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Chapter 1117: Xie’er Condensing Pellet

Before Liu Ming could stand firm, a low and cold voice faintly sounded in his ears,


Liu Ming suddenly felt a “buzz” in his ears, then he lost control of his body.

The next moment, a layer of black flames appeared all over his body. After a burst of crackling sounds, his body grew 1 size larger, and purple spirit patterns appeared on his skin.

A burst of violent aura kept hitting his mind. Amidst a sharp whistle, his figure rushed toward the nearest 30 meters tall mountain with a vicious wind.

In midair, a pair of fist shadows covered with purple spirit patterns blurred out. When the rolling black flames condensed, a barrage of black fist shadows was launched.

At the moment when the shadow of the fist hit the top, the mountain immediately trembled under the shadow of the fist.

After just 1 second, the entire mountain was shattered by the fist shadows.

Obviously, as Liu Ming advanced to the Real Pellet State, his power after demonization increased more than 10 times than before.

The “Demonized Liu Ming” flashed straight out of the rubbles and flew toward the next mountain.

“What are you waiting for! Try to gather the mental power in one place and find the touch first.” Just when Liu Ming was a little surprised at the strength of his body after the demonization, Luo Hu’s voice sounded in his ears.

Liu Ming’s mind was lifted. He quickly forced himself to calm down, and focused all mental power on his right arm without reservation.

At this moment, the “Demonized Liu Ming” had already flown to the next mountain and punched the mountainside.

Liu Ming was overjoyed.

Because when his fist hit the mountain wall, he felt touching something hard on the back of his hand.

Although this feeling was fleeting, it really gave him a feeling of having his “right fist” back.

There was an earth shattering imapct!

A huge pit suddenly appeared on the mountainside. With the pit as the center, a series of crisscrossing cracks spread in all directions at a fast speed.

Just before the mountain collapsed, Liu Ming had returned to the gray s.p.a.ce after his vision blackout for a moment.

Luo Hu was standing next to the Celestial Tablet with his hands behind his back, but his face was a little paler than before. After looking at Liu Ming, he said lightly,

“You kid seems to have a good understanding. You already grasp the touch after the first attempt. It will end here today. Allowing you to simulate the power of the demonization consumes a huge mental power that isn’t comparable to the ordinary illusion.”

Just when Liu Ming wanted to ask something else, Luo Hu disappeared in a blur.

After Liu Ming smiled bitterly in his mind, he found an open s.p.a.ce, sat down with his knees crossed and adjusted his breath.

10 years later, Liu Ming was meditating in the prison s.p.a.ce. The surrounding s.p.a.ce suddenly fluctuated.

He opened his eyes, then he had left the prison s.p.a.ce and return to the bottom of the h.e.l.l river. Xie’er also appeared by his side, but she was wrapped in a cl.u.s.ter of black air.

Liu Ming’s eyes flickered for a while, then he let out a low sigh.

At this moment, his sea of ​​consciousness shook, and the mysterious bubble. Simultaneously, an extremely pure spiritual power poured out from it and injected into the real pellet in his sea of ​​consciousness.

Liu Ming hurriedly focused his mind, channeled h.e.l.l Bone Secret and spread the spiritual power from the bubble to his entire body. A thick liquid-like black air enveloped his entire body.

An hour later, the black air rolled over, and a blurry figure flew out and appeared in the air.

The figure gradually solidified, revealing Liu Ming’s figure.

He clenched his fists and felt spiritual power in his sea of ​​consciousness and meridians, which was as solid as mercury. He couldn’t help but let out a long shout in the air.

The spiritual power, that had been repeatedly purified by the mysterious bubble, had reached an appalling level. Although his cultivation had dropped from the intermediate stage to the early stage, it didn’t matter. He could recover his cultivation in a short time.

Eh, this is…”

Liu Ming sensed wisps of fine silk in his sea of ​​consciousness.

These silks were very small, if not for his strong Divine Thought, he would not be able to detect them at all.

“This is a spiritual power crystal…” He was too familiar with the quality of this silk. It was somewhat similar to the spiritual power crystal of the Crystallization Period.

In other words, the spiritual power flowing in his body had been purified to the point of being almost crystallized.

Taking a long breath and suppressing the excitement in his heart, Liu Ming came to the side of Xie’er.

At this moment, Xie’er was enveloped in a cl.u.s.ter of black air.

After confirming that Xie’er was fine, he continued to meditate cross-legged.

After an hour, the black air surrounding Xie’er dissipated as a crisp and pleasant gasp sounded.

At this moment, Xie’er had already returned to the form of the girl in black tulle. She was squatting on the ground with her hands on her knees, and her body trembled a little.

