

Xie’er and Fei’er immediately sense the manic yin qi when they were out, making them tremble.

“This is the h.e.l.l river. The yin qi is not only strong, but it is also very manic, but such an environment should be very beneficial for you to temper your spiritual power. Maybe you can find the opportunity to break through. I’m going to cultivate here for a long time. You 2 can act on your own.” Liu Ming said.

Xie’er and Fei’er nodded. They transformed into their true bodies and went to the side to practice.

Liu Ming sat cross-legged on a nearby platform that he had just created, then he took out a black storage ring.

He got this from the burly man in a blue robe!

He only checked it hurriedly with Divine Thought, and he was surprised by the number of treasures hidden in it.

But unfortunately, these things were some materials unique to the deepest underworld, and most of them were only useful to Serene Clan. They weren’t useful to Liu Ming at all.

However, if these things were replaced by h.e.l.l stone, it was an astronomical number far beyond imagination.

Liu Ming re-examined some of the items in the ring and categorized them before keeping it away.

Next, after he meditated and adjusted his breath, he released a black air palm and grabbed the enchantment above him.

Whoos.h.!.+“, a wave of black water splashed in after touching the enchantment.

Liu Ming’s hand emitted a black water light to wrap the h.e.l.l river water, then he refined it with the Thousand Condensation Water Technique.

After more than 10 days, the h.e.l.l river water wrapped in black air had turned into a Heavy Water Droplet the size of a bean.

After putting it in the jade box, Liu Ming let out a sigh of relief, and his face looked faintly bluish.

The yin qi at the bottom of the h.e.l.l river was very thick. The cold air kept invading his body.

It was fine if it was only a short while, but over time, even Liu Ming felt unbearable.

It was just over 10 days. His body was already numb.

However, he had already antic.i.p.ated this situation, so he did not panic.

Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull were practicing around him. They wrapped themselves in black air and practiced as usual as if they weren’t affected by the cold yin qi.

Seeing this, Liu Ming warmed up his body, then he sat down and took out a black book.

This was the first 10 levels of the h.e.l.l Bone Secret that the Southern Puppet Emperor gave him. Over the years, he had already thoroughly understood the secrets.

Immediately, he channeled spiritual power in his meridians in accordance with the 5th level of h.e.l.l Bone Secret.

The cold yin qi and h.e.l.l river’s coldness that invaded Liu Ming’s body seemed to flow into the bones and meridians all over the body.

Time pa.s.sed little by little. Half an hour later, Liu Ming slowly opened his eyes, and his face had recovered.

h.e.l.l Bone Secret’s level 5 technique could only be practiced with the help of h.e.l.l river water, which was not a problem to him now.

Liu Ming originally planned to condense heavy water first and refine the 12 Mountain River Pearl, then he would practice h.e.l.l Bone Secret. After all, this was the bottom of the h.e.l.l river. The dangers were unpredictable. The most important task was to increase his combat power.

But now it seemed that he had to practice the h.e.l.l Bone Secret as well. Otherwise, he couldn’t stay here for long.

Although this would slow down the speed of condensing heavy water, he had no choice.

For the rest of the time, Liu Ming used his mult.i.tasking talent to refine heavy water while cultivating h.e.l.l Bone Secret.

Time flies. He was undisturbed at the bottom of the h.e.l.l river.

10 years had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

On this day, the enchantment in the h.e.l.l river was filled with a yellow mist. There were some black water lights mixed in it.

They mixed together, rolling like a sea wave and filling the entire enchantment.

In the yellow mist and black light, a low and obscure incantation could be heard vaguely. Powerful spiritual power fluctuations were emitted continuously, making the black enchantment shake.

In the yellow mist, a long roar rose into the sky. All the mist and water light surged in a direction and disappeared without a trace.

After the mist was cleared, a figure in green robe sat cross-legged on the ground, surrounded by 12 yellow beads. The beads formed a mysterious formation that slowly circulated.

This person was of course Liu Ming.

In the past 10 years, he continued to refine heavy water day and night. Finally, he had enough heavy water to successfully refine the 12 Mountain River Pearls.

On the surface of the 12 Mountain River Pearls, there was a faint mist. Through the mist, one could faintly see that in each bead, there was a lifelike scenery of mountains and rivers.

If one looked closely, he would find that the river in the previously half-finished Mountain River Pearl was not as thick as the other 11. This was probably because it wasn’t entirely refined with h.e.l.l river water.

However, he currently did not have the ability to extract the ordinary heavy water that had been integrated into it.

Liu Ming made gestures and shot a yellow light from his mouth. The 12 Mountain River Pearls turned into a stream of yellow light and disappeared into his body.

“Congratulations, Master, you have finally finished the Mountain River Pearls!” Not far behind Liu Ming, Fei’er and Xie’er quickly congratulated.

Both of them had been practicing in the past 10 years. Their spiritual power had improved a lot.

The golden crown mark on Xie’er’s forehead was more vivid like a golden flame; Fei’er’s body also looked a little bigger than before.

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