“Xie’er, how do you feel?” Liu Ming heard the movement, then he opened his eyes and released Divine Thought.

Xie’er’s face was a little pale at the moment, and her cultivation plummeted to the Crystallization Period later stage, but her spiritual power was much more pure and solid than before.

“Master, I feel like my cultivation has loosened a bit. It should be the opportunity to form the real pellet.” Xie’er raised her head, blinked her eyes and looked at Liu Ming.

Hearing this, Liu Ming took out an oval brown crystal.

“Xie’er, this is the inner pellet of the Celestial State White l.u.s.ter Scorpion King. After you recover your spiritual power, take this elixir. With your current pure spiritual power, there should be no problem with forming the real pellet.”

“Thank you master!”

Xie’er’s face was overjoyed. After taking the oval crystal, she gave Liu Ming another bow, then she appeared on an open s.p.a.ce not far away and sat down with her knees crossed.

Seeing this, Liu Ming flicked his sleeves and released a dozen formation flags.

These formation flags turned into a dozen yellow lights and disappeared into the ground around Xie’er in a flash.

Immediately afterward, a pale yellow light curtain emerged around Xie’er. Mysterious runes were fluttering on it.

After nodding to Xie’er, telling her to cultivate at ease, he continued to recover his spiritual power while condensing h.e.l.l river heavy water.

After his spiritual power was purified by the pirson, his speed of condensing heavy water was much faster than before.

3 years later.

Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged while condensing heavy water, then a soft sound came from the side.

Liu Ming looked at the source of the sound.

Xie’er, who had been sitting quietly in the yellow light curtain, had absorbed the surrounding h.e.l.l qi. When Liu Ming was in shock, the h.e.l.l river suddenly tumbled violently.

The enchantment at the bottom of the h.e.l.l river also seemed to be shaken a lot.

Above the h.e.l.l river enchantment where Liu Ming was located, vortexes of different sizes were forming. Even the h.e.l.l river yin beasts within a radius of several miles were all exposed from the water. They were a little overwhelmed, looking at the tumbling h.e.l.l river water.

Liu Ming was overjoyed. He knew that Xie’er had reached the critical moment of condensing the real pellet.

He made a gesture to remove the enchantment around him, then he hid in a safe place and observed quietly.

At this moment, the dark clouds in the sky condensed, and bursts of dull thunder sounded from the clouds.

After about 15 minutes, the lightnings spread in the clouds, then they turned into thick silver chains and struck the h.e.l.l river.

Xie’er seemed to feel something. A layer of yellow flame was ignited around her before she turned into a yellow escape light and rose up.

Seeing this, Liu Ming also followed behind her in a black escape light.

Under the area covered by the black thunderclouds, the surface of the h.e.l.l river tumbled violently. A girl in black tulle wrapped in yellow light emerged from it.

Immediately afterward, another burst of water appeared. A figure shrouded in black air flew out of the water and stopped a few hundred meters away.

The figure was Liu Ming.

At this moment, he was looking at Xie’er with all his attention, and he released Divine Thought to cover the surrounding hundred miles to prevent any situation that might be unfavorable to Xie’er.

At this moment, Xie’er opened her eyes, grunted, and turned into the palm-sized Bone Scorpion.

With a deafening thunderclap, all the silver lightning arcs in the dark clouds poured down together, turning into a huge silver net in mid-air. The momentum was astonis.h.i.+ng.

Liu Ming was shocked. He had already held 2 Mountain River Pearls tightly in his hands to guard against any unexpected danger.

At this moment, the golden c.o.c.ks...o...b..mark on Xie’er’s head suddenly glowed with a golden light. As soon as the silver lightning net side touched the golden light, it melted instantly.

As time pa.s.sed, the silver lightning arcs became more and more dense instead of getting weak.

When the lightning arcs touched the golden light, they were all absorbed. They couldn’t seem to deal any damage to Xie’er.

To Liu Ming’s surprise, Xie’er’s body also grew while absorbing the lightnings.

After an hour, the lightnings in the sky gradually stopped until Xie’er was 3 times larger than before.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt relieved.

As the dark clouds dissipated in mid-air, yin qi from all directions gathered continuously, forming a huge yin qi vortex with Xie’er as the center.

In the vortex, 72 purple crystal beads emerged from Xie’er’s body, then they quickly merged together during the spin, turning into a fist-sized purple bead.

“9 Holes Upper Grade Real Pellet State!”

Liu Ming looked at the purple bead and couldn’t help muttering to himself.

The purple bead disappeared into Xie’er’s head in a flash, then all the yin qi vortexes dissipated, revealing Xie’er’s figure again.

She once again transformed into the human form.

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